Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Came to one conclusion - American children are idiots!

    An explosive and flammable situation occurs at the town. Leaving everything up to Jake, Eric and Hawkins to save the day. How cliche.

    Day 5 after the bombs. Everything's going on nicely. Everybody's using booze to drink the sorrows away. Playing lame card games and trying to get some TV feed from the government. And so they did! All the phones started ringing as a director of homeland security contacted everyone to stay where they are, help is on its way. As well as a simple picture on the TV saying to stand by. TV and internet who conveniently started to work. Now of course that was odd, considering how quickly the radio transmissions failed earlier, now magically restored in a blink of an eye. A fire started due to an overcircuting of the electric generators, electrocuting Emily and starting a fire in the library.
    Now, the hilariously tragic part! As the flames started to take up the library, an ever so stupid kid went inside to get her favorite book "Alice In Wonderland". So, that raised a question - how stupid exactly are they!? A building is burning, and you have to save a lame book about talking rabbits? Seriously?

    Eric wanted to leave his wife for that floozy bartender. It was quite touching. Eric went inside to save that stupid little girl and the teacher who went inside to save them, his wife, not knowing of his betrayal, was worried-mad. She was about to lose a husband who she'd eventually lose. It was sad. Felt for the poor thing.

    Jake caught Hawkins accessing a satellite to do a yet another weird mysterious thing. These are becoming annoying cliffhangers. What exactly is Hawkins doing? What's going on? Who is he working on? It was exciting. Well, the scene were people were trying to put out the fires. Though it was really stretched on and most of the reasons were obscurely lame. Like that retarded girl trying to get her book, trapping herself inside. Fun and all, but still - a little annoying.

    Nothing really global happened. Except the security guys made contact, but still the communication options are limited. Well not limited, COMPLETELY DEAD!