Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Power is restored and Homeland Security is broadcasting a message.

    Exciting episode with a fire at Jericho library trapping Eric, Heather and a girl called Ashley. Jake manages to use the manual override to get water to the library, but there are two other fires. One of them destroy Eric and April's home and Dale's as well. While going through the wreckage, Eric find divorce papers from April and they acknowledge their marriage hasn't been 'good' for a long time. Even though Eric had been planning to tell her he'd leave her, she begs him not discuss the state of their marriage or what to do, 'not today'.

    Jake's about to tell his dad where he was for the past five years, but his dad doesn't want to know, he's just happy that a 'pretty decent fellow' came back!

    Hawkins uses a portable satellite dish to log on to some sort of government system and finds Jake has a flagged passport, though it's unclear exactly what that means. They had a great cliffhanger for this episode, rocket missiles moving over Jericho.