Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jericho gets power! Something is going right somewhere outside of Jericho, right?

    Hawkins manages to rig a way to get messages from government and finds a secret about Jake. There is a fire at the library which takes up way too much time for the episode. The writers slipped up a bit with this one since everyone knew Jake would end up saving the day. It's kind of an "Alice in Wonderland" moment, seeing a kid just has to get that book!

    Strangely, unevenly, the internet starts to work a long with the T.V. and a message comes across for everyone to stay put that help is on the way. The booze is free flowing and marriages are breaking up. I thought it crazy it's only been a few days since the bombs fell!