Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jericho receives their first message from the government and the restoration of electricity brings new problems.

    The electricity is suddenly restored, every telephone starts ringing and a mysterious and incredibly annoying message appears on every television across the town. For the first time since the bombs went off, there appears to be government action… or did someone just flip the wrong switch? Most people end up sitting staring at the screen, just like they did the last time satellite images came through.

    The electricity causes as many problems as it solves when fires start breaking out. The fire department is spread thin as it tries to fight fires across town, leading Jake to go to save Eric's house. But when he goes to check on the fires from the roof, he sees something else: Hawkins has a fold-up satellite dish! And to top it off, he sees Jake. There's a tense confrontation and interestingly, Hawkins seems to want Jake as an ally, trying to reassure him. (Of course, Hawkins is a really scary guy so reassuring doesn't work very well on him.) Working together, they put out the fire but Eric's house is trashed. Then the fire department, while Eric's neighbourhood is burning, are saving books from the library! Once Eric and April go home, Eric discovers he's not the only person who wanted out: April has divorce papers. Incredibly, like so many males would, he acts all shocked and wounded! Hello! You're having an affair!!!

    One of the highlights of the episode is that Gail nudges Jake to talk to his dad about what he's been doing in the five years he's been gone. This has clearly been eating away at Jake but he is touched and relieved when his father acknowledges that wherever Jake was, whatever Jake did, it changed him into a decent man.

    Just when things seem to be a bit more normal, the buildings start to shake: the government (?) has fired its missiles!!! Can you imagine how frightening that must be to witness? The question is: with the government presumably gone, who had the authority to fire the missiles, not to mention the codes?!

    An exciting and important episode, the world outside is taking action but as always, Jericho can only see bits of it.