Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Fires break out around town as the citizens of Jericho struggle to keep a handle on their situation. We learn a bit more about Hawkins and Jake, explore the tangled triangle of Eric's doing and finally glimpse the federal response to the attack.

    Up to this point, Jericho has had a steady rise in quality and realism. This episode outshines all of the ones previous to it, but you'd need to have seen the others to truly appreciate it.

    One of the complaints that I had about Jericho in previous reviews was the love story between Dale and Skylar. Here, their fawning is minimal and easily ignorable. That and the way that Jake seems to be the answer to every single problem ever always seemed to be what I fixated on. What drew my eye in this episode was the development of Hawkins and Jake, both of which had been major players, but both of which had also been so enigmatic that I felt like I was watching Lost. I also throughly enjoyed the way that the government angle was played. (possible spoilers ahead; I can't avoid it)

    When the power clicks back on and the phones start ringing, there is a sense that a sleeping giant has awoken and snapped into attention with cold, calculating eyes. Up to this point, we assume that the power structure was simply wiped out completely, and that all that was left was local governments degrading into anarchy, but now we get the impression that dark, vengeful eyes have turned to see the source of the wounds inflicted on America, and that the gloves have been taken off.

    This was a very good episode.