Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Ok,ok,ok. This episode rocks. Lots of stuff happens and the story is just starting to take a real nice shape. First there is this strange feed. Then there is a missile at the end of the episode.

    Jake's sees his brother Eric holding hands with Mary. And Eric says that he will tell April that he wants a divorce. As the power gets back on, the LAN phones everywhere starts ringing and as they pick it up they here a message from Department of Homeland Security that if they were safe to stay where they were and that help was on the way and the tv screen everywhere pops up with the massage "Emergency alert system, Stand by". This part is where that everything starts to get totally freaky! With the power lines going crazy and fires erupting everywhere. And what is Hawkins doing? He is there finding stuff about Jake and what did Jake do? Is Hawking and Jake like some sort of undercover guy or something. Anyways at the end is the great part where these missiles go off. This episode is full of thrills that's all i can say.