Season 1 Episode 5

Federal Response

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 18, 2006 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When attempting to access an Internet web site by its IP address, Skylar enters "027.750.304.001". The numbers 750 and 304 could not be part of an IP address because they are greater than 255.

    • Goof: In one shot, Hawkins turns his American Express card upside down to read the numbers upside. However, in the next shot, you can see the back of the card, with the magnetic strip on the top, meaning the cards is right-side up, not up-side down.

    • Goof: When trying to put out the fire, they lose water pressure because the electricity in the area was cut, even though the hydrant was connected to a fire engine. The purpose of connecting the hydrant to the fire engine is to create water pressure.

    • Goof: When Heather picks up Alice in Wonderland, in the library she hides it in her jacket. On the next shot we can see her with the book in her hand.

    • In the first episode Jake states that he is 32 years old. If his birthday is 21 January 1977 then Jericho takes place in 2009.

    • Jake Green's birthday is listed on his passport as 21 January 1977 - a good seven years younger (less a day) than Skeet Ulrich.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

    • Jake Green's name is Johnston Jacob Green, Jr.

    • The Centurion Card, popularly known as the Black Card, is American Express's most exclusive charge card. The card is available only by invitation and, as of January 1, 2006, requires minimum annual spending of $250,000 on another American Express card and exceptional credit history among other requirements.

  • Quotes

    • Lisa Whalley: I wonder what Lindsay Lohan is doing right now. Do you think she's still alive?

    • Mimi: First thing I'm going to do when I get back to DC is burn these clothes. So what's on your agenda when things settle?
      Mary: No agenda, just, looking forward to living my life.
      Mimi: With Dudley Do-Wrong? Never gonna happen.

    • April: Somebody has to go in there and help them!
      Fire Chief: Ma'am, stand back, please!

    • Stanley: Mary, keep my tab open will you?
      Mary: Your tab Stanley?
      Stanley: Yeah, keep the Irish coffee's coming. Until I get my farm back at least.
      Mimi: You heard the hillbilly. Keep em' coming.

    • Heather: Everybody, do you remember the emergency drills we did at school?
      Kids: Yeah.
      Heather: Ok, go find your buddy and sit behind the fence. 1, 2, 3, go!

    • Lisa: Hey Skylar, any luck?
      Skylar: No, I really need to check my email. I mean my parents could have tried to contact me from New York.
      Lisa: Well have you tried typing a straight IP address?
      Skylar: A what?

    • Lisa: Why do you like that freak?
      Skylar: Why do you like stupid, bulimic actresses?

    • Sean: Hey, you guys got to check it out. The library is burning, and I didn't even do it.

    • Stanley: You got a family back home?
      Mimi: I have fish.
      Stanley: I'm sure they really miss you.

    • Mimi: I wonder when they're going to come.
      Stanley: You really can't wait to fly this coop, huh? (pauses) Are you still gonna file that IRS report on my farm?
      Mimi: It's not exactly my first order of business, but it is the reason I fell into this godforsaken hellhole in the first place.
      Stanley: So is that a yes, no or maybe?

    • Allison: Well, the Internet was built by the military. It's supposed to survive nuclear war.
      Skylar: So why can't I check my email?

    • Jake: You know what the hardest part about growing up your son was? It's not the politics or the expectations, it's… It's that I always knew you were a good judge of character and you thought mine was lousy. When I left town, I was determined to prove you wrong but…but instead, everywhere I went I seemed to prove you right. Dad, I wasn't just in San Diego.
      Johnston: I don't care.
      Jake: What?
      Johnston: I don't care. If you need to tell me, I'll listen, but…wherever you went, whatever you did, it changed you. And a stupid little punk may have left home but a pretty decent fellow came back. I can live with that.

    • Robert: What are you planning to do?
      Jake: Put out a fire.
      Robert: Do you need a hand?
      Jake: I'm good.
      Robert: If I knew anything. I would tell your mayor.
      Jake: What do you know?
      Robert: Not much, I got the same message as everyone else. Do you want my help?
      (Jake gets in the truck and slams the door)
      Jake: Get in. (Jake starts the engine)

    • Robert: Fire knocked out the power, so I found my own. (Robert unplugs the pump and plugs it into his truck) Got it?
      Jake: Yeah. That was quick thinking.
      (Jake and Robert are holding the water hose and are spraying the house.)
      Robert: Yeah, I was a pool guy, too.

    • Robert: What now?
      Jake: Water. Let's use the pool pump.
      Robert: Filter system. That's pretty smart Jake. So where'd you learn to do all this?
      Jake: I was a pool guy.

    • Lucas: Is she gonna wake up?
      Heather: Yes.
      Lucas: With superpowers?
      Heather: Probably not.

    • Jake: You were always good at blocking out the bad. Dad, not so much.
      Gail: He's had more to block out. When you left, you left quite a mess. You have no idea the lengths your father went to square things.
      Jake: Then why didn't he talk to me?
      Gail: Because he knew you'd resent it. And there's a stubborn streak that runs in the family. Honey….I think you owe him the truth.
      Jake: You want me to tell him about my….about my time away?
      Gail: This house is too small for big secrets. (electrical crackling) What was that?
      Jake: It's a power spike.

    • Robert: You take a shower?
      Allison: Nothing gets past you.
      Robert: Go clean the tub and fill it up.
      Allison: Why?
      Robert: The water doesn't get to that shower by magic. If the power goes out again, so do the pumps that get it there, so we store what we can. That's why…(Allison walks away and into her room) (Darcy walks towards Robert)
      Darcy: She is your daughter, Rob, not your employee.
      Robert: Well, she needs to talk less and listen more.
      Darcy: You need to learn to ease up on her.
      Robert: Darcy, I don't know how long I'll be here, so whatever I gotta teach her, it needs to happen now.

    • Johnston: You look like crap.
      Jake: I didn't sleep.
      Johnston: Next time put the cards down, go home. Sooner or later the phones are gonna free up. Let's keep calling out until we reach somebody.

    • Phone Message: Hello, this is Assistant Secretary Walsh from the Department of Homeland Security. Do not be alarmed. If you are safe, stay where you are. Do not attempt to leave. We will be in contact again shortly. Until then, know that help is on the way.

    • Mimi Clark: I'm betting captain of the football team, prom king... most likely to succeed. Am I right?
      Jimmy: Don't quit your day job.
      Mimi Clark: Why? What am I missing here?
      Stanley Richmond: I think he beat up the prom king.
      Jake Green: Oh yeah. I did.
      Stanley Richmond: Eric, you must have a million stories about your brother screwing up, right?
      Eric Green: Yeah, at least that many. Can we get a couple coffees to go, Mary?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • After Emily is electrocuted, one of the school children asks Heather if she'll wake up with super powers. In various comics many super heroes and villans get their powers from accidents or explosions similar to this.

      Although not alluded to specifically, both Spider-man's enemy Electro, who got the ability to create electricity, and the superhero The Flash, who obtained super speed, got their powers by being electrocuted.