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    Hi Everyone,

    As some of you are already aware, my husband, Ranger Robert had a heart attack at the begining of the month. He had a triple by-pass operation and is recovering nicely. I've not been able to be on the Jericho boards as much this month, but I will be ramping up again after the New Year.

    Jericho Restoration Update

    At Comic Con 2011, IDW told us the Jericho announcement was postponed, but would be made at a future con. That statement was the one circulated. The actual statemenet from IDW is "A Jericho announcement would most likely by made at the next con."

    The next con is WonderCon 2012. IDW has confirmed they will be at the con and asked if the Jericho Fan Table will be theere. I repllied yes and I was given a new contact.

    Take a minute and let this all sink in. If the Fan Table is getting a new contact, then IDW is not done with Jericho!!!!

    I also touched base with Dan Shotz this mnonth. Dan had nothing to report, but confirmed that when he gets news he will be in touch.

    Please keep Jercho in your hearts and check in with the other rangers (in person or on-line) in the New Year.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,


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