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    Karim from Junction Entertainment Gives Us A Hint

    From: N2N2.

    I Tweet Karim asking for news. His response:

    Some exciting news to deliver regarding "jericho" comic book, but i can't deliver it yet. I know, I know..but it'll be good.

    Thank you N2N2!


    A Global Jericho ARG?

    From Gwen:

    I stumbled on to what may be the new Jericho ARG on a global scale. This is a pictorial ARG that has been published in the UK Telegraph.

    UK Telegraph Pictorial Part 1:

    If you are having trouble with the Telegraph slideshow, then I've also put up a thread with all the slides on JKI:

    Part 1 takes place in London.

    Ranger NorsU has been hard at work finding other websites that are related to this ARG. See his work in this thread:

    One of these websites has a countdown clock:


    Many Random Activities

    Redsox has been approached by the Jericho Wiki Public Relations Representative, NorsU has been approach by a UK website for an interview, and Devils Due Publishing has released Jericho comic news.

    We believe that these events, the tweet from Karim, and the new ARG are all related to an upcoming Jericho movie announcement.

    Stay tuned for more news!

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