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JEBS - Midweek Announcements (6/9)

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    JEBS - Midweek Announcements (6/9)

    Operation Phoenix Update

    Hello Fellow Rangers

    Next week marks the final 29 week run of Jericho on the CW. I hope everyone has a chance to watch. Remember to do your feedback forms this week and next and drop Epix or CBS Paramount (now CBS Television Studios) a note or email.

    I know everyone is campaigned and re-runed out but we have one episode left and hopefully enough people will let the folks at CW and CBS know they had a winner but let it get away.

    We've just found out that the Jericho comic will be available in October. We are now looking at ways we can co-ordinate our efforts in getting the word out and getting sales of the comic book up as part of our collective goal of getting more Jericho made.

    I am asking that we all try to find common ground to work together to help get the Jericho movie made. Ratkeeper has been putting together a yahoo email group, one of the main purposes of which is to make sure that we reach out to include all members of the Jericho Community whether it is Radio Free Jericho, IDMB or UHD Board, JKI, Guardians of Jericho, JNet or the many millions of fans not online or affiliated with any group.

    We are planning an East Coast Ranger get together tentatively scheduled for August 2009 in Baltimore, hosted by BeeBull. The California Rangers are getting together for a picnic and a proposed summer get together involving Ratkeeper and others. Mpnice is hoping to have a get together for Ohio Rangers over the summer.

    Enjoy the summer, check in on the UHD Board or the group community board you call home, spread the word about Jericho. Most importantly, enjoy the summer with your family and friends, that is the most important thing you can do.


    Feed back forms for the last 2 weeks Run on the CW: Feedback Form for the CW Feedback Form CBS

    Ms. Nancy Tellem
    CBS Television Studios Entertainment Group
    4024 Radford Avenue
    Studio City, CA 91604

    Ms. D'Arcy Rudnay
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications
    Comcast Corporation
    One Comcast Center
    Philadelphia, PA 19103 or

    Mark Greenberg, President and CEO
    Mr. Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer
    Epix, a Viacom Company
    1515 Broadway
    New York, New York 10036 epix email Face Book link Addicted to Jericho Face Book epix website

    From Devil's Due Publishing

    Dear Fans of Jericho,

    We here at Devil's Due Publishing would like to thank you for contacting us about the upcoming Jericho series. Currently, we are getting ready for the October release of Jericho #1, and we apologize for the late response. We appreciate your support and your interest in the comics, and we will reply to your individual inquiries soon.


    Devil's Due Staff

    Richard Speight Jr Looking for San Fran Fans

    Article found by NorsU.

    On Saturday, June 13th, there is going to be a charity screening of an independent feature film called NORTH BEACH. Ten years ago, I co-directed and co-starred in this darkish comedy that chronicles a day-in-the-life of a guy trying to salvage his love life in the manic neighborhood of North Beach, right in the heart of San Francisco. The film played 13 festivals in the the U.S. and Europe and received great reviews in The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, on, etc.

    The California Rangers are planning to meet in San Francisco for this benefit and then have a BBQ dinner in the East Bay. Please e-mail for more information.

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