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JEBS Weekly announcements for 10-24-09

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    Jericho Electronic Broadcast System (JEBS) October 24, 2009 Administrators of Jericho websites/forums/blogs and the volunteer re-posters - please post this message on your website/forum/blog and thank you for your services. If you wish to submit an announcement to this service, please e-mail the announcement to Ichthus at or by 8 p.m. ET on Friday. The announcements will be sent out by Gwen near midnight (PT) on Friday. There will be a midweek update on Tuesday night (same deadlines), if there is more information to send out. JEBS now goes to all the regional mailing lists. Anyone who subscribes to JEBS is automatically enrolled in their regional mailing list. Please e-mail and say subscribe and list your state. You will get an acknowledgement after you've been added.

    Weekly Gatherings Beau's Bark - Come join our "open house" chat for most of Tuesday evening to accommodate the time zones!! This is a fun time to get together with old friends and make some new ones! Looking forward to seeing you there! Sportsman Lodge Bar- Every Friday 9:30 pm EST/ 6:30 pm PST, drop by have a drink and share a story. Go to last page of this thread:
    Tuesday Night Ranger Watchers - Come chat and watch with us on Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. You will need to be logged on to see the chat room link, which is under the community menu (chat for members).

    Jericho Comic Release Date moved to November 27th

    From Jeanine123, DDP just updated their website:

    Issue 1 now scheduled for 11/27 release. We know the wait is long, but it's oh so worth it. Proof of that is coming next week when we begin releasing sneak peeks of the beautiful art online. Stay tuned!

    Also, to thank you for your patience look for quick releases between issues 2 and 3. More to come!

    Operation Phoenix/Jericho Comic Update

    October 23, 2009

    Hello Fellow Rangers

    Yesterday we received a message via the DDP Jericho Forum that the Comic Book has be delayed until Friday, November 27, 2009.

    I know many of you are disappointed or upset about the date being pushed back. But we need to keep things in perspective. Last year at this time, Jericho was dead in the water. Talks had broken down with Comcast and the end was in sight. Then in November of 2008 CBS actually gave us an early Christmas present as Jericho was put on the CW for a 29 week run and as we know, from the producers, they were very pleased with the ratings.

    Over the past 19 months we have put articles in Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, produced and aired our own TV commercial, put up a billboard in LA, shelled Nielsen's Offices in Tampa and ensured that CBS and EPIX received more mail than Santa Clause. All of this was accomplished by individuals doing their small part, some sent post cards or letters, some sent emails, some contributed money to the TV ad of bill board. But this was and is a collect team effort co-ordinated over the internet. We truly have contributed to the transformation of television.

    The comic book was announce early this Spring and it built up momentum in July at Comic Con in San Diego. All the while new fans were discovering Jericho and Rangers throughout North America and across the globe continued to get the word out about this amazing television show.

    Right now we have 5 weeks to the comic launch. This is the first new Jericho related storyline product whether it be a TV show, movie or book to come out since March of 2008.

    If it had not been for each and every one of us out there in the Jericho Fandom doing our small part, this would never have happened. We have waged a long and hard fought battle with one of the largest corporations in America and we have made them take time, reflect and take Jericho out of the wast- basket and look to see if it is worth producing

    Epix just announced this week their intention to produce original scripted programming each quarter, be it mini series or 13 episodes dramas. We have an original show with a built in audience that continues to grow despite CBS's best efforts to kill it.

    DDP is looking for our help to promote the Jericho Comic Book over the next 5 weeks. All of Us collectively can actually help get a movie and possibly our show back on the air but we need to continue to have faith and tap what ever reserve we have as we head into the stretch run.

    I am asking that we come together and work with the DDP representatives and drive this sled over the finish-line. I am convinced we will be rewarded for our hard work and perserverance.

    Keep the Faith we are almost there

    Redsox 1986

    Texas Ranger Facebook Group

    Kenny has formed a new facebook group for Jericho fans in Texas:

    He hopes to also have a launch party for the Jericho comic.

    Come meet your fellow rangers and plan for the Texas Jericho comic launch party.

    DDP's Bestseller List for 10/23

    01. Hack/Slash Omnibus
    02. Jericho Season 3 - Civil War Six Issue Subscription
    03. GI Joe: America's Elite TPB Vol. 5 World War III Omnibus
    04. Jericho Season 3 - A+B Cover Subscription Pack
    05. James Farr's Xombie: Reanimated TPB
    06. Hack/Slash: The Series #25 Comic Con Variant
    07. Barack the Barbarian #2
    08. GI Joe: Storm Shadow #1 Foil Cover
    09. GI Joe: Americas Elite #33 Sketch
    10. Barack the Barbarian #1 cover A

    Jericho is back on Joost and Netflix

    For any who have not seen the 2nd season of Jericho it is again available on Joost:, without the commentary:

    Jericho was due to be removed from the Netflix rental list today, but has had it's tenure on Netflix extended:

    New Jericho ARG (Alternate Reality Game)

    Rev. Young, who appeared in Jericho, is leading us on a wild adventure to uncover station 4. Some have speculated that station 4 is a reference to season 4 of Jericho.

    Discussion thread:

    Daily Archive:

    JEBS' Thank Yous

    Thank you to Ichthus for allowing the Jericho Townhall blog to become the source of the JEBS RSS feed. Ichthus' work every week allows the JEBS messages to be posted directly to a website via the Jericho Townhall RSS feed.

    Thank you to Krzy Kitty who has been working hard keeping up with the Jericho cast and creative team news. Kitty now has her own column - Kitty's News Corner, under the Outside Jericho section.

    Outside Jericho

    Jericho Birthdays for October 25-21 thanks to Mud62 for the list! Relationship to Jericho listed in bold font:
    Christopher Wiehl (Roger Hammond) - 10/29
    Michael Broderick (Cheyenne Soldier) - 10/30

    Kitty's News Corner

    Aasif Mandvi (Kenchy Dhuwalia) in "Today's Special" an independent comedy film at NY film festival; Aasif is a writer and actor in this film.

    Aasif Mandvi (Kenchy Dhuwalia) at the screening of "The Response" in NYC on 27 October at 7 pm. He will be a member of a panel.

    Jericho mentioned in an article about NBC's canceled show Southland.... NUTS anyone?

    Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) film "Sugar" nominated for best ensemble performance at Gotham Independent Film Awards. Winners will be announced November 30.

    Review of last week's lie to me with a mention of Lennie James' (Robert Hawkins) episode...
    Lennie did a "Chavez"!! check out pics from Lie To Me:

    On the set of Caprica, Esai Morales (Maj Beck)

    Jazz Raycole (Allison Hawkins) on Eastwick Wednesday October 21
    Jazz Raycole's name is listed on Eastwick's cast list (after you click "more") ... guess we will see more of her there?

    Press release for Skeet Ulrich's ( Jake Green) next appearance on CSI: NY.

    Richard Speight Jr (Deputy Bill) returns to Supernatural (on CW) November 5
    Another article about the upcoming episodes of Supernatural (spoilers and cool clip)

    Jon Turteltaub (Executive Producer) Article on new project "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

    Sprague Grayden (Heather Lisinski) DVD release of "The Last Lullaby"

    Interesting interview with Tim Omundson (Phil Costantino) about Psych. (Little outdated... taped at Comic Con) CAREFUL --Tim is really funny in this interview...=0)

    Siena Goines (Sarah Mason) has been busy.... Guess the movie "Jada" came out in 2008 but the DVD is now available.

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