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JEBS - Weekly Announcements for 11/21/09

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    Weekly Announcements for the Jericho Fandom
    Jericho Electronic Broadcast System (JEBS)
    November 21, 2009

    Administrators of Jericho websites/forums/blogs and the volunteer re-posters - please post this message on your website/forum/blog and thank you for your services.

    If you wish to submit an announcement to this service, please e-mail the announcement to Ichthus at jerichotownhall@gmail.com or ichthusrep@sbcglobal.net by 8 p.m. ET on Friday. The announcements will be sent out by Gwen near midnight (PT) on Friday. There will be a midweek update on Tuesday night (same deadlines), if there is more information to send out.

    JEBS now goes to all the regional mailing lists. Anyone who subscribes to JEBS is automatically enrolled in their regional mailing list. Please e-mail gwen@jericho-kansas.org and say subscribe and list your state. You will get an acknowledgement after you've been added.


    Weekly Gatherings

    Beau's Bark - Come join our "open house" chat for most of Tuesday evening to accommodate the time zones!! This is a fun time to get together with old friends and make some new ones! Looking forward to seeing you there! http://www.radiofreejericho.com/chat.html

    Sportsman Lodge Bar- Every Friday 9:30 pm EST/ 6:30 pm PST, drop by have a drink and share a story. Go to last page of this thread:

    Tuesday Night Ranger Watchers - Come chat and watch with us on Tuesdays at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm Eastern. http://www.jericho-kansas.com/ You will need to be logged on to see the chat room link, which is under the community menu (chat for members).


    Operation Phoenix Update

    November 20, 2009

    Hello Fellow Rangers

    Today marks the one year Anniversary that we launched Operation Phoenix in conjunction with CBS putting Jericho on the CW for the full 29 Episode run.

    The comic book is due out on November 25th which will continue the Jericho story in written form. I know it is not what most hoped for when launched this last year. The week prior to launching Phoenix a group of about 30 Rangers put together a plan to reach out to all major news papers, websites and community sights to get people to watch Jericho on line at cbs.com, Joost and Youtube.

    Without out the collective efforts and spirit of cooperation the Comic Book would not be coming out this week. Every Ranger out there should take stock in the fact that they did make a difference. Jericho continues to live because the Fans refused to allow CBS to kill off the show.

    What lies ahead for Jericho, whether it is a theatrical movie or a miniseries, movie and/or full series on epix, has only been made possible because of the collective efforts of every fan. There are many different kinds of Fans and Fan Groups out there as there is in any facet of life, but for the most part we have been able to set aside our differences for the greater good.

    I hope that this Wednesday is just the first step in many towards a greater fate for our beloved Jericho. I want to thank everyone who has worked so hard since March of 2008 to keep Jericho alive.

    Gwen, K6, Myvibes, Denny, Ichtus, Windsorguy, Krzykity, Sand Bagger at Wiki, Jim, Lee, and Beebull, thanks for everything you have done to promote the comic, and keep the fires burning.



    Comic Preview Page Hunt

    Full color preview pages were posted on the different Jericho boards this week:
    http://www.radiofreejerich/ o.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php ?f=206&t=6851

    JKI has offered a prize, to the first fan, who finds the location of the daily preview page. Prize will be an 8.5 x 11 cloth Allied States Flag. Once you find the preview page, e-mail Gwen at gwen@jericho-kansas.org and put Comic Preview Page in the subject and the URL of the preview page.

    Devils Due Publishing is also offering a Grand Prize for the Preview Hunt. One of the six daily winners will receive a signed copy of the Jericho Collector's Preview (Ashcan). This was signed at Comic Con by the show's producers and writers.

    There will be one more preview posted on Saturday, so Happy Hunting!

    Note: There will be previews for the second issue, so stay tuned for more details.


    Future Traditions - Episode 24

    Future Traditions, Episode 24 - The Larissa-less Episode! is now LIVE! Please go to http://www.futuretraditions.com/2009/11/episode-24-the-larissa-less-episode/ to listen and enjoy!


    TV Talk BlogTalk Radio Show - Jericho Comic Interview

    Shaun o'Mac hosted Dan Shotz (Executive Producer), Robert Levine (Writer) , and the President of Devil's Due Publishing, Josh Blaylock.

    If you did not get a chance to hear this interview, then please check it out:

    Here is a short summary of some of the items discussed:

    All of the creative team were involved with the comic, including Carol Barbee and Jon Turteltaub.
    A lot of the story will take place in Jericho, so pictures of the sets (buildings and street set) were sent to DDP, so that the comic book will look more like the show.
    All of our favorite characters are included in the comic. A new family member will be introduced.
    There will be some new characters, including a new villain.
    CBS has been supportive of the comic and want the story to move forward.
    There is still hope for a movie.
    Dan's last comment - Buy the six issue comic, there will be more to come.


    Jericho Fan Tables

    There was a Jericho Fan Table at Tuscon36 on 11/13-11/15, run by Andrew Slattery. Andrew reported:
    "I was seated in the "dealers room" for a few hours as I arrived early for the "meet the fans" portion of the convention. Aside from the poor condition of the convention rooms and small allocations, about half of the participants stopped by. Several fans of the show hung around to discuss the future of the concept, and a handful of people that disliked the show debated with me over it's "sci-fi qualifications". All in all the business cards were successful, almost everyone that stopped by took one (or more to share with fans they know)."

    Thank you Andrew for running the fan table!

    There are two more Jericho Fan Tables before year end:
    LosCon36, Los Angeles, CA - Nov 27-29, one day admission ($20 - $25)
    Orycon31, Portland, OR - Nov 27-29, one day admission ($25 - $35)

    If you live near these cons, then please volunteer to help with the fan table.

    We will be having Jericho Fan Tables in 2010, so far these are scheduled:
    February 26-28, ConDor, San Diego, CA
    April 2-4, WonderCon, San Francisco, CA
    May 14-16, LepreCon, Phoeniz, AZ
    May 22nd, Spokane Comic Con, Spokane, WA
    July 22-25, Comic Con International, San Diego, CA
    Oct 1-3, Silicon, San Jose, CA

    If you would like to help at one of these tables or have a Jericho Fan Table near you, then please contact: gwen@jericho-kansas.org

    Note: For those considering going to Comic Con International, 4 day memberships are Sold Out! One day memberships go on sale on December 15th.
    The Jericho fan table has booked a 3 room hotel suite for Comic Con and we are looking for 1-2 more people to share the cost with.

    JEBS Thank Yous

    Thank you to Ichthus, who posts all the messages on the Jericho Townhall blog, so that we have an RSS feed and gathers/writes announcements.

    Thank you to Mud62 for the birthday list.

    Thank you to Krzy Kitty for her column - The News Corner and TV Reminders.

    Thank you to Crochetlady, who edits the draft, and tries to keep our typos under control.

    If there is anyone who would like to do an article for JEBS, then please contact us (info in 1st section).


    Outside Jericho

    Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
    Kenneth Mitchell (Eric Green) - 11/25
    Todd Giebenhain (Biker #2) - 11/27

    Kitty's News Corner and TV Reminders
    Aasif Mandvi (Kenchy Dhuwalia) won a best actor award at the Mahindra Indo-American Arts Council (MIAAC) Film Festival in NYC for his part in "Today's Special":
    Next week's episode of CSI NY will bring an end to Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green)'s character. He has done a superb job so far.... =0) : There is a CBS promo for this episode at the end of the story. http://www.aceshowbiz.com/news/view/00028981.html

    Awesome interview with Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) with lots of Jericho mentions... think the interviewer maybe a Jericho fan??? http://www.ifmagazine.com/feature.asp?article=3588

    Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) to star in "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges and Robert Duvall. The movie is to be released December 16 2009 and here is a nice trailer: http://tubehd.blogspot.com/2009/11/crazy-heart-jeff-bridges-official-movie.html

    James Remar (Jonah Prowse) spills the beans on what is coming in future episodes of "Dexter": http://www.spoilertv.com/2009/11/dexter-james-remar-spills-beans.html

    On Carol Barbee's (Executive Producer) show "Three Rivers", Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorne)returns (scheduled November 6th)

    Nice article on Gerald McRaney (Johnston Green) who played "Dividing the Estate" (September 18 -- October 27 in NYC) http://www.balabal.com/tia-mowry-wedding-pictures-2009.htm

    A nice look at December 1st episode of "the forgotten" with Bob Stephenson (Jimmy Taylor):

    "12 Sci Fi Shows Ended Too Soon" nice article with a Jericho mention. I watched all but 3 of these shows... http://insidetv.aol.com/2009/11/14/sci-fi-shows-that-were-cancelled-too-soon/

    A nice blog written by a fan of "Supernatural" talking about Richard Speight Jr's appearance at Chicago Supernatural Convention . Richard tells them about a particular instance with Misha Colllins "brief"... the video is on youtube and is hilarious. Be forwarned... the video will leave you in stitches! http://jewel21.livejournal.com/276407.html
    The video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pu66jpL5RAw

    TV Reminders:

    Skeet Ulrich (Jake Ulrich) will be making an appearance on "CSI NY" (CBS) November 25th

    DB Sweeney (John Geotz) will be on "Criminal Minds" (CBS) November 25th.

    Carol Barbee's (Executive Producer) "Three Rivers" (CBS) will be switching places with Cold Case for this week's episode and is not on Sunday November 29. It will be returning December 6th with Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorne) making a return appearance.

    Bob Stephenson's (Jimmy Taylor) "The Forgotten" (ABC ) on Tuesdays.

    Clare Carey (Mary Bailey) is on "Crash" (STARZ) on Fridays.

    James Remar (Jonah Prowse) makes appearances on "Dexter" (SHOWTIME) on Sundays.

    Theo Rossi (Randy Peyton) is on "Sons of Anarchy" (FX) on Tuesdays.
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