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JEBS - Weekly Announcements for 2/2/11

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    Weekly Announcements for the Jericho Fandom
    Jericho Electronic Broadcast System (JEBS)
    February 2, 2011

    Shout out for Jericho (2/9)

    Next Wednesday (2/9) you will receive two JEBS messages. One will be the regular message and the second will contain the Shout Out message.

    Please post/send the Shout Out message to as many fans as you can. We want to spread the word that the Jericho comic is back!

    East Coast Ranger Gathering (ECRG)

    January 31, 2011

    Hello fellow Rangers,

    I am writing to you regarding the East Coast Ranger Gathering (ECRG) scheduled for September 9-11, 2011 in Baltimore, MD.

    The East Coast Ranger Gathering is slated for September 9-11, 2011 in Baltimore, MD. This will be the third annual gathering of Rangers and the 2nd time in Baltimore. Thanks the Lee who landed the same hotel at 2 years ago

    The ECRG is just that, a gathering of Jericho Fans who are getting together for a social event to talk about Jericho, the comic and speculate about the eventual release of the feature film. It is not a convention or con and has never been intended for that purpose. We will not be looking for active participation from anyone who worked on the series. In time, the event may grow into something other than a social event but for now it is meant to be purely an event where people can meet, explore the location and have a good time.

    We are scheduled to have a home made dinner on Friday, September 9, 2011 which Masscass and Beebull will be preparing and will be served at the hotel. We are looking to do a tour of the Inner Harbor and also to take a tour of Annapolis.

    We will be getting out an itinerary within the next 2 weeks. We are looking for any additional ideas and you can leave them on the Save Jericho Face Book Page or at the UHD Board.

    Redsox 1986

    Jericho Comic from IDW

    JERICHO REDUX ($7.99, 72 pages, full color) will be available in stores on February 9th. Diamond order code DEC10 0373.

    JERICHO #4 ($3.99, 32 pages, full color) will be available in stores on February 16th. Diamond order code DEC10 0371.

    You can order from your local comic shop:


    from the IDW store:

    Remember that the advance orders influences the number of issues that are printed. Please consider purchasing an advance copy now to ensure that the comic has a good print run.

    Orders already placed with DDP will be honored and shipped by CBS.

    Jericho on SyFy

    Today (2/2) on SyFy:
    09:00 am Reconstruction
    10:00 am Condor
    11:00 am Jennings and Rall
    12:00 pm Oversight
    01:00 pm Termination For Cause
    02:00 pm Sedition
    03:00 pm Patriots And Tyrants

    Help Wanted
    We are looking for someone to make a mashup Jericho video. If you think you can help please contact

    Activities and Gatherings

    Weekly On-line Gatherings
    Beau's Bark - Come join our "open house" chat for most of Tuesday evening to accommodate the time zones!! This is a fun time to get together with old friends and make some new ones! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Tuesday Night Ranger Watchers- Join us on Tuesdays at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific. We are joining the UHD Front Porch thread in rewatching the Jericho episodes. On 2/1, we will be watching episode #4, Walls of Jericho. Remember to log in at Jericho-Kansas: and go to the chat for members under the community menu. Once you are in the chat room please type "hello" so you show up on the dialog window.

    UHD Front Porch: Drop in and discuss the episode of the week:

    In-Person Events
    WonderCon April 1-3
    There will be a Jericho Fan Table at WonderCon - the San Francisco Comic Con. Rangers will be traveling from all over to attend and help with the fan table.
    Registration is now open and advance 3 days tickets are $40.

    Operation Eagle IV - July 29-31st, 2011
    A Jericho themed charity airsoft event in North Carolina. Come join us and participate in the continuing battle between Jericho and the Allied States. There are combatant and non-combatant roles available. Here is the backstory for the event:

    ECRG 2011 - The next ECRG (this will be the 3rd one) will be September 9-11, 2011 - Baltimore (Arundel Mills), Md.; same hotel as in 2009...details to follow !!!!

    Outside Jericho

    Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
    Joseph M. Setele, First Assistant Camera: Second Unit 2/02
    Emily Rose, Trish Merick 2/02
    David Meunier, Russell 2/05

    Kitty's News Corner with TV, DVD and Movie Reminders
    Another actor signs onto "Common Law" (USA) Jon Turteltaub (Executive Producer)

    Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) movie "The Next Three Days" Review

    DB Sweeney (John Goetz) stops by Lackland AFB to show support for the Troops

    Esai Morales (Maj Beck) to receive a media activism award at CineFestival Feb 5

    Review of the "final five" episodes of "Caprica" Esai Morales (Maj Beck)

    Esai Morales (Maj Beck) Independent movie "Gun Hill Road" is picked up for worldwide distribution at the Sundance Film Festival

    Clare Carey (Mary Bailey) on "Castle" (ABC) February 7

    Aasif Mandvi (Dr Kenchy Dhuwhalia) movie "Margin Call" at Sundance Film Festival

    "Supernatural" Fans wonder about a 7th season (Jericho mention)...

    Could "V" (ABC) pull a 'Jericho'? (Jericho mention)

    TV Reminders:
    James Remar (Jonah Prowse) "Human Target" (FOX)

    Gerald McRaney (Johnston Green) "Fairly Legal" (USA)
    Xander Berkely (John Smith) "Nikita" (CW)
    Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) "Mentalist" (CBS) February 3

    Carol Barbee (Producer) "Hawaii Five O" (CBS)
    Shoshannah Stern (Bonnie Richmond) "Lie to Me" (FOX)
    Clare Carey (Mary Bailey) "Castle" (ABC) February 7

    Dustin Seavey (Teddy Lewis) "NCIS" (CBS) February 8

    *Want to know when you favorite Jericho stars on on TV? Check out:

    Movies coming out:
    Beth Grant (Gracie Leigh) "Rango" March 4, 2011
    Shiloh Fernandez (Sean Henthorne) "Red Riding Hood" March 11, 2011
    Erik Knudsen (Dale Turner) "Beastly" March 18, 2011
    Erik Knudsen (Dale Turner) "Scream 4" April 15, 2011
    Pamela Reed (Gail Green) "Asleep at the Wheel" June 23, 2011
    Aasif Mandvi (Dr Kenchy Dhuwalia) "Premium Rush" January 13, 2012

    DVD releases:
    Shoshannah Stern (Bonnie Richmond) "Adventures of Power" January 25, 2011
    Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) "The Walking Dead" (AMC) March 8, 2011

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