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JEBS - Weekly Announcements for 9/8/10

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    Weekly Announcements for the Jericho Fandom
    Jericho Electronic Broadcast System (JEBS)
    September 8, 2010

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    If you wish to submit an announcement to this service, please e-mail the announcement to Ichthus at or by 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday. The announcements will be sent out by Gwen near midnight (PT) on Wednesday.

    JEBS now goes to all the regional mailing lists. Any new subscribers to JEBS are automatically enrolled in their regional mailing list. Please e-mail and say subscribe and list your state. You will get an acknowledgment after you've been added.

    Operation Phoenix/Comic Book Update

    September 8, 2010

    Hello Fellow Rangers,

    We finally heard back from Sam Wells at Devils Due regarding subscriptions. You can apply for a refund or you can wait for the books to come out.

    It has been a long road and as with everything connected with Jericho there is no easy path or quick solutions. The latest from Sam at DDP states that the remaining comics are in production now and will be released. After everything we have been through what is a few more weeks at this point.

    Keep the Faith

    We received the following from Sam at Devils Due today:

    Re: Jericho Comic-prepaid subscriptions

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010 5:32 PM

    From: "Sam Wells" devilsdue

    Guys - This is the email that they get if they email our store -

    Thank you very much for your email concerning Jericho: Season 3. We're more than happy to issue you a refund for the balance on the remaining 3 issues of the series if you so choose. However we wanted to let you know that the last three issues ARE in production and will be released.

    If you choose to wait for your subscription rather than a refund at this point, you'll receive your books as they are released. We understand that the long wait between the issues has been frustrating and we sincerely appreciate your patronage and your patience.

    Feel free to pass that statement along to anyone questioning the subscriptions.


    Message from Dan Shotz


    Thank you both for checking in. Sorry I don't have an update yet, but I promise I will soon.

    Keep the Rangers' hopes up. Thank you for your patience.

    Best always,

    Jericho on SyFy

    Sep 9 05:00 AM Pilot
    Sep 14 08:00 AM Federal Response
    Sep 14 09:00 AM 9:02
    Sep 14 10:00 AM Long Live The Mayor
    Sep 14 11:00 AM Rogue River
    Sep 14 12:00 PM Crossroads
    Sep 14 01:00 PM Red Flag
    Sep 14 02:00 PM Vox Populi
    Sep 14 03:00 PM The Day Before

    All times are Eastern. Please stop by the SyFy Jericho Forum and thank SyFy for airing Jericho:

    Jericho Comic Site

    The Jericho comic site is down, but should return soon:

    Activities and Gatherings

    Weekly Gatherings

    Beau's Bark - Come join our "open house" chat for most of Tuesday evening to accommodate the time zones!! This is a fun time to get together with old friends and make some new ones! Looking forward to seeing you there!

    Sportsman Lodge Bar- Every Friday 9:30 pm EST/ 6:30 pm PST, drop by have a drink and share a story. Go to last page of this thread:

    Tuesday Night Ranger Watchers- Every Tuesday at 8 pm Eastern /5 pm Pacific. Remember to log in at JKI: and go to the chat for members under the community menu. Once you are in the chat room please type "hello" so you show up on the dialog window.

    Outside Jericho

    Jericho Birthdays by Mud62
    Kyle Bornheimer, Chris Calley 9/10
    David E Brown, Stanley's Ranger 9/13

    Kitty's News and TV Reminders
    Gerald McRaney (Johnston Green) NBC "Undercovers" gets some good reviews.. .

    A look at Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) new movie "The Next Three Days"

    Nice article giving us some insight to AMC's series "The Walking Dead" with Lennie James (Robert Hawkins):

    Michael Gaston (Gray Anderson) will make an appearance on CBS "The Mentalist" premiere Sept 23

    Skeet Ulrich (Jake Green) Law & Order crossover: SVU's Benson to star in LOLA premiere (maybe stay?):
    Law & Order: Los Angeles may hire local theater actors:

    TV Reminders:
    Timothy Omundson (Phil Constantino) "Psych" (USA)

    Pamela Reed (Gail Green) "Parks and Recreation" (NBC) *no shows*

    Emily Rose (Trish Merrick) "Haven"

    Darby Stanchfield (April Green) "Mad Men" (AMC)
    Lennie James (Robert Hawkins) "Hung" (HBO)
    Clayne Crawford (Mitchell Cafferty) "The Glades" (A&E)

    Theo Rossi (Randy Peyton) "Sons of Anarchy" (FX)

    *Want to know when you favorite Jericho stars on on TV? Check out:

    DVD Releases:
    James Remar (Jonah Prowse) "Dexter" season 4 comes out August 17
    DB Sweeney (John Goetz) "Two Tickets to Paradise" comes out September 14
    Jon Steinberger (Producer) "Human Target" 1st Season releases September 21

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