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    Welcome to the Jericho forum at Please be advised the Terms of Service (TOS) always applies on this or any forum at

    Jericho Forum Guidelines

    Censor Bypassing

    Any expletives should be edited with asterisks so that the word is not readily apparent. It is not acceptable to include the 1st letter and then use the correct number of asterisks to mask the remaining letters. All letters should be replaced with asterisks in those situations. For the usual 4-letter words, they should only appear as ****. However, it is acceptable to use the phrase "the F-word" or "the B-word" according to the rules.

    Game Threads

    Game threads are not allowed in the Jericho forum. would like to keep the forum open to discussion regarding Jericho. If you would like to create a Jericho game, please use the TV Show Fun & Games forum. Please make sure to create the topic title stating the name of the show in caps ("JERICHO - Game Title").

    Excessive Quoting

    Users should not quote multiple messages unless absolutely necessary. Off-topic messages should not be quoted. If you are responding to an off-topic message, make your comment brief and then move back to the topic of the thread.

    Flaming and Flame Wars

    There is a difference between debate and flaming. Or to put it another way, respond to the argument, not the user. Saying why something someone says is incorrect (as much as you can say any opinion is "incorrect"), is one thing. Saying they're dumb, or "baloney," or not entitled to post their opinion, is another. Posting that you're going to report someone is off-topic, and almost guaranteed to start/maintain a flame war.

    There is no such thing as "defensive" flaming. If you respond to a flame with a flame, you're flaming. If you quote someone else flaming, you're responsible for everything that's in your post, and your content will be moderated accordingly.

    The shorter your post, the more likely it is not "reasonable and informed criticism and debate." A quick one-sentence post, especially one going against the initial point of a thread or opposing another user's argument, is more likely to be considered a drive-by flame or troll, and moderated accordingly.

    Illegal Activities

    Please don't discuss illegal downloading in this forum (torrents, YouTube links, etc.). Posting of any copyrighted image, including photographs and screen caps is not allowed as it's a violation of the Terms of Service.

    Negative Statements

    Though informed opinions are always welcome on the forum, expressions of pure hatred are not. This applies whether the target is another user, an actor, a public figure or a character. You are free to disagree with the actions or motivations of an individual or a character, but please try to stay away from statements that merely announce your hatred of a person or character. Though the character's feelings won't get hurt, I can see where repetitive expressions of hatred for a character can be taken the wrong way by other users. Such expressions don't add anything to the discussions on the forum so it's better not to include them.

    Official Discussion Threads

    Please don't create Official Discussion Threads. I'd rather avoid either races or competing threads. I'll create one a few days before a new episode premieres, and may or may not convert an existing one. There's some stuff I have to do to set it up properly, and it's easiest if I do it from the get-go. Before an official discussion thread goes up, feel free to discuss (following spoiler rules as necessary), but try to find an existing thread first that is suitable. After the thread goes up, direct discussion to the official thread.

    Off-Topic Posts

    Please try to stick to the general topic of the thread in which you are posting. The occasional off-topic post is okay as long as everyone gets back to the original topic pretty quickly. If you find that you really want to discuss another topic, then you are always free to start up a new thread. (Before doing that, check to see that no other recent threads cover the same topic. Duplicate threads may be locked.)

    Spoiler Threads

    Spoiler threads are okay as long as you add something like "(spoiler)" without the quotation marks to the title and there are no spoilers in the title itself. It would also help to indicate whether it's a minor spoiler or a major spoiler. Then people can decide whether to venture ahead and read it.


    Though most people on this forum are respectful of other users, we've had a couple trolls in the past. In case you are unfamiliar with the term, a troll is a user who posts insulting, rude and uncivilized messages on public forums. The goal of a troll is attention. They thrive on creating a stir and then watching the reactions of other users. They like to generate hostility and ill will among the users of a forum.

    Here are a few tips for dealing with them:

    1) Never respond to a troll. Don't answer any of their challenges and never quote any part of their forum posts.
    2) Immediately use the reporting feature to notify a moderator of an offensive message. You will generally know if a message is a clear violation of the Terms of Service. Any unobscured profanity, threats or clear insults of other users should be reported right away. (However, you should not report someone merely because they disagree with your point of view.)
    3) Don't discuss a troll in public. Don't announce that you are reporting a troll. Just do it quietly and anonymously.

    The site moderators have been quick in the past to delete offensive posts. A common tactic of trolls is to post an offensive message and then delete it once people start responding. retains the edit history of every message so the moderators can see any offensive language, even if it has been "deleted" or edited by the author.

    Contacting the Editor / Moderator

    If you have a problem with someone on the forum send a PM to the editor. Do not post messages to him in this forum, they will be deleted. Also, has a specifically designed system for reporting abuse, on the bottom of the post you can find a drop down menu that says "Report Abuse to Moderator" and this will be sent to the Moderators.

    Credit to VillaFan, 123Home123, Gislef & Kristhetvgirl2 for their contribution to these forum guidelines.
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