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    [1]Jun 2, 2009
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    eey guys,

    Me and some friend have greated a webbased game of the serie jericho.
    At the moment it is running one of his last test rounds and i want to invite all of you guys to join us.

    Goal: You are the mayor of a town that survived the attacks. It's your job to keep your people safe. Provide them with all they need to survive but beware, there are other towns who survived, and some of those towns out there will do anything to get your supplies. Make sure you provide your people with their needs and build up defences so you can fight any other towns who wants to steal from you. Whatever you do, keep your town on the map.


    Today 19:00 GMT the round will start


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    [2]Jun 6, 2009
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    Great game!

    The link in your post wasn't working, so here is the working link:


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