Season 1 Episode 3

Four Horsemen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on CBS
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After seeing a broadcast via satellite from Asia, Jake gathers a group of people together for information gathering. After finding out that there is information out there, Jake suggests having four search parties to go out to get a better understanding what is going on outside of Jericho. The search parties set off in four different directions.


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  • Jericho emerges from the rain to find that their fears of nuclear fallout are not yet realized. They send out scouts in all four directions to find information and try to piece together what is going on.moreless

    Who would have ever thought that nuclear war could be so upbeat? This episode goes from serious to exuberant to depressing and then back to optimistic so rapidly that the viewer is likely to get emotional whiplash. People are worried about radiation poisoning; suspicions are circulating that some townspeople may have murdered one of their own to prevent a panic; the growing realization that food is running out is apparent; and the picture emerging of a widespread nuclear holocaust... Things are grim. In light of all these depressing facts, what could possibly be more appropriate than a hootenanny barbecue?

    My main dispute with this episode is the 90210-esque love story between Dale, the unpopular guy, and Skylar, the popular girl (who has the cliche snobby friends who do not approve of their fraternization). Complete with whatever horrid pop-rock music they thought would properly punctuate the teen angst of the moment. I don't care. I don't care about this snobby girl at all, and I sure don't care about the semi-mute Dale, who seems to be a good guy, but has absolutely no personality whatsoever. I don't know why they thought to shove it into the story in the first place - he is a cardboard cutout and she is a cliche. People in Jericho have two reactions to the nuclear bombs: most people just ignore it and kind of wander around as if nothing is going on; a select few start overreacting to everything. No one feels real to me. They aren't weeping and flooding their churches, no one riots or tries to hoard food, nobody starts carrying their gun around everywhere they go... no one acts like the world just changed- this conveys the impression that it hasn't changed, and it doesn't make sense.

    I really want to like Jericho. I really want to explore how a group of characters deals with the apocalypse. But, the writers seem to want to focus on interpersonal relationships (like the affair between Eric and Mary or how Jake and Emily sort out their ill defined complications or the tedious Dale and Skylar subplot) and only use the seriousness of the situation as a backdrop for them.moreless
  • Awesome

    Being that I'm originally from a small town in Texas, this episode truly hits home for me. This episode reminded me of the days when my hometown would have real city functions. We'd usually start with parades, followed by many fun events at the city park, and ended with street style diners just as the city folk did at the end of the "Four Horsemen".

    It's always amazing how when we're young we so desperately want to leave to larger cities with the hustle & bustle. But always long for the unity & kindness only a small town can give. The city of Jericho really captured that with this episode, for no matter what hardships they encountered they still banded together to get things done for one another.moreless
  • The town receives a disturbing news broadcast while Jake makes a startling discovery outside town.

    Once the trapped townspeople are freed from the mine, a frightening map showing possible destroyed cities makes the town's first priority information. The town is cut off and blind, were the bombs an accident or an attack? Is the government intact and coming to help? Four groups are formed to go find out. Jake also finally meets Hawkins. Jake returns far quicker than expected when he discovers that planes, suddenly without fuel, landing space or navigation, have been forced to land anywhere they could, from fields to highways. After actually going inside the planes, he returns with the 'black box' of a passenger plane which (brilliantly done!) gives the residents of Jericho a bit of an outside view of the world, and Jake deciphers background chatter, finding Emily's fiance's plane landed successfully.

    Gray, ass that he is, challenges Johnston (loudly) about the med clinic's non-working fallout shelter. To be honest, he has a point – how could a *hospital* not have a working fallout shelter?! If Jake hadn't improvised, a lot of people would be dead now. But Johnston makes a good point too – Gray is trying to turn people against him instead of doing what's best for Jericho.

    Then there's Dale – having a brainwave that never occurred to anyone else, checks the train tracks and comes across the missing train… full of food. This highlights Jericho's exact problem, a problem that Jake tried to address with the 'Horsemen': the town still has the mentality that they're going to be 'saved', that this is all temporary and everything will soon return to normal. You can't blame them, it's an unbelievable adjustment to have to make, but they're just not thinking long term. Johnston, of all people, should have thought of it – start sending out parties looking for trucks or trains which could have supplies. He didn't so Dale manages to find enough supplies to (secretly) stock Gracie's store for several weeks.

    An important episode, filling in a little more of the bigger picture.moreless
  • After the rain looking outside Jericho begins.

    Jake suggest that they send out reconnaissance mission to the north, south, wast and west of Jericho, in order to get some more information on what is going on outside of Jericho. There's hope that Emily's boyfriend survived. There is brief glimpses that others survived trhough military chatter and through airplane chatter though none fly above. The writing is superb as they give us a little information to answer our questions, like with Hawkins, yet leave us with even more questions like how is the town going to survive as they run low on supplies? We can only glimpse what we hope are the answers to those questions!moreless
  • After the rain stops people have to get on with their lives.

    Jake suggest that they send out reconnaissance mission to the North, South, East and West of Jericho, in order to get some more information. Emily decides not to accompany him and tells him he should have died instead of her boyfriend. This episode only show the results of one of these recon missions, Jake's. He discovers a few crashed planes who tried to use the highway as a landing strip. He cannot find any survivors but he does retrieve the black box. When they listen to it, the plane with Emily's boyfriend is on it and it's mentioned that it landed safely, so presumably her boyfriend is still alive.

    After last week, Dale is ignored again by the rich spoilt brat.

    Hawkins seems to have some secret plan, after going out in the nuclear rain, he now tells his wife and kids that they cannot go outside.moreless
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James Eckhouse

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Goof: When Hawkins puts on the yellow chemical suit, he wraps tape around his wrists and ankles. However, every time we see him in the suit after there is no tape anywhere.

    • The anchorman said: "So far, we knew...the following cities...Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas..." The simplified Chinese shown on TV is "blood flute" and "he".

    • Goof: The car that Jake is driving, when he finds the plane on the road, has no number plate.

    • Goof: After Johnston punches Gray and talks to him, he opens to the door to allow Gray out. When Gray is just about to walk out, you can see a shadow that isn't from Johnston. It looks like a shadow from the camera.

    • The episode title "Four Horsemen" refers to how the townspeople organize for 4 different teams to explore in all four directions outside of Jericho.

    • Judging by the map in the Sheriff's office, Jericho is approximately where the small town of Lincoln, Kansas should be.

    • When the Asian satellite broadcast is on for a few seconds, showing the map, the only city visible other than the ones mentioned or shown in the "thumbtack map" scene appears to be Dallas/Fort Worth. Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego and Denver are shown highlighted. Later someone mentions Seattle or maybe Portland, Oregon, but this part of the map is obscured by a Tiffany lamp shade.

    • The morse code that plays over the opening is:

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Gail: Where's Emily?
      Jake: She's not going.
      Gail: Good. You're not going alone are you?
      Jake: Yeah, don't give me that look.
      Gail: What look?
      Jake: You know what look, that look.
      Gail: Hey, I do this 72 hundred times, I've watched you drive away not knowing if you were coming home, I've earned a look.
      Jake: I'm coming back.

    • Gray: The four horsemen of the apocalypse.
      Jake: Let's hope not.

    • Eric: Jake, what are you doing back?
      Cop: You should be in Wichita by now.
      Jake: Smokey hill bridge is blocked. (He unzips the bag he just set down on the table)
      Eric: What is that?
      Jake: It's a flight data recorder. (There is a red box inside the bag clearly labeled Flight Data Recorder)
      Cop: I thought they were supposed to be black?

    • Gail: You know I keep thinking about when we were kids and how they used to make us practice hiding under our desks in case of an atomic bomb.
      Johnston: Yeah and duck for cover.
      Gail: That's the first thing I thought of when I saw that mushroom cloud. Did they have enough time to hide under their desks? It's pretty stupid huh.

    • Stanley: Are you okay?
      Mimi: Huh, if you call radiation poisoning 'okay.'
      Stanley: Were you out in the rain, too?
      Mimi: Heavens no! I touched a building when we came out of the shelter.
      Stanley: Oh.
      Mimi: Look, you can stop pretending.
      Stanley: What do you mean?
      Mimi: I audited your farm. Why do you care?
      Stanley: Maybe I'm a nicer person than you.
      Mimi: Right. Were you in the rain?
      Stanley: Yeah, for about twenty minutes.
      Mimi: Well, you look pretty good.
      Stanley: Thanks. You know, I try to work out.
      (Mimi laughs.)
      Stanley: Look, um, you know I think I got the worst of it, so as long as I'm okay, you should be fine.
      Mimi: You're really sweet. And you still owe the IRS $180,000.
      Stanley: Yeah, I know.

    • (Mimi rests her hand on a column, and when she lifts it, her hand is covered in black)
      Mimi: What's this black stuff?
      Mary: That used to be Denver.

    • Eric: I don't know if I told you this, but my father is impervious to mere germs.
      April: Oh really?
      Mayor Green: Yeah, I believe that was the quote.
      Gail: First inauguration, I have it all on video.
      Mayor Green: It was a joke, I was trying to... April, don't ever make a mistake, this family will never let you forget it!

    • Bonnie: Stanley! (Runs to Stanley)
      Stanley: Thank God!
      Jake: No, hey, hey, no! (Pulls Bonnie back) Stanley don't touch her. The rain may be radioactive.

    • Mayor Green: In my office. Now. (Punches Gray Anderson) Right now these people need our leadership. I will not have you tearing this town apart. And when all this is over, if you and I are still alive, you investigate your ass off. In the meantime, if I hear anymore talk like that out of you, you and I are gonna have a problem. Do we understand each other?

    • Jake: Going out is more important then ever, alright? If this country is at war we need to know it!

    • Mayor Green: I can't just sit around here all day. We've got to find the sheriff and his men; we've got to get the power back on.
      Gail: Okay, now you're going to stay here as long as it takes. Now, don't make me take your pants with me.
      Mayor Green: I can run this town without my pants.
      Gail: It wouldn't be the first time.

    • Stanley: Yeah..I'm really sick of getting poked with needles every ten minutes. They'll be really sorry when my spider powers kick in. (makes a goofy face)
      Jake: Well, you're still an idiot, so that's a good sign.
      Stanley: (laughs) Yeah.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Airdates:
      Australia: October 5 2006, Network Ten
      Denmark: October 17 2007, SBS Net
      Estonia: May 23 2007
      Finland: September 5 2007
      Germany: June 11 2007, Pro7
      Hungary: December 24 2006
      Mexico, October 9 2007
      Netherlands: May 26 2008
      United Kingdom: January 26 2007, Hallmark
      Slovenia: September 29 2008, Kanal A

    • Featured Music:
      "Once in a Lifetime" by Keith Urban
      "Narcolepsy" by Third Eye Blind
      "I Second That Emotion" by Smokey Robinson
      "Fall On Me" by Dave Latham


    • Stanley: They'll be really sorry when my spider powers kick in.

      Stanley was in the radioactive rain for 20 minutes and is referring to the Spider-Man Marvel Comics. Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and that gave him superhero "spider powers".

    • Four Horsemen (of the apocalypse) are mentioned in the Bible in the Sixth Chapter of the Book of Revelations.

      The four horsemen are named Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death.