Season 1 Episode 3

Four Horsemen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Robert Hawkins is putting on a homemade Hazmat suit with a gas mask. (18 hours after the nuclear blast.) Robert is in a U-Haul truck and he's at a Storage Facility. It is raining (the radioactive rain) and everyone is inside except for Robert with his Hazmat suit at the storage facility. In Bonnie Richmond's house Bonnie is asking about Stanley Richmond, her brother. Jake Green tells her that Stanley is ok. Jake has his brother Eric on the radio. Eric Green is his brother. Jake is worried about getting everyone out of the mine. He's worried that the ventilator could be clogged. Heather Lisinski is in the mine passing out water and helping. Heather gives some water to Scott Rennie. Scott is starting to freak out. He wants to go outside. Back at the Richmond's house, Jake is trying to comfort Emily Sullivan. There is a noise outside. Someone is coming in through the rain. It's Stanley Richmond. He's soaking wet with the rain, the rain maybe radioactive so they stay away from him. In Robert's storage unit you can see some assault rifles that he has in storage. He doesn't pack the guns. Robert gets a barrel from his storage unit and places it in the U-Haul. He's driving away in the rain with his Hazmat suit on. Richmond's house-Stanley says he saw tanks on their way towards Denver. Stanley says he's been in the rain for about 20 minutes. Jake is talking to Dr. April Green, Jake's sister-in-law. April tells him that he will have to drink some iodine. April warns them that if he throws up within the next 2 hours that he might die. In the mine- Scott Rennie is freaking out and screaming "I gotta get outta here!!" and Heather is trying to calm him down but she can't. Gray Anderson and Shep Cale try to talk to him. Gray warns him that he's scaring the children. Gray and Shep take Scott away. Back in the City Hall Shelter-Johnston is coughing and lying on a stretcher. Jake tells Mayor Johnston that Stanley saw a line of tanks on their way to Denver. Jake tells his father (Mayor Johnston) that he's going to go out to see what is going on. They still need to wait for the rain to stop but Mayor Johnston agrees that they need to see what is going on. Emily wants to go with Jake. She still wants to know where her fiancé Roger is. Eric tells Mimi Clark that she can not smoke in the mine. Mayor Johnston Green is lying on the stretcher with the flu. Dr. April Green is trying to take his temperature. Mimi makes a comment that she doesn't like Eric and Mary Bailey (Mary is having an affair with Eric) says that she doesn't like Eric either. At Skylar's House-It's still raining and Skylar and is looking at a snow globe of Niagara Falls. Skylar offers him a stale Pop Tart. They are both eating stale Pop Tart's. City Hall Shelter-Gail and Johnston are having a conversation about "duck and cover" the emergency procedure that they grew up learning. Mary Bailey then goes up to Eric and tells him that she notices that he still seems close to his wife. Eric wants to avoid the conversation and says "let's just get through this". Richmond's House-Stanley tells Jake that he feels like he's going to throw up. Just after he tells Jake that the rain has stopped. Eric goes outside with a Geiger counter to see if everything is ok. Everyone is starting to leave the City Hall shelter when Mimi Clark puts her hand on the building and has some black residue on it. It's from the radiation rain. Back at the Richmond's house-Stanley is going to go straight to the Medical Clinic. Jake wants to go to the mine to dig everyone out. Jake calls Eric on the radio and asks him to meet him at the mine. Eric Green and Jake Green are digging through the mine to get all the people out. The people in the mine can hear the jackhammers. Eric is the first one to come through and everyone is cheering. Jake tells them that they have food, water and transportation to the hospital "women and children first". Jake goes over to Heather Lisinski and asks her if she is ok. Gray Anderson and Shep Cale are carrying a dead body (Scott Rennie) out of the mine, a person that Heather Lisinski recognizes. Jericho hospital-Jake is looking for Stanley Richmond. Stanley is in a wheelchair and Bonnie Richmond (Stanley's sister) is with him. Stanley wants to get out and help but Jake tells him that there is really nothing he can do right now. Jake can see that he's ok because he's making funny comments. Mimi Clark is paranoid about touching the residue from the rain and she's talking to Dr. April Green about whether she has radiation poison or not. April is trying to get to other patients. Heather then sees Dr. Green (April) and asks about Scott Rennie. April Green says that it looks like he had a heart attack. The camera pans over to Gray Anderson lurking in the corner. Dale Turner and Skylar Stevens are playing poker at Skylar's house. Skylar bluffs Dale into losing. There is a knock on the door. Skylar's friends show up and they see Dale and Skylar together in the house. One of Skylar's friends calls Dale a "weirdo". Mayor Johnston is restless and he's arguing with his wife Gail. She threatens to take his pants away from him. Jake shows up. Gail tells Jake that Johnston has the flu. Jake makes a suggestion that they need to branch out and get information. Johnston agrees that they need to get out of Jericho and see what is going on. In the bar-Jake is talking to Gray about branching out in four directions. Jake will go south to Wichita with Emily. Abrams and Crossfield will go north to Nebraska. Ridley is heading west to Denver. Gray will go east to Topeka. North, South, East and West "the four horsemen of the apocalypse" In the bar-The TV is left on and they are trying to move the Satellite dish to get a signal. Eric is trying to talk to Mary and Robert is beside him at the bar. All of a sudden they pick up a signal with a Chinese Reporter on TV with the map of the United States behind him showing targets that had nuclear explosions. The spots on the map were Philadelphia, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and San Diego. Dallas is the only "new" area that was shown (we know about the other cities from the previous episode). The Northwestern part of the United States was conveniently blocked by a lamp. **There still appeared briefly that Seattle was hit.** Eric questions if the broadcast was Korean. Jake suggests it was Chinese and Robert Hawkins chimes in that it was Mandarin. Jake says "the question is, are they reporting it or behind it?" Eric makes a suggestion that they should hold off going out but Jake thinks going out is more important then ever. "If the country is at war we need to know it". Heather is speaking to Mary about what cities they saw on the map that where hit. Robert volunteers to go with Jake out of the city to see what is going on. He introduces himself to Jake and then Jake asks him if he has a family. He suggests that he shouldn't go if he has a family after Robert tells him he has two kids. Emily overhears the conversation that Robert and Jake has and is worried. Heather is asking Shep about Scott. Scott's death is suspicious to her. Gray sees Heather speaking to Shep and comes over to break up their conversation. Jake is going to leave with Emily. Emily is emotional over Roger, her fiancé. She thinks that Roger is dead. Jake is trying to reassure her that anything could've happened. Emily is upset and angry and tells Jake that he was the one that's supposed to be dead. (She's obviously alluding to something that happened in the past between them) Dale shows up at Gracie's shop. All the shelves have been emptied out. Gracie Leigh was worried about Dale but he was at Skylar's house. Gail Green comes over to the grocery store with some food to bring back for Gracie. Gracie says there was supposed to be a shipment on a train that she is expecting. Dale overhears about the shipment of food on a train. The freezer is broken and the meat is going to go bad. Gail makes a suggestion that they should cook all the remaining food that hasn't gone bad. Eric is at the hospital and he can see Mimi crying. He asked her if she was out in the rain like he was. Mimi says she touched a building when she got out of the shelter. She says he can stop pretending to be nice because she audited his farm. Eric tells her that he was in the rain for about 20 minutes. He's making conversation with her. Eric says that he got the worst of the radiation and that if he's ok then she should be ok. Mimi says he's sweet but he still owes the IRS $180,000. Shep is writing a letter at the bar and he folds it up and puts it in an envelope. Gray is packing up supplies at City Hall. He then runs into Johnston. Johnston thanks Gray for what he is doing. Johnston brings up the fact that Scott was dead and that it surprised him that a heart attack killed him. Gray then blames Johnston for Scott's death saying that it was poor planning. Johnston demands that he go into his office to talk. Johnston punches him in the stomach and tells him that he can investigate and bring up charges if they survive the situation but that they need leadership at this time. Johnston is still sick from the flu and is coughing after Gray leaves his office. Jake is coming out of City Hall with supplies. He's not going with Emily anymore, he is going alone. His mother Gail stops him and gives him a worried look. She doesn't want him to go out alone. Jake tells her that he's coming back and that he'll be ok. Shep is taking Ridley's place and he's going to Denver. Gray tells Shep he doesn't have to do it and that he'll get "past this". Gray is talking about Scott dying and it looks like Gray and Shep has something to do with killing him. Mary finds the letter that Shep wrote at the bar and hands it to Heather. It is a letter saying that it was Shep's fault that Scott Rennie died. Gray wanted Shep to keep him quiet and his heart went out. He should've called for a doctor but he didn't. Eric is on the radio trying to contact Jake and then he's calling for Shep. Shep is responding but Eric can't hear him. Gray can hear him. Shep says "tell the family I'm sorry". Eric asks Gray if he heard him but Gray lies and says he didn't hear Shep. Jake is driving down the road and then he stops to see what is out in front of him. He gets out the car and he can see two planes. One passenger plane is in front of him and it looks like it crash landed safely and people evacuated correctly but then there is a plane that crash landed behind him and it looks like a complete wreck. In front of City Hall, the town is barbequing the rest of the meat that was left in the grocery store. Jake comes back to town with a "black box" (flight data recorder). He tells Eric about the two planes that crash landed on the highway. Gail asks Jake if there where any survivors and Jake said the 757 was empty and Gail asks where they went…Jake has no answer. Gail gets Johnston and Jake sets up the recording. Jake puts the headphones on and goes through the recording. He's going to play the last 30 seconds or so out loud to everyone. Johnston wants the kids to leave the room first before they play the tape. The pilots are giving an emergency descending signal. They're other planes trying to contact Air Traffic Control but they are unable to get in touch with the ATC. One plane reports seeing a mushroom cloud above Denver, another plane reports something in Kansas City and in Texas. Then you can hear some F-16 jets flying by. Then the pilot says that he found a stretch of highway to land. The pilot is crash landing and you can hear the pilot yelling "pull up" before the crash. Jake is rewinding the tape because he can hear some background chatter. He replays the tape and adjusts the recording to turn up the background noise. You can hear the other pilot say "This is Trans Shore 724 and we've set down north of Kansas with minor injuries". That is the airplane that Emily's fiancé was on. Jake concludes that he is alive and tells Emily that he is alive. Robert Hawkins is building a shelter in his basement. He is mixing concrete. A woman (I still have no idea what relation she is to Robert. Robert just said he had two kids when Jake asked him about his family he didn't say he had a wife) comes downstairs. She tells Robert that there is a party outside and that the kids would like to go. Robert tells her that they are not ready to go out yet. The town is gathering together and eating barbeque because they decided to cook all the remaining meat that was in Gracie's grocery store before it went bad. The camera pans on the townspeople. Stanley says "hi" to Mimi. Eric is eating with his wife and staring at Mary. Mary is talking to another man. Jake sits next to Heather. Heather makes a comment about Emily to Jake "She looks so much better. You really made her happy". Jake says "I owed her". Heather says, "I guess that makes you even" and then Jake says "Not even close". (Once again suggesting something BIG happened between Jake and Emily in the past) Johnston is sitting with his arms crossed quietly. Gail comments to him "You haven't said two words all night". Johnston says that he's taking it all in because it may be a long time before you see Jericho like this. Robert is in the basement with his mixed cement and cinder blocks creating some kind of shelter for his container. Eric wakes up in Mary's bed. He ended up in bed with her after the gathering. Dale went looking for the shipment and finds the train. He goes up to the train with his flashlight. He then goes to the side of the train and opens up one of the cars. It is full of food. He found Gracie's shipment for her grocery store.