Season 1 Episode 3

Four Horsemen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jericho emerges from the rain to find that their fears of nuclear fallout are not yet realized. They send out scouts in all four directions to find information and try to piece together what is going on.

    Who would have ever thought that nuclear war could be so upbeat? This episode goes from serious to exuberant to depressing and then back to optimistic so rapidly that the viewer is likely to get emotional whiplash. People are worried about radiation poisoning; suspicions are circulating that some townspeople may have murdered one of their own to prevent a panic; the growing realization that food is running out is apparent; and the picture emerging of a widespread nuclear holocaust... Things are grim. In light of all these depressing facts, what could possibly be more appropriate than a hootenanny barbecue?

    My main dispute with this episode is the 90210-esque love story between Dale, the unpopular guy, and Skylar, the popular girl (who has the cliche snobby friends who do not approve of their fraternization). Complete with whatever horrid pop-rock music they thought would properly punctuate the teen angst of the moment. I don't care. I don't care about this snobby girl at all, and I sure don't care about the semi-mute Dale, who seems to be a good guy, but has absolutely no personality whatsoever. I don't know why they thought to shove it into the story in the first place - he is a cardboard cutout and she is a cliche. People in Jericho have two reactions to the nuclear bombs: most people just ignore it and kind of wander around as if nothing is going on; a select few start overreacting to everything. No one feels real to me. They aren't weeping and flooding their churches, no one riots or tries to hoard food, nobody starts carrying their gun around everywhere they go... no one acts like the world just changed- this conveys the impression that it hasn't changed, and it doesn't make sense.

    I really want to like Jericho. I really want to explore how a group of characters deals with the apocalypse. But, the writers seem to want to focus on interpersonal relationships (like the affair between Eric and Mary or how Jake and Emily sort out their ill defined complications or the tedious Dale and Skylar subplot) and only use the seriousness of the situation as a backdrop for them.
  • Awesome

    Being that I'm originally from a small town in Texas, this episode truly hits home for me. This episode reminded me of the days when my hometown would have real city functions. We'd usually start with parades, followed by many fun events at the city park, and ended with street style diners just as the city folk did at the end of the "Four Horsemen".

    It's always amazing how when we're young we so desperately want to leave to larger cities with the hustle & bustle. But always long for the unity & kindness only a small town can give. The city of Jericho really captured that with this episode, for no matter what hardships they encountered they still banded together to get things done for one another.
  • The town receives a disturbing news broadcast while Jake makes a startling discovery outside town.

    Once the trapped townspeople are freed from the mine, a frightening map showing possible destroyed cities makes the town's first priority information. The town is cut off and blind, were the bombs an accident or an attack? Is the government intact and coming to help? Four groups are formed to go find out. Jake also finally meets Hawkins. Jake returns far quicker than expected when he discovers that planes, suddenly without fuel, landing space or navigation, have been forced to land anywhere they could, from fields to highways. After actually going inside the planes, he returns with the 'black box' of a passenger plane which (brilliantly done!) gives the residents of Jericho a bit of an outside view of the world, and Jake deciphers background chatter, finding Emily's fiance's plane landed successfully.

    Gray, ass that he is, challenges Johnston (loudly) about the med clinic's non-working fallout shelter. To be honest, he has a point – how could a *hospital* not have a working fallout shelter?! If Jake hadn't improvised, a lot of people would be dead now. But Johnston makes a good point too – Gray is trying to turn people against him instead of doing what's best for Jericho.

    Then there's Dale – having a brainwave that never occurred to anyone else, checks the train tracks and comes across the missing train… full of food. This highlights Jericho's exact problem, a problem that Jake tried to address with the 'Horsemen': the town still has the mentality that they're going to be 'saved', that this is all temporary and everything will soon return to normal. You can't blame them, it's an unbelievable adjustment to have to make, but they're just not thinking long term. Johnston, of all people, should have thought of it – start sending out parties looking for trucks or trains which could have supplies. He didn't so Dale manages to find enough supplies to (secretly) stock Gracie's store for several weeks.

    An important episode, filling in a little more of the bigger picture.
  • After the rain looking outside Jericho begins.

    Jake suggest that they send out reconnaissance mission to the north, south, wast and west of Jericho, in order to get some more information on what is going on outside of Jericho. There's hope that Emily's boyfriend survived. There is brief glimpses that others survived trhough military chatter and through airplane chatter though none fly above. The writing is superb as they give us a little information to answer our questions, like with Hawkins, yet leave us with even more questions like how is the town going to survive as they run low on supplies? We can only glimpse what we hope are the answers to those questions!
  • After the rain stops people have to get on with their lives.

    Jake suggest that they send out reconnaissance mission to the North, South, East and West of Jericho, in order to get some more information. Emily decides not to accompany him and tells him he should have died instead of her boyfriend. This episode only show the results of one of these recon missions, Jake's. He discovers a few crashed planes who tried to use the highway as a landing strip. He cannot find any survivors but he does retrieve the black box. When they listen to it, the plane with Emily's boyfriend is on it and it's mentioned that it landed safely, so presumably her boyfriend is still alive.

    After last week, Dale is ignored again by the rich spoilt brat.

    Hawkins seems to have some secret plan, after going out in the nuclear rain, he now tells his wife and kids that they cannot go outside.
  • Review

    I thought this episode was a step down from the first two episodes, with nothing major in my eyes taking place in this episode. Jake helping Emily to give her hope that her husband is still alive somewhere was cool, but at the same time it takes away the drama between the two of them. I think this show has opened up so many mysteries in the past that we may get a few flashback episodes to answer all these mysteries of who has done what to whom.

    Overall though, the pacing of this episode didn't seem as fast and pulse pounding as the other two episodes. People are struggling to fit back into their environment and everyone is taking things day by day. "The Four Horseman" didnt last very long - with Jake finding some planes and thats about it. Hawkins - Dont know what he was doing with the cement. I never know what he is doing nowadays. I thought the finding of the train was a cool scene, just shows how nice that boy is and how he doesnt deserve to be treated the way those popular girls treat him. Overall - just simple an average episode.
  • not so bad

    The nuclear rain falls on Jericho, after a while it stops. Everyone moves out of the bomb shelters, everyone gets back to the bar to cool off. The bar installs a satellite dish hoping that they'll get any tv signals. They get one from Asia, it's in Chinese, it shows indicators on a US map where cities were nuked. Jake suggests that the down send out a team that will gather information by driving out of the town. The search teams go on 4 different directions. This episode is pretty okay, some stuff were shown worthwhile watching. I got entertained.
  • Left us with few cliffhangers.

    What I really love about Jericho is the music. They always manage to find a great song to summon the mood. Whatever mood they want us to have, depending on the plot. Just like in this episode. And the camera work, don't get me started. It's beautiful!

    Well anyway now the folks of Jericho have lived through the rain, taking shelter in their .. shelters. Though one of them hanged out in the rain and should have very strongly been exposed to radiation but he wasn't! Well for now. Let's hope he doesn't die slowly and painfully. AHH!

    What really caught my attention, was Emily's attitude to Jake. Yes, it's obvious that they have history, they go way back, but the thing I want to figure out is, what *did* he do? She actually "wished"(more or less) that it should have been him not her fiance to die. Now what could he have possibly done? Well, let's just watch and find out, shall we?

    One of the folks died while taking shelter in the mine. Heart attack. A fishy heart attack. Some of them tried to cover it up as they blamed themselves. That was sort of stupid, considering that it clearly wasn't their fault. Oh the remorse!

    And oh the cliffhangers. We saw that there was a field of crashed plane. And the tanks! Now there probably wouldn't be an invasion if they bombarded the terrain with nuclear warheads now would it? The tank purpose remains unknown. So all the other stuff does.

    And oh yeah, good luck charm. Dale found a lots of food. Goodie.
  • Four Horsemen... well, the episode does go in 4 directions. But none of the directions reach a goal.

    So far, Jericho's been great. Not only the main concept is great, but I enjoyed the plot development. However, this episode ruins alot.

    First of all, if the writers can't do good musical endings, then don't! Was it only me who found it extremely odd that there were at least 3 music scores put into about 4 minutes at the ending?

    It wen't like this: happy music, everybody cheering. creepy music: wife-cheating, Hawkins is up-to-something. happy music: food supply found.

    And the episode felt like that too: mixed. The asian broadcat was great, but almost everything else was weak. The 'drama' in the mine could've been good, if more was shown. But like this... it wasn't appealing.

    The problem with the episode was that the writers tried to mix the real drama with family drama: it clearly didn't work.Family drama's good, but not in this show, or at least, not this much. This show should be purely about survival and research.
  • What would happen if ol' Jakey boy never came back to town.....

    What would happen if ol' Jakey boy never came back to town.....The whole town would have blown up, thats what. He runs around telling people what to do, and the people stand around stupid until he tells them to do so. The writing in this show is pretty bad to say the least. What is up with that chick man? She is so .... ugh...!!! I don't know. Then they are plugged into a black box from a plane and all Jake is worried about is that her husbands plane has landed..?????? HUH? Come on! This whole episode revolved around them running out of food, and the dude dying in the mine shaft thingy. Nothing else was even revealed. They were supposed to go off in 4 different directions, but one bridge was blocked and suddenly everyone is standing around ol' Jake again waiting for orders. I don't know, maybe it will work out the many kinks and keep me interested but it ain't looking good.
  • This Show suffers from bi-polar disorder!

    Where is this show going?! One minute the world is ending everybody is paranoid, depressed and scared the next minute the town is playing cards and having a jolly ole time at a BBQ?! WTF!! Anyhow, I was really trying hard to get into this show being that I thought the plot was very interesting but if it doesnt find some sense of flow in the next couple of episodes then I\'m tuning off. Besides I already used to watch something similiar in Jerimiah on Showtime. Too bad the geniuses at showtime could not find a way to keep that show going.
  • We wonder about the passengers on the airlines, the pilots, their crew... Will they become like the others ?

    After seeing people survive the rain, and radiation poisoning, it is unlikely that any children will survive. Is this going to be like "LOST" ? Will it continuie for years, leaving us on the edge of our chairs? I am waiting in anticipation for the radiation zombies to come out at night and feed !
  • Well Written, Future Glimpses, Feedback

    This was yet another awesome episode. I would have been so disappointed if they would have rushed all of the nuclear stuff. (IE the bombs and fall out and all of that into one single eppy) I think the writers are doing a terrific job keeping us entertained, yet allowing us to get to know the characters as well. I Love that the town has banded back together, and that they're off to see what's going on in the rest of the US. Obviously we've seen glimpses of what's to come, we hears brief chatter on military planes, as well as other commercial planes. We have a good idea that there are other survivors throughout the land, so it'll be interesting to see where all the feedback finally comes from. Well Written!!!
  • We received answers for some questions and then there were more questions asked.

    I'm not disappointed with this episode. I thought it was above average when it comes to a show like this. They revealed a lot about Robert Hawkins. He's not just some former cop know-it-all and he's not an eccentric like Old Man Oliver. Robert and Jake are definitely holding real secrets. They showed a broadcast that confirmed some of the sites that Robert indicated when he received the information from the radio and marked them with push pins on his map. They showed at the end the shipment of food on the train that will definitely be something to fight over and cause problems in the town. I thought they were more revealing then they had to be. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered. Let's just hope they answer them in the next few episodes and not over the course of the whole season. I say that especially with Jake in mind because apparently other characters(Emily/Jake's mom)know things about him but we don't.
  • I had big expectations for this show, but the writers have failed to deliver, big time !

    acting is terrible (big shout out to skeet ulrich's parents : they are some of the worst actors ever...), the story is all about love relationships, just as it was a normal day in the usa... but guess what, nukes have exploded ! hello ! we don't care if a girl falls in love with a weirdo or if skeet ulrich gets along with his ex-girlfiend... we can't feel any fear in this show, that's a shame.

    this episode had a lot of situations going on, but every one of them was useless. it's like the writers want to show a lot of things, but they tend to forget the show is about a post nuclear era... the scenes don't match together, there is no unity in the narration. I'm almost done with it, i don't want to waste another hour of my life watching that.
  • Trying to find out more and more about the bombs!

    This is the first of many of what Jericho natives are experiencing and it will only get worse from here.
    As Jake, now the take charge guy after avoiding responsibility all of his life. Sets off four search party groups to see what is happening outside the city. As they watch to get some info from Asia. Very scary stuff it is.
  • This was Jericho\'s last chance to at least grip me enough to want to watch next week\'s episode on merit and not out of sympothy to \'give it another week to get better\'. Thankfully, it improved.

    AT LAST!

    Finally, Jericho has given us some conflict to watch, some tension between characters. After the pretty much orderlly \'riot\' of the local store in Episode 1, where even the attitude teenagers handed over their coke without as much as a snyde remark deleivered with venom, I had given up hope of there being any tension and conflict in this TV Show.

    Yet, after 3 Epsiodes, Jericho finally had some conflict and someone got punched in the stomach. Maybes this is the punch in the stomach the show needed, something to kick start its gears and deleiver some meat (pun intended) to this concept. If this had been another episodes of people calmly still going about their pretty much normal lives after a nuclear warhead blew up just over the mountain range, I would have stopped watching. Yet, they\'ve actually went out and developed some characters this episode. Not only, were we treated with some emotions, conflict and character interaction, but (repeat word incoming) FINALLY they hinted at what might have happened.

    I\'ll be watching next week now out of respect and hope that the show continues to get better after this episode. This is clearly a turning point for Jericho.
  • Jericho finds out more about the bombs

    Hmm, I may not be an expert on nuclear disasters but this episode seemed a bit unrealistic. I'm willing to suspend some disbelief, but come on, a nuclear bomb goes off all over the country and there is no radiation? they are in the fallout shelter for what a few hours? I thought it lasted days. And the town is waaaaay too calm. But then again I've never been around small town mentality and obviously have never been in nuclear disaster so maybe you just try to keep things as "normal" as possible. Skylar is incredible. Her parents are dead and the country may be at war and she is concern with how "popular" Dale(?) is or is not? And where the heck did her friends come from? Old Navy? The relationships are bugging me. Jake comes back from finding out what's going on to tell blondie that her finance is okay? Because that's what's important. I like it. It's a good show but this episode was not nearly as good as the pilot- amazing- and "Fallout". It seems to be going the way of Lost- too many questions and no answers. Something needs to happen fast. and for once Jake can't figure it out. We need some background on the characters and some action...anything really. And a bit more believability.
  • What the?<br /> So no radiation after all this time and the rain...<br /> What type of bombs went off?

    I for one couldn't stand the lack of radiation after the rain storm. If their was any radiation at all it would be over everything and the giga counter (spelling?) didn't respond to it. Kinda makes the last episode pointless. What killed the birds on the road? What happened to all the people on the planes and the train?
    What was in the barrel?

    I like the character Dale and the chick he likes, But those other kids... Should have been killed in the blasts. What the hell are they doing? the country just got nuked (did it?) and they act like it's nothing. At least Dale does something, Helping put the food in the freezer, going out and finding the train.

    I hate how Jake knows how to do everything as the plot demands. One of the reasons I HATE 24 so much.

    I'm going to record this show for a few more episodes and see how it goes.
    I do hope it gets better I like the idea of the show, But I fear it's days are numbers.
  • Overall this eposide was good I enjoyed watching it I have to admit like LOST it creates more questions then answers.

    Despite not being accurate I still enjoyed this eposide again I have to say this no Tv Show is 100% acurate if you want to watch something accurate go watch something else.

    This show is a drama and so far it's living up to it's genre as a drama and this eposide was a good indicator.

    Even though I wish they'd give me some answers.
  • Nothing really happened. But right now, I'm so sick of Emily.

    This ep. was okay I guess. You had a few fillers. The rain stopped. Stanley was okay. They managed to get the people outta the mine. Someone died. Alot of other people died. Jake finds two planes blocking a road. Emily is thick as ever. Maybe I'm the only one, but she is so ungrateful and pathetic. I honestly have no idea why they put her on the show. My favourite part was with Dale, when he went to get the food. He is so cute =D.
  • Waiting for something to happen.

    Three episodes in, and the jury is still out on "Jericho". There are shows that tax your suspension of disbelief by bringing in sketchy science or glaring plot-holes; there are also shows so afraid of alienating a fickle audience that they never takes risks, and as a result, nothing happens the entire first season. My gut impression here is that "Jericho" is, or will be, guilty of both. But it's not too late to turn things around.

    A lot of much better shows started much worse, but that's no excuse for the flagrant, continual sentimentality (cue the emotional piano and heroic lighting) and silly, off-the-cuff dialogue ("What's this black stuff?" "That used to be Denver.") And then there's the whole teenage subplot, where nuclear bombs are going off all around them but kids are still finding time to judge one another for hanging out with the town's resident nerd. Oh, and what about Hawkins offering his help and being rejected every single time? It's starting to get absurd at this point, because you know he's getting shot down before he says anything, and furthermore you just KNOW he knows something that he isn't telling anyone for the sake of narrative tension. It's meant to be a tease, but it's so obviously manipulative it's laughable. On the plus side, though, things could - and should - go badly soon. Part of the promise of "Jericho" from the start was that it was going to be a study of a post-apocalyptic disaster, but thus far, the disaster has been curiously absent. It's radioactive rain! No, wait, it's not. It's a mushroom cloud, shouldn't we feel the blast? Nope, guess it was too far away. Communication in and out of the town has been cut off, but the sun is still shining and people are walking around like it's no big deal. When is the (*?& going to hit the fan, already?
  • I can't believe i watched this episode!

    I can not believe i wasted one whole hour watching this episode!
    After viewing the series premiere, i thought to myself...hey this show looks like it is going to be a major hit.
    Boy was i wrong!!!
    This episode looked like they took it from the bottom of the barrel. We are only into the third (3rd) episode of the show, and already the show sucks?!
    Did they run out of stuff to write?

    I actually had high hopes for this show...but you can believe me when i say this, Not Anymore!

    It will take a miracle for this show to regain my respect.

    I mean what loosy writing!
    These writes should be fired!
  • Plot gets a little too unrealistic

    I was somewhat disappointed after watching the 3rd episode. The pilot was so amazing that I hoped they would live up to it. This show and premise has a lot of potential, but poor script and direction might just kill it.

    Alright, first, if a nuclear bomb did fall in Denver, merely hundreds of miles away and we now have rainstorms possibly carrying the nuclear particles or radiation or whatever, is it really that smart to walk out the minute the rain stopped? Secondly, for its premise of a major nuclear attack, the show has been surprisingly mild. The prisoners not killing the cops, we didn\'t get to see how the claustrophobic man was left dying, plane crash with no bodies, a train hit the car and the driver mysteriously disappeared leaving tonnes of food untouched? For this show to improve, the script needs to be more realistic (not completely, but at least believable) and also the producers need to take a bolder move. If we wanted to watch a family show on how small town people live in harmony, we could tune in to Everwood on ABC family. Jericho started off as cutting edge, it needs to stay that way.

    By the way, didn\'t one of the cops get shot in episode 1? How is it possible that both of them seem completely unharmed in episode 3?
  • I liked this episode...

    I don't think that it was a perfect 10, mind you, but it was still fairly good. And it was deffinitely revealing; we get to see Emily's character deveop more...

    And that Robert Hawkins... his character is becoming more and more mysterious. I want to think that was once a government official, but quit because no one would believe the intelligence that he and/or his team of collegues had found out... or something to that effect...

    But the more of his behavior I see, the more confused I get... and have to wonder if he really is up to no good.
    Why wouldn't he allow his kids to go to the picnic? Becase they weren't ready yet... or something like that. And what was he building down in his basement? And why did he need to get the guns out of storage? Why did he have them in storage in the first place? Just something to think about, I suppose...
  • You learn so much in the episode.

    For the detractors out there who don't find this exciting enough, switch channels to fear factor or something. This is a great show that continues to impress. Yes it was exciting for the first episode or two because nuclear bombs went off and the fallout hit. Now is where it's going to get interesting. There's so much to know. What is in that barrel that Hawkins thinks is so important he's willing to go out in nuclear fallout for? And if it's so important, why is he bricking it up in his basement? How much does he know exactly? There's so much to his past that I want to know. The love affair I could do without though. It just seems like a little too much.
  • So is this a CBS drama or The CW? I don\'t know what I was watching, but it wasn\'t good. After such a great cliffhanger from the 2nd episode, how dare they insult us with this silliness?

    This episode was freaking terrible. Holy Goodness, I could not believe what I was watching:

    1. Why is Gray still posturing for political points? This conflict between town leaders is really getting stupid given the situation everyone is in. Although that ninja punch Johnston gave him was pretty sweet.

    2. Skeet Ulrich\'s character must be Ethan Hunt or Jack Bauer, because he seems to know everything and have a solution for whatever the plot throws at him. His maturity in face of the situation is just too convinient, making it less believable and convulted.

    3. Apparently love is in the air, despite the fact that radiation should be. If all the birds died in the air nearly 40 miles outside of town, one can realistically assume that that same radiation effect would have reached Jericho by now. But no, everything\'s ok because Stanley and IRS lady are in love, or Skylar feels guilty about her feelings for Dale, or Eric and Mary want to continue their naughty relationship. Nevermind that millions upon millions of people are dead, as long as ROGER is okay...

    4. Who is in charge of the music in this series? It has been downright pathetic, and someone needs to scrap their iTunes playlist and find some more appropriate songs. I understand wanting to reach a young fanbase, but don\'t compromise the integrity of the show and the real CBS audience, which is not the young people they\'re attempting to reach out to. If they want to keep playing Third Eye Blind or The Goo Goo Dolls, move this show over to The CW.

    Final score: 4 out of 10. And that\'s generous.
  • Again improves on the pilot, but needs to improve more

    First off, what I do not like about shows is the 'incredible coincidence factor'. Something such as ABC's 'Lost' manages to get away with it because it is explained as karmic fate/destiny/preodination/conspiracy. Here it is no more than en excuse for lazy or poor writing. In the words of Peter Griffin this is what grinds my gears about Jericho. Emily's husband still alive? Laughable. The not arrived food delivery shipment for the grocery store? Oh, it happens to be sitting in the boxcars on the railroad tracks just out of town down yonder. Kill this kind of garbage and the show will improve. Would *you* want to stock your store shelves with goods that had been subjected ot radioactive rain (even if it is the kind of radiation that somehow disappears after a good rain)?

    What I did like and what did work is that Hawkins seems to be taking what happened very seriously. Obviously well armed (survivalist?), informed and prepared. He's scared, and so should everyone else be. Having the brief satellite TV image from Asia was nice (if you've got tivo or have recorded it, pause it and take a look). The show is just too 'happy' and factually inaccurate at the moment. Here's hoping it will change.

  • Still worth recording

    I've been DVRing this show from the beginning and it has its merits but it also has some typical network filler. I find myself fast forwarding through the much of the character development stuff because the characters are mostly stock. But the concept keeps me coming back and the one interesting character - Mr Hawkins. Who is he, where'd he get those guns, how does he know this stuff and why isn't his family "ready" yet? I hope the payoff for the mysteries is worth my effort.
  • The rain stops and we find out Emily is a bit of a b*tch SPOILERS

    The episode opened with the town still in their respective shelters from the rain. There was a lot that we learned this episode about relationships between the different characters. Emily tells Jake that he should be dead, not her fiance who at this point she believes is dead. I wanted to punch her at that point but then again we don't know what went on between these two five years ago. We find out Jake's brother is torn between his wife and the bar owner. Or so it seems. It seems like he loves his wife and realizes it in the face of the problems they now face but then he ends up in the sack again with the bar owner. Cheating bastard...and yet he's still a loveable character. I really liked the ending actually when the somewhat dorky kid finds the train with the supplies for the store. Everybody finds him too nerdy to be seen with but in reality he is more brave and caring than any of those jocks the girls would rather hang out with. I think he will find his time to shine in future episodes. I do think though that they should've had Emily's fiance die. I'm not liking her so far. Maybe she'll stumble upon his dead body. Heather has my vote for Jake's love interest.
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