Season 1 Episode 3

Four Horsemen

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Oct 04, 2006 on CBS

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  • The town receives a disturbing news broadcast while Jake makes a startling discovery outside town.

    Once the trapped townspeople are freed from the mine, a frightening map showing possible destroyed cities makes the town's first priority information. The town is cut off and blind, were the bombs an accident or an attack? Is the government intact and coming to help? Four groups are formed to go find out. Jake also finally meets Hawkins. Jake returns far quicker than expected when he discovers that planes, suddenly without fuel, landing space or navigation, have been forced to land anywhere they could, from fields to highways. After actually going inside the planes, he returns with the 'black box' of a passenger plane which (brilliantly done!) gives the residents of Jericho a bit of an outside view of the world, and Jake deciphers background chatter, finding Emily's fiance's plane landed successfully.

    Gray, ass that he is, challenges Johnston (loudly) about the med clinic's non-working fallout shelter. To be honest, he has a point – how could a *hospital* not have a working fallout shelter?! If Jake hadn't improvised, a lot of people would be dead now. But Johnston makes a good point too – Gray is trying to turn people against him instead of doing what's best for Jericho.

    Then there's Dale – having a brainwave that never occurred to anyone else, checks the train tracks and comes across the missing train… full of food. This highlights Jericho's exact problem, a problem that Jake tried to address with the 'Horsemen': the town still has the mentality that they're going to be 'saved', that this is all temporary and everything will soon return to normal. You can't blame them, it's an unbelievable adjustment to have to make, but they're just not thinking long term. Johnston, of all people, should have thought of it – start sending out parties looking for trucks or trains which could have supplies. He didn't so Dale manages to find enough supplies to (secretly) stock Gracie's store for several weeks.

    An important episode, filling in a little more of the bigger picture.