Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS
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While on a hunting trip outside of Jericho, Jake, Stanley and Mimi find themselves in a dangerous situation when they run into some strangers. Hawkins realizes that his family is in danger because of him. Emily and Roger work on their relationship.

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  • different show

    I just started watching this show this summer so am watching all the reruns, and I have to wonder why in the world was cbs about to cancel the show?? Wow. This show is just different enough that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am definately enjoying it and just might continue to watch it when season 2 starts. this particular episode "heart of winter" or something like that is very interesting, as I live in south dakota, and can't even begin to imagine if life would ever come down to survival without heat or electricity in the middle of winter.

    Let's just say I'd rather not think about it.moreless
  • Jake and Stanley and Mimi go on a hunting excursion which goes very bad. Meanwhile, Roger takes care of the refugees he led to Jericho. Hawkins and Sarah go to find "the old man" and instead find only deeper mysteries.moreless

    This was an excellent episode.

    When I first saw the Roger/Emily story line emerging, I wasn't all that enthusiastic. It seemed to be a relationship story with two seemingly perfect people. The only real friction in the relationship was and still seems to be that Roger does not do everything Emily wants. Frankly, Emily is a pretty high maintenance girl. Roger tried to get her to consider moving to Chicago, and she blew up at him and said he was "selfish". Of course, it only took Emily 8 weeks to get right at the edge of cheating on Roger with Jake, so she's not really very faithful, either. I like Roger's character, even if he is a little too goody goody. The plot with Hawkins is still tangled. Just when I feel like I'm getting to know what is going on, they switch it up on me and leave me scratching my head. I do like the idea that things are heating up with him, and that he is part of what is really going on in the world, but they are teasing too much.

    The crowning achievement in this episode is the hunting expedition with Stanley and Mimi and Jake. The whole situation was paced well and made me really feel what they were going through. I thought the acting was good, and the makeup really did a good job conveying the cold and the injuries. I have a feeling that we'll see that lighter again, and it will mean something when we do. How everyone reacted to the situation really did reinforce who they are as people, and I think that the writers do have a good grasp on the personalities they are writing about. Jake's relationship with his dad also takes center stage, and I bought it. The acting was quite good between Johnston and Jake, and both actors gave a very good performance.

    This episode is done well, and has very few flaws.moreless
  • More Character Development

    Jake, Mimi and Stanley take to the road on a hunting trip because food is running out. While on their way back they run into a bigger truck who runs them off the road. The myterious truckers raid the smaller truck for it's supplies and leave, not caring about the inhabitants of the truck they just caused to wreck. Life after the bombs stinks! At first I think Stanley is killed but he ends up trying to keep a trapped Jake awake while Mimi walks for help. Stanley thinks his ankle might be broken.

    Hawkins and Sara are another thing. I am still trying to figure out if Sara is trustworthy. I'm still trying to figure out Hawkins. Is he really a good guy? Sara really shocked me in this episode.moreless
  • Review

    The beginning of the episode started off a little slow, but it picked up during the middle and at the end. The character they brought in for the Hawkins storyline was someone who I thought was the big player. I figured he was behind everything that happened, yet he is killed at the end of this episode. Im not so sure I like the writing on this one, but I will see where the writers take it. Im interested to see how "the mole" acts when she is with Hawkins now.

    All the scenes with Jake, Mimi, and Stanley were really good I thought. Jake confessing to his father that he killed some girl in Iraq once against opens up the mystery to what did Jake do in the past that we still don't know about. Something like that would have been a bigger reveal to use if we had seen it in the flashback episode. Either way - this episode was really good, not so amazing on the action....but as far as character devolopment and storytelling goes this episode had it all.moreless
  • Summary of episode follows:

    In this episode, Jake, Stanley, and Mimi go out hunting - with no luck. They find some dogs but without the thought of hunting in mind, they continue on, finding possibly hundreds of frozen people. They get back on the road where they are stopped by a black truck which is sitting in the middle of the road. Jake immediately insists that Stanley (who is driving) to turn around and find another way. That's when the truck starts up. As they drive, the black truck follows extremely closely behind, bumping into the Stanley's truck every few seconds. Jake sits out the window, aiming a small gun at the truck, hoping to send it off track. Sadly, the black truck wins. With a final push, Jake jumps back inside while the small trucks flys off the road right onto a small hill where it drives up then tips, landing it onto his roof. Holding breath moments there!

    Mimi gets up first, immediately seeing Stanley. She runs to him. He is unresponsive. She then rounds the truck and finds Jake. He sists up with help from Mimi. They look over the truck, though Jake can't move easily since his leg is pinned under the cab of the truck. There is the black truck pulling up. Jake insists that Mimi go to the hill that they ran over. She runs to it, ducking behind. Jake throws the nearest water bottles and a flashlight in her direction then turns his attention to a gun that is laying near him, not 6 inches from him. He tries desperately to get it but cannot because of his leg. He quickly lays his head against his outstretched arm, making him self look dead. A few seconds later, about 5 guys dressed in black take everything from t he truck - water bottles, flashlights, guns, blankets, guns, and everything else they can find.

    Then, they leave.

    Mimi runs out begging Jake for help with Stanley. Jake angirly hits the truck and looks to her with a look of desperation. "I can't move." He states, laying back onto the cold ground.

    To say the least, the rest of the episode doesn't get much better. Stanley awakens and we find out he has a "busted ankle", I think. With no consent from Stanley, Mimi leaves to find help. Stanley tries to help Jake stay consience by talking to him. It is soon dark and Jake is shivering, his face blue. He wears little but a small sweater. Stanley comes beside him, trying to help warm him. Jake stays consience but he begs Stanley several times to let him lay down. That is not an option.

    Mimi walks the road in the darkness, her flashlight dieing. She throws it aside and continues on her trek, trying to follow Stanley's directions. When she sees a truck coming up the road, she runs into the side field and lies down, begging who ever it is to leave her alone. Footsteps are heard and we see Gail and Johnston Green. They help Mimi into the truck.

    Stanley is still supporting Jake, trying to get him to talk which doesn't seem like an easy task since Jake's teeth are chattering. His whole body seems to be shaking when the Green's arrive. Gail is the first one to run to her son. Johnston helps Stanley up and he, of course, asks where Mimi is. She shows herself and helps him into the truck. Johnston then tells Gail to get help and to signal them when they get back. They leave.

    Johnston is left with Jake who has now been covered with blankets. After Jake reveals a secret about his past, the truck arrives back and with help from Erik and some other towns folk, they get Jake's leg un-trapped and they bring him home. There, he begs his father to forget what he told him. "That's not possible"

    A wonderful episode and Skeet should be very proud of his performance! 2 thumbs way up!!moreless
Christopher Weihl

Christopher Weihl

Roger Hammond

Guest Star

Ron Bottitta

Ron Bottitta

The Hunter

Guest Star

Chris Foreman

Chris Foreman


Guest Star

Darby Stanchfield

Darby Stanchfield

April Green

Recurring Role

Siena Goines

Siena Goines

Sarah Mason

Recurring Role

April Parker-Jones

April Parker-Jones

Darcy Hawkins

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: When Mimi found Jake pinned underneath the truck, he was pinned underneath the roof of the truck, with the bed sticking upward. She and Stanley (after he woke up) could have pressed down on the bed of the truck. This would have made it easier to pull Jake out sooner. They could have done the same when the rescue crew came later that night.

    • The names and current status of Hawkins' team according to the Old man's computer:

      Woodworth: Terminated
      Pierce: Terminated
      Ritts: Terminated
      Miller: Whereabouts unknown
      Hawkins: Whereabouts unknown
      Mason: Whereabouts unknown
      Chavez: Whereabouts unknown
      Cheung: Whereabouts unknown

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:
      4 DOWN 4 TO GO

      This relates to the number of team members on Robert's and Sarah's team. 4 are dead and 4 are alive.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Mimi: You know, this is crazy. I told you that I can't hunt, and now you want me to kill Bambi.

    • Mimi: My grandmother went faster than this and she didn't even have a car.

    • Roger: How was your bath?
      Emily: Oh, luke-warm, luke-cold, and then pretty much icy.

    • Emily: (looking at a photo album) We're not these people anymore.
      Roger: Hmm. No. But I'll tell you the one thing that hasn't changed, the one constant. I love you. And it's going to take a hell of a lot more than the end of the world to change that.

    • Emily: Those are hideous. Are those the sheets from your old apartment? Because you can't expect anyone to sleep on them.
      Roger: If anyone asks, we'll pretend someone else donated them.

    • Roger: Your [wedding] dress. Guess I shouldn't be seeing this, huh?
      Emily: Day's sort of come and gone.
      Roger: It'll come again.
      Emily: You think?
      Roger: I do.

    • Mimi: The closest I ever got to the outdoors was the Ralph Lauren section of Neiman Marcus.
      Stanley: Bargain hunting. Same thing but with a gun.
      Mimi: Bargains? At Neiman's? Sometimes I forget that the biggest designer in your closet is Wrangler.
      (Jake chuckling)
      Stanley: What are you laughing at?
      Jake: I've never seen you in a domestic squabble before.
      Stanley: Knock it off.
      Mimi: This isn't squabbling.

    • Jake: Dad, what I told you out there…please forget it. Please!
      Johnston: I'm afraid I can't do that. I've seen a lot of things in my time, Jake. I've been to war. I know what war can do, I know what men can do – terrible, terrible things. (pause) I know what I did. You can talk to me. When you're ready, son. When you're ready.

    • (As Mimi finds the frozen dead bodies.)
      Jake: I read about this at Black Jack. Mass migration, hundreds, thousands of people heading south. Trying to out run winter.
      Mimi: Should we be doing that too?

    • Robert Hawkins: I have something in my possession, and there's people out there that want it, that will stop at nothing to get it. And that puts you, me and the kids in danger here.
      Darcy Hawkins: Okay, so th-then we go. I trust you. Robert, do... do you trust me?
      Robert Hawkins: Yeah.
      Darcy Hawkins: Then listen to me. Okay, Sarah is not on our side. Now, whatever's gone on between the two of you, I'm telling you, Robert, she's not here to help us.

    • Jake: I can see her.
      Johnston: See who?
      Jake: The girl.
      Johnston: What, girl? Jake I think you're hallucinating son?
      Jake: No, listen to me. When I was in Iraq….there was a girl, she couldn't have been more than 10 or 12.
      Johnston: Shh, shh, shh…don't talk now son, save your energy. We'll talk when we get home.
      Jake: I killed her dad. I killed a little girl.

    • Stanley: Okay….Okay, okay, stay on this road, stay on this road and then you make... make your first left, okay? And then you're gonna go about a mile and then you're gonna make your second right. Then you're gonna make another right and another left. Okay, then once you get to the crossroads of the highway you're home free. You'll see, uh, you'll see a big sign pointing the way to Jericho, got it?
      Mimi: Left, second right, right, left.
      Stanley: Right.

    • Mimi: Your lips are still cold.
      Stanley: Well...maybe you can warm them up.
      Mimi: That's the worst line I've ever heard!

    • (glasses clang)
      Gail: To Jake.
      Johnston: To Jake
      Gail: Who would've thought six months ago you'd be toasting him?
      Johnston: Well, God knows Eric wouldn't have hidden the bottle.

    • Jake: Wager for the first kill.
      Stanley: I'm in for a dozen eggs.
      Jake: Two hours chopping wood.
      Mimi: Tax Return consultation.
      Stanley: How about foot massages for a week? For me, not for him.
      Mimi: We'll talk.

    • Robert: I should be back before dark. Darcy: And if you're not?... Just tell me when I should start to worry.
      Robert: This is the last time. Okay? After today I'm here... for good, huh?
      Darcy: Okay, I'll hold you to that.

    • Stanley: Yeah, and uh, Mimi's coming with us.
      Jake: What?
      Stanley: Well, in case something happens to me I wanna make sure she knows how to trap and shoot, okay?

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates:
      - Denmark: December 19, 2007 on SBS Net
      - Australia: June 6, 2008 on Network 10
      - The Netherlands: July 7, 2008 on Veronica


    • Mimi: Sometimes I forget that the biggest designer in your closet is Wrangler.
      Wrangler is a famous brand of jeans and also has a line of western clothing.

    • Mimi: The closest I ever got to the outdoors was the Ralph Lauren section of Neiman Marcus.
      Neiman Marcus is an upscale, specialty, retail department store, operated by the Neiman Marcus Group in the United States.

    • Mimi: I told you that I can't hunt. Now you want me to kill Bambi.
      Bambi is a 1942 animated feature produced by Walt Disney Productions. The story of the natural life cycle—birth, death and re-birth. The main character is named Bambi and is a deer.