Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

It's winter in Jericho. Eric and Johnston are back in town from hunting. They went out 15 miles looking for something to kill for food but found nothing. Stanley and Jake are going to go out West looking for something to hunt. Stanley wants to take Mimi along. Johnston warns Jake about trouble that they could run into and wishes them good hunting.

Sarah is in the basement with Robert Hawkins. Hawkins mentions that the "old man" is close and just two hours away. He still plans on ambushing the "old man"

Mimi doesn't want to kill "Bambi" She is complaining about the hunting trip. Mimi and Stanley start bickering in the car. Jake is making jokes about their domestic squabbles. Jake asks Stanley to stop and they see some stranded dogs on the side of the road. There are some dead bodies outside as well. Thousands of people were migrating south for the winter and some people didn't make it. ***Morse code***

Stanley, Jake and Mimi estimate a thousand people were trekking South, after pondering the fates of those migrants, it's time for them to move on.

Roger is trying to help out as best he can with the refugees. Emily can feel a big change in Roger. He cares a lot about the refugees that walked over to Jericho with him and he's up early to go out and help them.

Robert Hawkins is getting ready to leave with Sarah. Robert tells Darcy that this is the last time that he heads out and after he returns he will be home for good.

Johnston comes home and he's hoping that Stanley and Jake will have better luck hunting then he did. Gail suggests that a storm could be coming in. Gail finds some liquor in Jakes room and they decide to have a drink.

Hawkins and Sarah make it to the "old man's" house. They both enter in with guns in hand. Hawkins and Sarah discover that most of the technology in the house was destroyed. Hawkins discovers a body in the house. There is a man outside the house with binoculars and audio surveillance on the house.

There is a truck in the middle of the road, Stanley stops his truck. Jake suspects that the truck could be baiting them and suggests to Stanley to turn around. The truck that was blocking the way suddenly revs its engine and follows them. Stanley is trying to outrun the truck but it keeps chasing them.

***quick cuts*** The truck is speeding behind Stanley, Jake and Mimi and it rams them.

Sarah thinks that whoever killed the person in the house must've known him. Robert is trying to find out where everyone is with the information that is left in the house.

The speeding truck is going to ram Stanley again. Jake loads his gun and he's going to fire on the truck. Jake is shooting at the truck when it rams them again. Stanley loses control of the truck and he flips it.

Hawkins uses a working computer and is in the mainframe; he's checking in on the teams. The whereabouts are unknown for most of the team and half of the teams have been terminated. ***End of quick cuts.***

Emily is helping the refugees and she discovers that Roger did nothing but talk about her during their journey to Jericho. Roger is still helping out with the refugees when Emily goes away to get cleaned up.

Gail and Johnston are drinking and they toast Jake. They reminisce about Jake and how it was like hunting with him. Johnston talks about how he and Jake were buddies at one time and hopes that Jake remembers the good times. The wind is howling outside as the storm is coming.

After the crash, Mimi wakes up and she's looking for Stanley. Stanley is motionless on the ground. Jake is also motionless but then he opens his eyes. Mimi wakes Jake up and tells him that Stanley isn't moving. The truck that rammed them is circling around and Jake tells her to go hide. Four men are approaching and Jake is reaching for a gun.

Jake is reaching while the men approach. The men start to grab supplies and items from the truck. Jake closes his eyes and pretends to be unconscious. They go through Jake and Stanley's pockets and then they drive off. Jake's leg is trapped under the truck.

Robert Hawkins and Sarah discover that they are being hunted. Hawkins finds the person that is after all the teams, on the computer. He is the guy outside the house with the binoculars unbeknownst to Hawkins.

Stanley is up now and it looks like he sprained or broke his ankle. Jake is ok but he's stuck under the truck. Everything is gone.

Roger comes into the house to find Emily looking through a photo album. Emily remembers what she said about Roger before he left. She called him selfish and he's been very giving towards people ever since the tragedy.

Jake is stuck and with Stanley's hurt ankle Mimi is the only option to go out to find help. Stanley is worried about her going but they have no other choice. Stanley gives Mimi some directions and then she takes off to go find some help.

Sarah suggests that Hawkins take his family and leave Jericho. Hawkins knows he has leverage with "the package". Sarah suggests that they will not kill Robert but that they will go after his family including her. Hawkins figures out that he's been set up. He is suspicious but he still doesn't suspect Sarah. The guy in the binoculars is in the house with a gun without Robert knowing it. Hawkins decides that he is going to move the package. With guns drawn Robert and Sarah walk out of the house.

Jake is freezing with his leg still caught under the truck. He's shivering severely. Jake is worried about Mimi coming back and suggests that Stanley leave so that there aren't two dead frozen people.

Mimi is getting lost on her way to try and find help. She finds a knocked over sign that points to Jericho. She is frustrated and hates being in and around Jericho.

Stanley is trying to keep Jake awake. Jake apologizes for leaving 5 years ago without saying anything. Stanley is trying to keep Jakes spirits up. Jake tells Stanley that he was in San Diego flying planes and that he had a girl there but that she's dead, now.

Mimi is still out trying to find help when the flashlight battery runs out. Mimi is trying to keep herself moving to find help when she sees headlights. A car or truck is coming and instead of asking for help she ducks down. The people in the truck end up being Gail and Johnston Green.

Roger is gathering things to donate to people in Jericho when he finds Emily's wedding dress. Roger talks about their wedding day coming back again. Emily and Roger are going to deliver some more clothes to the shelter together.

Gail, Johnston and Mimi arrive to find Stanley and Jake. Stanley hobbles over to the truck. Gail is trying to keep Jake alert. Johnston knows he won't be able to lift the truck and that they need to get more help. Johnston stays with Jake while the rest of the crew go away to get help.

Robert Hawkins comes back home looking for his family with guns on the ready. Darcy comes down the stairs and tells Hawkins that his family is alright but she's kind of alarmed that Robert walked in the house with his gun ready.

Jake is mumbling to Johnston and tells him that he's sorry. Jake tells his father that he can see a girl. Jake says that when he was Iraq and there was a girl that couldn't have been more then 10 or 12 years old and that he killed her.

A truck has made its way back to where Jake is. It's Eric, Gail and some others from Jericho. They lift the truck off of Jake's leg.

Hawkins has decided that he's going to get his family away from Jericho. He's decided that he needs to get back into the field with Sarah once the family is moved and is safe.

Jake is trying to get warmed up. He doesn't have any broken bones but he is cut and freezing. Johnston wants to have a word alone with Jake. Jake tells his father that he wants him to forget what he told him when he was trapped under the truck. Johnston tells Jake that he can talk to him about anything because he's been in war himself. He tells Jake that whenever he's ready to really talk about it he can.

Mimi and Stanley are outside the Jericho Medical facility. Stanley has a sprained ankle and he's on crutches. Mimi tells Stanley that when she was out there she didn't think that she would make it. Stanley is proud of her and he knew that she could make it.

***scene cuts back and forth*** Hawkins tells Darcy that they are leaving tomorrow morning. Robert tells Darcy that when he took them out of D.C. he told her it wasn't safe but he never told her why. Robert tells Darcy that he has something in his possession and that people are going to be after them in Jericho.

Sarah goes for a "walk". Sarah is going to meet someone, the person with the binoculars.

Darcy warns Robert that Sarah is not on his side.

Sarah tells the mysterious man that she still can't find the package. The man with the binoculars thinks that Sarah should stop hesitating and should eliminate Robert. Sarah kills the man and says that, Hawkins is different.