Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • different show

    I just started watching this show this summer so am watching all the reruns, and I have to wonder why in the world was cbs about to cancel the show?? Wow. This show is just different enough that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am definately enjoying it and just might continue to watch it when season 2 starts. this particular episode "heart of winter" or something like that is very interesting, as I live in south dakota, and can't even begin to imagine if life would ever come down to survival without heat or electricity in the middle of winter.

    Let's just say I'd rather not think about it.
  • Jake and Stanley and Mimi go on a hunting excursion which goes very bad. Meanwhile, Roger takes care of the refugees he led to Jericho. Hawkins and Sarah go to find "the old man" and instead find only deeper mysteries.

    This was an excellent episode.

    When I first saw the Roger/Emily story line emerging, I wasn't all that enthusiastic. It seemed to be a relationship story with two seemingly perfect people. The only real friction in the relationship was and still seems to be that Roger does not do everything Emily wants. Frankly, Emily is a pretty high maintenance girl. Roger tried to get her to consider moving to Chicago, and she blew up at him and said he was "selfish". Of course, it only took Emily 8 weeks to get right at the edge of cheating on Roger with Jake, so she's not really very faithful, either. I like Roger's character, even if he is a little too goody goody. The plot with Hawkins is still tangled. Just when I feel like I'm getting to know what is going on, they switch it up on me and leave me scratching my head. I do like the idea that things are heating up with him, and that he is part of what is really going on in the world, but they are teasing too much.

    The crowning achievement in this episode is the hunting expedition with Stanley and Mimi and Jake. The whole situation was paced well and made me really feel what they were going through. I thought the acting was good, and the makeup really did a good job conveying the cold and the injuries. I have a feeling that we'll see that lighter again, and it will mean something when we do. How everyone reacted to the situation really did reinforce who they are as people, and I think that the writers do have a good grasp on the personalities they are writing about. Jake's relationship with his dad also takes center stage, and I bought it. The acting was quite good between Johnston and Jake, and both actors gave a very good performance.

    This episode is done well, and has very few flaws.
  • More Character Development

    Jake, Mimi and Stanley take to the road on a hunting trip because food is running out. While on their way back they run into a bigger truck who runs them off the road. The myterious truckers raid the smaller truck for it's supplies and leave, not caring about the inhabitants of the truck they just caused to wreck. Life after the bombs stinks! At first I think Stanley is killed but he ends up trying to keep a trapped Jake awake while Mimi walks for help. Stanley thinks his ankle might be broken.

    Hawkins and Sara are another thing. I am still trying to figure out if Sara is trustworthy. I'm still trying to figure out Hawkins. Is he really a good guy? Sara really shocked me in this episode.
  • Review

    The beginning of the episode started off a little slow, but it picked up during the middle and at the end. The character they brought in for the Hawkins storyline was someone who I thought was the big player. I figured he was behind everything that happened, yet he is killed at the end of this episode. Im not so sure I like the writing on this one, but I will see where the writers take it. Im interested to see how "the mole" acts when she is with Hawkins now.

    All the scenes with Jake, Mimi, and Stanley were really good I thought. Jake confessing to his father that he killed some girl in Iraq once against opens up the mystery to what did Jake do in the past that we still don't know about. Something like that would have been a bigger reveal to use if we had seen it in the flashback episode. Either way - this episode was really good, not so amazing on the action....but as far as character devolopment and storytelling goes this episode had it all.
  • Summary of episode follows:

    In this episode, Jake, Stanley, and Mimi go out hunting - with no luck. They find some dogs but without the thought of hunting in mind, they continue on, finding possibly hundreds of frozen people. They get back on the road where they are stopped by a black truck which is sitting in the middle of the road. Jake immediately insists that Stanley (who is driving) to turn around and find another way. That's when the truck starts up. As they drive, the black truck follows extremely closely behind, bumping into the Stanley's truck every few seconds. Jake sits out the window, aiming a small gun at the truck, hoping to send it off track. Sadly, the black truck wins. With a final push, Jake jumps back inside while the small trucks flys off the road right onto a small hill where it drives up then tips, landing it onto his roof. Holding breath moments there!

    Mimi gets up first, immediately seeing Stanley. She runs to him. He is unresponsive. She then rounds the truck and finds Jake. He sists up with help from Mimi. They look over the truck, though Jake can't move easily since his leg is pinned under the cab of the truck. There is the black truck pulling up. Jake insists that Mimi go to the hill that they ran over. She runs to it, ducking behind. Jake throws the nearest water bottles and a flashlight in her direction then turns his attention to a gun that is laying near him, not 6 inches from him. He tries desperately to get it but cannot because of his leg. He quickly lays his head against his outstretched arm, making him self look dead. A few seconds later, about 5 guys dressed in black take everything from t he truck - water bottles, flashlights, guns, blankets, guns, and everything else they can find.

    Then, they leave.

    Mimi runs out begging Jake for help with Stanley. Jake angirly hits the truck and looks to her with a look of desperation. "I can't move." He states, laying back onto the cold ground.

    To say the least, the rest of the episode doesn't get much better. Stanley awakens and we find out he has a "busted ankle", I think. With no consent from Stanley, Mimi leaves to find help. Stanley tries to help Jake stay consience by talking to him. It is soon dark and Jake is shivering, his face blue. He wears little but a small sweater. Stanley comes beside him, trying to help warm him. Jake stays consience but he begs Stanley several times to let him lay down. That is not an option.

    Mimi walks the road in the darkness, her flashlight dieing. She throws it aside and continues on her trek, trying to follow Stanley's directions. When she sees a truck coming up the road, she runs into the side field and lies down, begging who ever it is to leave her alone. Footsteps are heard and we see Gail and Johnston Green. They help Mimi into the truck.

    Stanley is still supporting Jake, trying to get him to talk which doesn't seem like an easy task since Jake's teeth are chattering. His whole body seems to be shaking when the Green's arrive. Gail is the first one to run to her son. Johnston helps Stanley up and he, of course, asks where Mimi is. She shows herself and helps him into the truck. Johnston then tells Gail to get help and to signal them when they get back. They leave.

    Johnston is left with Jake who has now been covered with blankets. After Jake reveals a secret about his past, the truck arrives back and with help from Erik and some other towns folk, they get Jake's leg un-trapped and they bring him home. There, he begs his father to forget what he told him. "That's not possible"

    A wonderful episode and Skeet should be very proud of his performance! 2 thumbs way up!!
  • great episode

    Jake, Stanley and Mimi go on a hunting trip outside of Jericho, they run into trouble when they encounter a group of men who steals anything of value from everyone who passes too close to their roadblock. They try to outrun the thieves, but they get run off the road. Everything they have with them are stolen and they are left out in the middle of nowhere. The three of them faces a serious dilemma, if they stay there they'll freeze to death, so mimi volunteers to go back towards Jericho and call for help. this is a really good episode.
  • A creative way to deal with the sudden onset of winter, the lack of food, and the growing father/son relationship between Jake and his father...

    Since the start of the show, I've often asked many questions, especially about the going's on in the outside world, about Jake & Robert's past, and a lot of other things. But I've always wondered how the show's creaters, and writers, were going to deal with the harsh winter elements that frequent the states -including the possibility of many blizzard type storms that actually happened to the Colorado/Kanses area late last year and early this year; would those storms be written into the show or not?

    The real-life blizzards will probably not make it into the story lines any time soon, but it is interesting to see how the residents of Jericho deal with the first real winter since D-Day.

    And its great to see Jake start to deal with part of his past -admitting to his father about what happened to him in Iraq (killing a girl by mistake)...

    Given enough time, I think their newly formed bond can, and should, develop into a good father-son relationship...

    I just hope that they're given the chance...
  • This is a great show. My compliments to the chef that cooks these episodes up.

    The charactors are being developed more with each show, as the plot moves forward with crooks and turns demonstrating weaknesses, strengths and past secrets. In this episode we learn that Jake has had his turn in Iraq and has muffed it badly, as he reveals that he killed a little girl. This is a topic that I feel sure will be revisited. Is Hawkins a good guy or a bad guy? Who was responcible for the nuclear bombs? These questions are forcing the audience {me} to do a bit of thinking. This fact in itself should awaken critics revealing that the writers of Jericho are doing what they are supposed to do: stimulate, educate and entertain their audience. In short. this was a most enjoyable episode for me.
  • Bit of Action, Character Development, sweet Mimi/Stanley moments.....

    Good episode, not the best but keeps me watching.

    This episode concentrates on Jake/Mimi/Stanley and Hawkins & Sara.

    Jake/Mimi/Stanley: they go on a hunting trip as food is drastically running out, they find some bodies and realise that lots of people are fleeing the winter but are freezing along the way. The encounter a 'Baddies' truck which follows them and runs them off the road. Jake gets stuck under the truck and Stanley sprains his ankle leaving Mimi to make the long trip back to Jericho in the dark and cold night. There are some pivotal moments between Jake and Stan as Stan tries to keep Jake awake. Jake apologises for leaving so suddenly 5 years ago. Later when Jakes parents come to the rescue there are some moments between Jake and his dad where J explains he killed a 10 years old girl when he was in Iraq. My Greene understands and tells J he can always talk to him as he knows about being at War.

    Hawkins/Sara: They take a trip to confront the Boss but instead find some info which looks like all the other agents have been killed and the Boss is after their families. Hawkins realises this is a trap to get him to give up the 'Package' he still has. He goes back to his family to tell them they have to move again. Mrs H says she does not trust Sara and we as an audience think she is against him too.... UNTIL.... OMG episode cliffhanger coming up.....

    Sara approaches the Boss to give an update on H, he asks her why she hasn't found the Package and killed him yet, when she turns around and knocks him out, breaking his neck and saying 'Because he's different', looks like she still loves H or wants to work with him or something completely different, who knows.... will find out soon.
  • A classic, I wish every episode was similar!

    This second half of season 1 of Jericho is 10 times better than the first 11 episodes and we don't see much of the soap opera. I was thrilled not to see Dale, Eric and his lover in this episode. The show would be perfect without them and I guess thats why they are not showing them too much. This episode was really depressing as it is an extreme winter where you can die in just hours of being in the cold. I could have nearly cried after this really emotional episode. What truely made this one perfect is Jake telling us alot of his story and his father and him sharing a special bond and they both were crying. I really felt for Jake as he was freezing. Another major factor which I loved is the Robert Hawkins storyline. I hated his returned partner because she was not on his side but what happened in the last 30 seconds were unexpectful and brilliant. I am so glad that Robert and his wife share a special connection, I just hope that Sarah tells Robert everything so that everyone can trust everyone now!
  • Cold episode in an otherwise hot series.

    Winter has come to Jericho and the lack of natural gas, heating oil, and full-time electricity means that the town smells strongly of wood smoke. But an even worse problem is the lack of animal meat for food. It has been decided that a hunting party consisting of Jake, Stanley, and Mimi must spread farther afield in search of game if the populace is to survive. After witnessing a massive death scene of Northern Plains folk fleeing winter, they encounter three banditos in a faster, newer truck. Unfortunately, this results in the loss of the truck and everything of value in it. Worse, Stanley suffers an injured ankle and Jake gets pinned under the truck, requiring uninjured Mimi to go for help.
    I liked that Mimi actually stepped up and did what had to be done, even though she let us know that she still "hates this place". She has grown on me as this series has progressed; but I doubt that I was the only one who anticipated her drawing close to Stanley. Following the initial shock of losing her former life -- uh, who didn't? -- she has adapted well to ranch life, pitching in and doing what she can.
    The other plotline in this ep involved Sara and Hawkins going pro-active on the old man. By the time they got there, the place had been cleaned and an unidentified body was left behind, presumably #4 from the Morse code (see trivia) and Sara's math that "half the team" is now gone. They know this because Robert has cracked into the PC that was mysteriously left behind and three team members (Pierce, Woodworth, and Ritts) are listed as terminated. The Mason, Miller, Chavez, and Hawkins folders are seen as Robert scrolls through them; but the folder for Cheung is seen only on the full screen. Perhaps Sara's name? There are some creepy moments when Bald Guy stalks Hawkins and Sara. Then there is the surprise at the end when she refuses BG's order to terminate Robert and kills him instead. So she's the assassin?
    I hate to say it, but aside from the drama surrounding Sara and Robert, this show had all the thrills of an episode of "Lassie". I have to list some plot holes: (1) A whole pickup truck filled with venison might feed the town for half a day. (2) They send out only two hunters and a city girl to get enough to feed the town? (3) If they were that desperate for meat, wouldn't they have shot the animals of opportunity -- dogs? (4) If the ground was frozen so solid that Stanley couldn't dig under Jake's foot, how did his foot not get crushed between such a rock and a hard place? (5) Why is that new Chevy truck still running after the EMP? (6) Speaking of vehicles, What does Hawkins drive? We have yet to see it. Has to be something big enough to hold four people and "the package", perhaps a barrel-nuke, or perhaps not. (7) And whatever Hawkins is driving, he must have had it stashed at a nearby airfield where he landed a private jet, because that is the only way he could have gotten from DC to western KS, over 1400 miles, in six hours. (See episode summary for "The Day Before".)
    I guess I was hoping that the writers were going to close out this season with all hot episodes, seeing as the series is "on the bubble". If this show fails to get renewed, I do hope they get the opportunity to reveal the mysteries on broadcast network, not online or on DVD only.
  • Hawkins and Sarah plot moves along while Jake, Stanley and Mimi run into trouble on the road.

    Jake, Stanley and Emily head off on a hunting trip, but are run off the road by masked bandits who leave Stanley unconscious, Jake faking unconsciousness while pinned under their overturned pickup, while they loot their supplies. Mimi is hiding in the bushes until they leave then heads back to Jericho to get help for the guys. Could they be the remants on Jonah Prowses gang? ............................................................
    ......... Meanwhile Hawkins and Sarah head off 2 hours from Jericho to see "The Old Man" who is their team leader. Upon arriving at the location they find a guy whose been dead (not the Old Man) for days and most of the equipment trashed with a guy skulking around outside watching Hawkins and Sarah while listening to their conversation. Hawkins finds an undamaged computer hard drive containing the files on "The Team" which consisted of 8 people. Hawkins and Sarah (Mason) are two of them - dead (Victor) Miller another. Of the remaining 5 people 3 have been Terminated (killed) by a mysterious assassin which Hawkins sees in a photo stored on the hard drive. Its the same guy outside the house they are in. Hawkins figures out someone left the hard drive undamaged so they would find it and tells Sarah they need to go back to Jericho and move his family as they will end up like the families of the Terminated team members- dead. He also tells Sarah he has something THEY want and it too must be moved. Sarah already knows its the bomb she was sent to retrieve and is clearly pleased. The assassin follow them back to Jericho. Sarah steps outside for some air and meets up with assassin and tells him to stop being impatient. Then she gets really really mad when he persists in annoying her, punches him then snaps his neck like a dry twig; a truly shocking moment - she went all Sarah Conner on that guy like a woman possessed. Is Sarah the traitor Victor Miller spoke of? Its looking that way. What was the nature of the 8 person team? Were they CIA agents who infiltrated the bomb plot but Sarah, a mole or double agent, stopped them from stopping the bombings? Who is the "Old Man"? Is Tom Clancy a ghost writer for this show?

    Next week the US Marines come to town supposedly to reconnect Jericho to the power grid, but they apparently have another more important mission. What is it? Anything to do with Ravenwood, the bomb in Hawkins basement, something else? What will information about the outside world will they provide? Really looking forward to the next episode; looks action packed.
  • Whoever translates the morse code - kudos! I anxiously await the translation after each episode. I thought this episode was great, I love the insight into the world surrounding Jericho.

    Whoever translates the morse code - kudos! I anxiously await the translation after each episode. I thought this episode was great, I love the insight into the world surrounding Jericho. I hope that in the future there are more episodes with scenes like the ones from the trading arena - the news wall was so interesting. I look forward to learning more about the hundreds of people Jake et al found evidence of on their hunting trip. How many more people are migrating south? Which president will rise to power? Etc. I think the entirety of the impact of the bombs on the country and the world is interesting.
  • This episode would be a good one to take a long winter's nap through.

    This episode would be a good one to take a long winter's nap through.

    There were elements here that should add up a good episode. You've got the town struggling as winter storms advance and there's a lack of fresh meat. You've got Hawkins and Sarah going to meet the Old Man but finding out that three of the agents in their group have been comprimised. You've got Sarah trying to find the package and killing her contact to do it.

    But yet, all of this is not enough to make a good episode.

    The problem is there are so many bad scenes between the interesting ones that maybe I'm missing something between rolling my eyes. We go out hunting and encounter..well, evil guys in a black truck. We've established going too far out of town is dangerous, so no new ground here. It's a chance to wreck the truck, get Skeet in trouble and have him almost die. As he's stuck under the truck, he confesses his big sin from his time in the Iraq war, which I guess is supposed to answer some questions but it felt more like throwing us a bone. Also, I can't see Skeet's character being that tortured over just one thing. We need more than that..if that's all we get on this I will be annoyed.

    Also annoying is how stupid Hawkins is being. He doesn't see that maybe, just maybe Sarah is up to something. This is a guy who somewho senses that Skeet is watching him through a telescopic lens and yet he doesn't see the deception under his own nose. Even in the end when Sarah decides to go out for a walk even though we've previously established it's frigidly cold outside and being out after dark in Jericho is not a good idea.

    But he NEVER sees through this. And then we've got Emily and Roger...which that's a yawn-fest. I think we're just wasting time until he catches her with Skeet. Until then, color me bored.

    Not hard to do really. The whole show did that this week..and more.
  • Riveting!

    Wow...this was such a good episode. I was really beginning to wonder if they were going to let Jake live. I am also completely bored by Roger and Emily, and it seems to me that Emily doesn't love him any more, but feels bad about that, so is trying to love him again. But that really doesn't play into the reason for the show, you know? I thought it was weird that they didn't put Jake in a bed or something, when they got him home, but then I thought they were maybe trying to have him near the fire. Sarah really surprised me, but I've been wary of her the whole time. Frankly, Hawkes' storyline doesn't really interest me. I'd much rather just watch Jake and his family. And Stanley and Mimi...those two are so cute together! Mimi was so awesome last night!!!

    Finally...Jake told someone about his past! Did you see the look on his dad's face when Jake let it slip he'd been in Iraq? It was great. I was practically crying when I realized he must feel so bad thinking that Jake was just in prison that whole time. He should feel like a heel. Another very touching moment was the ending. It just really flowed to me. VERY well acted.

    This is the best episode so far, I think. It had drama (x100!), angst, and romance.

    2 thumbs up! Can't wait til next week!
    Kas Lincoln
  • I hope there will be more of these kind of episodes on the Jericho show. Leave the suspenseless sub-plots and build on an interesting main storyline.

    In this episode we can see character development of jake green and robert hawkins. Jake goes hunting with two other villagers, but they end up in a serious conflict after they ran into a roadblock. Jake gets stuck under the truck they used to go for a hunting trip, to bring some extra food into Jericho. Mimi goes out for help, and because of her Jake and her boyfriend are saved from a dead by frostbite.

    Next to very interesting part of the episode we can see robert hawkings, discovering more about the plans of the people who are threatening his family. After a certain mission with his 'terror-girlfriend', he goed home and is planning to move his family into a save location. The episode ends up with nice material to work out in the next episode. The 'Terror-girl' of hawkings elimininated the bad guy who assisted her in the killing of hawkings team mates. Next to that we see the food and the gasoline running out because of the population growth. So not only hawkings is threathend in the village, but everyone is.
    The only difference is that hawkings and his family got to deal with both natural and human threatening.

    I am watching the show from the very beginning right now, and I have to admit that I kinda like the series. But I was getting a little bit bored about the relationships of the other son of the Greens. I also disliked the absence of suspense in some episodes. But in the latest episodes I tasted the same good things, I tasted in the episode Rogue River.

    I truly hope the series is getting better every time, because a story about a nuclear-ruined world gives a lot material to build a nice series on. Sorry for my bad english, but I think you readers are capable enough to figure out what I meant to say in this review.


  • Nice to see a second good episode in a row. Are the producers/writers/creators finally starting to show the realities of a post nuclear world?

    The adverse effects of weather upon survival on a post nuclear world can not be understated. If power is out, natural gas is not flowing (I assume), then you're going to be in trouble unless uyou are prepared when the temperatures start to drop. Although the monthly average temperatures for Wichita for Dec/Jan/Feb are 33.0/29.5/34.8F respectively, and hardly what I would call severe, I do take into consideration that the housing construction in that part of the continent is different from say, North Dakota or parts of Canada. And we did see a number of people out in fields who apparently died of exposure. Nebraska was mentioned (down to 21.1F in Jan for Omaha) and North Dakota (Fargo 5.9F in Jan), so weather is a serious and ongoing concern, as it should be.

    The fact that a non fatal car accident could be turned into a life threatening event was realistic and effective. As was Mimi's disorientation as she set out back to Jericho for help. It's also nice to realize that searching for food (or supplies)outside of Jericho is an inherent danger in itself, considering that you now have to assume the existence of highwaymen.

    There was still some extraneous material that I felt contributed little or nothing to the show (Hawkins segue adventure), but Emily's somewhat awkward reacquaintance with her fiancee balanaced that out.

    Overall, an enjoyable episode. Give me another this good and I'll forgive 'Vox Populi' and 'The day before'.


    Now let's see how they deal with planting and various other agricultural problems in the spring....
  • Jake, Stanley, and Mimi are in a dangerous accident while going on a hunting trip... Hawkins discovers some information about his other team members...

    I really enjoyed this episode - I felt it was better than last week's. The main two parts of the episode this time are Jake and Hawkins, which are by far the most interesting stories.

    Jake, Stanley, and Mimi are in a car accident after being run off the road by a group of "scavengers." Jake and Stanley are both injured, leaving Mimi with the responsibility to go for help. I thought that this was a great episode for her character - she got to grow and go out of her normal comfort zone. She is a city girl, yet it is only she that can help the man she is falling in love with, and his best friend. I also loved the tearjerking parts between Jake and his father - they have so much in common, yet for the longest time tried to deny it. It was good to see them on equal ground for once :)

    Hawkins and Sarah go off to figure out what "the old man" wants, but find that the place is deserted and destroyed. They are able to tap into the computer hardware and discover that 4 of their partners have been "terminated".... but then the ending!!! Grrr... I really, really hate Sarah - have from the moment we met her. So I'm hoping that she's going to be killed off...does that make me a bad person?

    Anyway, I just enjoyed the episode - lots of bonding moments between old friends, family, and new loves :)
  • This episode kicks out the boring side-stories and focuses in on the Ttwo real mysteries in Jericho: Jake and Hawkins.

    Finally, the writers of Jericho have realized that no one watches Jericho to see people making ice, looking for windmill parts, or cheating on their wives. These events do not keep Jericho on the air, the intrigue caused by the two main characters does. In "Heart of Winter," Hawkins and Sarah, his former girlfriend and partner in crime, go to find who's been watching them. Sarah, however, seems to be double-crossing Hawkins, as revealed by her communications with an unknown man. Upon their arrival to a small house, they find one of their compatriots dead, but all of his information still intact. Hawkins and Sarah learn some startling information: they are being hunted. Jake Green gets into some dire situations of his own. When he, his friend Stanley Richmond, and Mimi, the IRS woman, are driving to find a place to hunt, they become the prey of a black pick-up truck. Unable to speed away, they crash, all being knocked out. After the malevolent men in the black truck steal all of their supplies and winter coats, except Mimi's, Jake is stuck under his own truck. Mimi tries to find help, but does not know if she is capable of getting back to Jericho.

    Many secrets about Jake and Hawkins are discovered in this episode, while much more information is still in the dark. "Heart of Winter" has a shocking conclusion, and look for more surprises next Wednesday night.
  • I was shivering while watching this episode, I could feel the cold.

    I almost thought Robert was going to figure Sarah out in this episode but it would be too soon, now would it. Hopefully he's suspicious of her, though. He's got to at least think someone is following her. I think they learned a lesson from the break about how much we all liked Roberts covert operations and put some of that in tonight's episode. :D Jake, Mimi and Stanley were crashed into and robbed leaving Jake in the freezing cold while Mimi walked aimlessly around looking for help. I could just feel the temperature dropping as Jake lay stuck with his leg pinned under the truck. :? Emily is seeing a new side of Roger but I'm still having a little trouble warming up to his character at the moment. I wonder what Sarah's next move is going to be now. Robert's story continues to entertain me and interest me the most. I'll be back watching next week!!!
  • Very emotional episode.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I found that Jake seemed 'more human', admitting that he killed a young girl (now that sounds like an interesting story), it was nice seeing him and his Dad getting closer. I never really liked Mimi, but after seeing her help the guys, I seem to like her a little better now. I'm not interested in Emily and her fiance's storyline, but it's nice to see her not hang over Jake. Robert's story is very interesting, he's one smart cookie. Atleast his ex-girlfriend/partner took out the other assasin, so all he has to worry about is getting her.
  • Save yourself the pain.... News Flash: It's cold in the winter! Having your foot pinned under a truck is impossible to dig out from! Oh, and "this one is different".

    The majority of this episode was just too painful to watch. Jake spends most of the time with his foot pinned under an overturned truck. Does anyone know what kind of leverage 2 fully-grown adults has on the front of a overturned pickup truck? There are simply too many ways he could have been freed, but we suffered through WRITER LAZINESS - 43 minutes and 30 seconds of FILLER. Spare yourself the pain of being pinned on this overturned episode and simply watch the last 30 seconds.