Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • I was shivering while watching this episode, I could feel the cold.

    I almost thought Robert was going to figure Sarah out in this episode but it would be too soon, now would it. Hopefully he's suspicious of her, though. He's got to at least think someone is following her. I think they learned a lesson from the break about how much we all liked Roberts covert operations and put some of that in tonight's episode. :D Jake, Mimi and Stanley were crashed into and robbed leaving Jake in the freezing cold while Mimi walked aimlessly around looking for help. I could just feel the temperature dropping as Jake lay stuck with his leg pinned under the truck. :? Emily is seeing a new side of Roger but I'm still having a little trouble warming up to his character at the moment. I wonder what Sarah's next move is going to be now. Robert's story continues to entertain me and interest me the most. I'll be back watching next week!!!