Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • This episode kicks out the boring side-stories and focuses in on the Ttwo real mysteries in Jericho: Jake and Hawkins.

    Finally, the writers of Jericho have realized that no one watches Jericho to see people making ice, looking for windmill parts, or cheating on their wives. These events do not keep Jericho on the air, the intrigue caused by the two main characters does. In "Heart of Winter," Hawkins and Sarah, his former girlfriend and partner in crime, go to find who's been watching them. Sarah, however, seems to be double-crossing Hawkins, as revealed by her communications with an unknown man. Upon their arrival to a small house, they find one of their compatriots dead, but all of his information still intact. Hawkins and Sarah learn some startling information: they are being hunted. Jake Green gets into some dire situations of his own. When he, his friend Stanley Richmond, and Mimi, the IRS woman, are driving to find a place to hunt, they become the prey of a black pick-up truck. Unable to speed away, they crash, all being knocked out. After the malevolent men in the black truck steal all of their supplies and winter coats, except Mimi's, Jake is stuck under his own truck. Mimi tries to find help, but does not know if she is capable of getting back to Jericho.

    Many secrets about Jake and Hawkins are discovered in this episode, while much more information is still in the dark. "Heart of Winter" has a shocking conclusion, and look for more surprises next Wednesday night.