Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • This episode would be a good one to take a long winter's nap through.

    This episode would be a good one to take a long winter's nap through.

    There were elements here that should add up a good episode. You've got the town struggling as winter storms advance and there's a lack of fresh meat. You've got Hawkins and Sarah going to meet the Old Man but finding out that three of the agents in their group have been comprimised. You've got Sarah trying to find the package and killing her contact to do it.

    But yet, all of this is not enough to make a good episode.

    The problem is there are so many bad scenes between the interesting ones that maybe I'm missing something between rolling my eyes. We go out hunting and encounter..well, evil guys in a black truck. We've established going too far out of town is dangerous, so no new ground here. It's a chance to wreck the truck, get Skeet in trouble and have him almost die. As he's stuck under the truck, he confesses his big sin from his time in the Iraq war, which I guess is supposed to answer some questions but it felt more like throwing us a bone. Also, I can't see Skeet's character being that tortured over just one thing. We need more than that..if that's all we get on this I will be annoyed.

    Also annoying is how stupid Hawkins is being. He doesn't see that maybe, just maybe Sarah is up to something. This is a guy who somewho senses that Skeet is watching him through a telescopic lens and yet he doesn't see the deception under his own nose. Even in the end when Sarah decides to go out for a walk even though we've previously established it's frigidly cold outside and being out after dark in Jericho is not a good idea.

    But he NEVER sees through this. And then we've got Emily and Roger...which that's a yawn-fest. I think we're just wasting time until he catches her with Skeet. Until then, color me bored.

    Not hard to do really. The whole show did that this week..and more.