Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Hawkins and Sarah plot moves along while Jake, Stanley and Mimi run into trouble on the road.

    Jake, Stanley and Emily head off on a hunting trip, but are run off the road by masked bandits who leave Stanley unconscious, Jake faking unconsciousness while pinned under their overturned pickup, while they loot their supplies. Mimi is hiding in the bushes until they leave then heads back to Jericho to get help for the guys. Could they be the remants on Jonah Prowses gang? ............................................................
    ......... Meanwhile Hawkins and Sarah head off 2 hours from Jericho to see "The Old Man" who is their team leader. Upon arriving at the location they find a guy whose been dead (not the Old Man) for days and most of the equipment trashed with a guy skulking around outside watching Hawkins and Sarah while listening to their conversation. Hawkins finds an undamaged computer hard drive containing the files on "The Team" which consisted of 8 people. Hawkins and Sarah (Mason) are two of them - dead (Victor) Miller another. Of the remaining 5 people 3 have been Terminated (killed) by a mysterious assassin which Hawkins sees in a photo stored on the hard drive. Its the same guy outside the house they are in. Hawkins figures out someone left the hard drive undamaged so they would find it and tells Sarah they need to go back to Jericho and move his family as they will end up like the families of the Terminated team members- dead. He also tells Sarah he has something THEY want and it too must be moved. Sarah already knows its the bomb she was sent to retrieve and is clearly pleased. The assassin follow them back to Jericho. Sarah steps outside for some air and meets up with assassin and tells him to stop being impatient. Then she gets really really mad when he persists in annoying her, punches him then snaps his neck like a dry twig; a truly shocking moment - she went all Sarah Conner on that guy like a woman possessed. Is Sarah the traitor Victor Miller spoke of? Its looking that way. What was the nature of the 8 person team? Were they CIA agents who infiltrated the bomb plot but Sarah, a mole or double agent, stopped them from stopping the bombings? Who is the "Old Man"? Is Tom Clancy a ghost writer for this show?

    Next week the US Marines come to town supposedly to reconnect Jericho to the power grid, but they apparently have another more important mission. What is it? Anything to do with Ravenwood, the bomb in Hawkins basement, something else? What will information about the outside world will they provide? Really looking forward to the next episode; looks action packed.