Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Cold episode in an otherwise hot series.

    Winter has come to Jericho and the lack of natural gas, heating oil, and full-time electricity means that the town smells strongly of wood smoke. But an even worse problem is the lack of animal meat for food. It has been decided that a hunting party consisting of Jake, Stanley, and Mimi must spread farther afield in search of game if the populace is to survive. After witnessing a massive death scene of Northern Plains folk fleeing winter, they encounter three banditos in a faster, newer truck. Unfortunately, this results in the loss of the truck and everything of value in it. Worse, Stanley suffers an injured ankle and Jake gets pinned under the truck, requiring uninjured Mimi to go for help.
    I liked that Mimi actually stepped up and did what had to be done, even though she let us know that she still "hates this place". She has grown on me as this series has progressed; but I doubt that I was the only one who anticipated her drawing close to Stanley. Following the initial shock of losing her former life -- uh, who didn't? -- she has adapted well to ranch life, pitching in and doing what she can.
    The other plotline in this ep involved Sara and Hawkins going pro-active on the old man. By the time they got there, the place had been cleaned and an unidentified body was left behind, presumably #4 from the Morse code (see trivia) and Sara's math that "half the team" is now gone. They know this because Robert has cracked into the PC that was mysteriously left behind and three team members (Pierce, Woodworth, and Ritts) are listed as terminated. The Mason, Miller, Chavez, and Hawkins folders are seen as Robert scrolls through them; but the folder for Cheung is seen only on the full screen. Perhaps Sara's name? There are some creepy moments when Bald Guy stalks Hawkins and Sara. Then there is the surprise at the end when she refuses BG's order to terminate Robert and kills him instead. So she's the assassin?
    I hate to say it, but aside from the drama surrounding Sara and Robert, this show had all the thrills of an episode of "Lassie". I have to list some plot holes: (1) A whole pickup truck filled with venison might feed the town for half a day. (2) They send out only two hunters and a city girl to get enough to feed the town? (3) If they were that desperate for meat, wouldn't they have shot the animals of opportunity -- dogs? (4) If the ground was frozen so solid that Stanley couldn't dig under Jake's foot, how did his foot not get crushed between such a rock and a hard place? (5) Why is that new Chevy truck still running after the EMP? (6) Speaking of vehicles, What does Hawkins drive? We have yet to see it. Has to be something big enough to hold four people and "the package", perhaps a barrel-nuke, or perhaps not. (7) And whatever Hawkins is driving, he must have had it stashed at a nearby airfield where he landed a private jet, because that is the only way he could have gotten from DC to western KS, over 1400 miles, in six hours. (See episode summary for "The Day Before".)
    I guess I was hoping that the writers were going to close out this season with all hot episodes, seeing as the series is "on the bubble". If this show fails to get renewed, I do hope they get the opportunity to reveal the mysteries on broadcast network, not online or on DVD only.