Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • Bit of Action, Character Development, sweet Mimi/Stanley moments.....

    Good episode, not the best but keeps me watching.

    This episode concentrates on Jake/Mimi/Stanley and Hawkins & Sara.

    Jake/Mimi/Stanley: they go on a hunting trip as food is drastically running out, they find some bodies and realise that lots of people are fleeing the winter but are freezing along the way. The encounter a 'Baddies' truck which follows them and runs them off the road. Jake gets stuck under the truck and Stanley sprains his ankle leaving Mimi to make the long trip back to Jericho in the dark and cold night. There are some pivotal moments between Jake and Stan as Stan tries to keep Jake awake. Jake apologises for leaving so suddenly 5 years ago. Later when Jakes parents come to the rescue there are some moments between Jake and his dad where J explains he killed a 10 years old girl when he was in Iraq. My Greene understands and tells J he can always talk to him as he knows about being at War.

    Hawkins/Sara: They take a trip to confront the Boss but instead find some info which looks like all the other agents have been killed and the Boss is after their families. Hawkins realises this is a trap to get him to give up the 'Package' he still has. He goes back to his family to tell them they have to move again. Mrs H says she does not trust Sara and we as an audience think she is against him too.... UNTIL.... OMG episode cliffhanger coming up.....

    Sara approaches the Boss to give an update on H, he asks her why she hasn't found the Package and killed him yet, when she turns around and knocks him out, breaking his neck and saying 'Because he's different', looks like she still loves H or wants to work with him or something completely different, who knows.... will find out soon.