Season 1 Episode 15

Heart of Winter

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2007 on CBS

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  • A creative way to deal with the sudden onset of winter, the lack of food, and the growing father/son relationship between Jake and his father...

    Since the start of the show, I've often asked many questions, especially about the going's on in the outside world, about Jake & Robert's past, and a lot of other things. But I've always wondered how the show's creaters, and writers, were going to deal with the harsh winter elements that frequent the states -including the possibility of many blizzard type storms that actually happened to the Colorado/Kanses area late last year and early this year; would those storms be written into the show or not?

    The real-life blizzards will probably not make it into the story lines any time soon, but it is interesting to see how the residents of Jericho deal with the first real winter since D-Day.

    And its great to see Jake start to deal with part of his past -admitting to his father about what happened to him in Iraq (killing a girl by mistake)...

    Given enough time, I think their newly formed bond can, and should, develop into a good father-son relationship...

    I just hope that they're given the chance...
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