Season 2 Episode 3

Jennings & Rall

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2008 on CBS

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  • We learn the chilling truth about Jake's dark past and witness the much anticipated reunion between Jake and Goetz.

    The confrontation we've been eagerly looking forward to arrives! Jake takes one look at Goetz and goes for his gun! Excellent! Beck's heard Goetz's version of what happened between them but his reaction is surprisingly calm given the story he was fed – by now, I think he knows Jake well enough to know there's a lot more than Goetz is telling. So Jake really did work for J&R. Goetz certainly has a nerve – 'you've heard stories about me so you think you know who I am' – excuse me? No, not stories – we saw first hand what you did, you psychopath! Very, very interesting – Goetz makes cryptic comments about Safa and Jake actually backed down! Now *there's* a story we want to hear!

    We finally start getting the backstory on Ravenwood – they are a wholly owned subsidiary of Jennings & Rall! Jake has no choice but to fill Eric in on some of his dark past and Eric is very reluctant to hear it, and who can blame him! Gotta admit, on the few occasions Jake referred to his work in Iraq, I always thought he meant he was smuggling (though he did say he worked for a contractor, but I figured that was just a code!), not working for a government contractor! He finally elaborates on what he said in 'Heart of Winter' about how he killed a little girl. The frightening part is that what Jake did is almost what Ravenwood did!!! Okay, I'm being harsh – Ravenwood are psychopaths who opened fire on unarmed civilians, whereas Jake's guys were after gunmen. But both ways, innocents died. For the first time, we start to understand Jake's demons. So much about Jake just fell into place – his leadership skills and military tactics on the battlefield, even the military hand signals. No wonder he backed down from Goetz. Is that why he's been trying so hard to save Jericho? Is he trying to make amends?

    Jimmy's back! Talk about awkward – To Beck: "You must be the one who promoted Jake to be my boss." Back to work and the first thing he sees: the wanted poster for Sarah. He tells Beck that Hawkins knew her and Hawkins does the smart thing: he doesn't run, he goes straight to Beck on the offensive. Hawkins never fails to impress! He can't run, so the only alternative: he bluffs his way through. We find out a major piece of intell: Cheyenne's records are incomplete, probably due to the scale of the damage from the bombs (the physical damage, the EMPs, the chaos after the government fell – the odds of a significant amount of the various agencies' records surviving is incredibly bad) so Hawkins just claims that he hasn't 'registered' with them. And here's the astonishing part – anything on the other side of the river is referred to as 'another nation' and reporting to them is considered treason! I am also continually impressed by Beck – very, very smart man. He immediately wanted Darcy out of the office. A very careful, methodical man.

    Dale brings back worrying news – the Hudson River Virus has jumped the Mississippi. And despite the erratic behaviour of this teenager in the past, he actually does a wonderful thing: he gets the vaccine. Then somehow Ravenwood finds out and Goetz confiscates it. Notice they tell Jake about the virus but not the mayor?! Alright, Eric is acting mayor while Gray is gone, but still! Another town has lost 220 people in a week! Jake makes me laugh! About to do something 'that might cost me my badge' – he's only had it a week! But seriously though, Hawkins is right – given the circumstances, we need Jake in play, and in a position of authority. Though honestly, so far it's pretty much been in name only, but in time, once things settle down, Jericho will need Jake as it has every day since the bombs.

    Interesting – Jake is actually taking being sheriff seriously, even talking to Dale about his less than lily-white activities. Are you telling me Dale's gone into hijacking? I am not sure how to feel about Jake coaching Dale on the best method to hijack the truck. Though it's necessary, it goes against everything the sheriff is supposed to stand for.

    One can't blame Kenchy for not wanting to get involved – he saw personally what Ravenwood did and if I were him, I wouldn't want to get in Goetz's way either. Eric appeals to Trish at J&R and though she's obviously heard the stories, there's nothing she can do – but what a surprise! J&R personnel have been inoculated. Heather did the smart thing – went to Beck, who's helped before. Trish is pretty gutsy, actually standing up to Goetz who, somewhat surreally, quotes the party line. I think it's far more likely this is petty revenge against Jericho than any devotion to J&R's policies. The 3,000 syringes – who is that *stupid*?!? The only reason anyone would need them is if they have the vaccine – which means they're going to steal it!! Goetz, who I'm starting to think it not a big dumb brute, goes straight to Kenchy.

    Turns out Bonnie is really sneaky – she mentions going to Cheyenne and why, then turns around and makes a joke about them wanting to get rid of her. That's the fastest way to shut down an angry reaction and force Stanley to think about it without freaking out. This is how you know there's hope for the survival of the series – they're starting to explain the histories of the characters. Here we learn about Jake, Stanley and Bonnie, and it's implied that Bonnie lost her hearing in the car crash that killed their parents at 4 years old. I love the relationship between Stanley and Bonnie, so sweetly done. Surprise, surprise – Bonnie and Mimi are actually getting along!

    Dale manages to steal the vaccines but how are you 'secretly' going to tell 3,000 people?! Besides, Goetz already knows. And what is Kenchy thinking – when Goetz recognises him, Kenchy admits to being a witness! To my astonishment, Goetz didn't kill him and Kenchy betrays them! Couldn't he at least lie about which warehouse?!

    Hawkins naturally confides in Jake but Hawkins is dancing on the knife's edge – all Beck has to do is mention Hawkins' name and Valente will realise he's alive, realise Sarah's dead and all Hell will break loose. A search on Sarah's prints suggests she was a spy and Hawkins is hinting around the subject without actually betraying himself. It's all on Beck and just how smart he really is.

    I understand Jake going to the warehouse and everyone got out, but why did he stay?! He gets in a gunfight with Goetz again and he won't walk away this time! Best case scenario, if Goetz sees him and realises he's involved, he's removed as sheriff. But Jake's plans work yet again – gotta love accountants! According to the 'books', the shipment was destroyed. 'Quantity correction' - I'm an auditor so that's really funny! I guess we can't hold a grudge against Kenchy, it worked out in the end. Loved how he just jabs Jake with the needle and Jake automatically protests about the queue. "They're gonna need you." He's right. Someone changed the disposal logs – seems we have a friend in J&R – Trish.

    More important than Trish is Beck – he's again proven to be a good and trustworthy man. Heaven help Jericho when he's reassigned. Such a shame about his wife – but that's why he does such a good job, hoping that someone like him is looking after her.

    To end off, Hawkins gets a message from who he assumes is a teammate – but turns out to be a voice-altered message offering help. Someone either knows Chavez or Chung, or broke the code!

    Intense, clever, tons of background and info on this new world – riveting. Brilliantly written and acted.
  • great episode

    A neighboring town is hit by a deadly hudson virus and they are in need of a vaccine immediately. Dale manages to get his hands on enough vaccines for the town but Goetz confiscates all of the supplies. Jake and his rangers figure out a way to steal back all those vaccines before goetz destroys all of them. This is a really exciting episode, the writers came up to bring up the tension at jericho. The ongoing battle between Goetz and Jericho heightens the drama and the suspense. It's a great episode, i can't wait for the next one. Every minute of this episode is exciting.
  • Review

    A lot of information in this episode about the grand scheme of things, but there was also a very personal mission in this episode with the outbreak of the virus and how Jake wanted to help stop it. We learned that J+R are more powerful then even I originally thought. Seems like they are able to get above and over the laws that everyone else seems to have to abide by. Jericho is coming down the strecth and a lot of information is being given to us. As great as that is - it hurts my ability to give the episodes really strong ratings. Other then Mimi and Stanley, character devolopment has been given up for plot devolopment and preperation of a conclusion to the story. I understand what the writers are doing, but this is the reason why my ratings have failed to go above a 9 for this entire season, there is just nothing really to get emotionally involved in. There is no attachment outside what Stanley, Mimi, and the daughter represent. Overall, another solid epsiode with a lot of mystery and answers. Hopefully Jericho Season 3 is still a small possibility, though the ratings indicate otherwise.
  • This was one of the better episodes! I was truly thrilled. It seems like the old Jericho is back!

    This show started off slow and we're down to the final two episodes after this great showing. I am hoping that the rabid fanbase that saved the show once will save it again. It has so much potential!

    The writing was smart in this; my only complaint was the lack of explanation about the virus and the vaccines. It was a build up that went flat! But the rest of the story was out of this world, Hawkins and his efforts to escape the virus, the warehouse scene and of course, the farm deal. Ravenwood is not to be trusted and Jake has his work and his brains cut out for this. Great show. Hoping for a complete 3rd season, let this show shine!
  • Not that I understand everyones motives.. but some really great plot turns...

    This episode really shines with the plot turns. They can built up a storyline, an exciting one. All the virus storyline -it was so promising but.. it looks like it was so quickly dropped. Only to add the excitement of what is going on with the vaccine.. but nothing too real. Also the way in one instant, it looks like there are so many people we can trust (potentially). And they seems to get rid of the old chars and intruding new - like it was so sure that Bonny is going.. and I am almost sure that we won't see her again...

    But Hawkins and his plan, how to protect him and.. oh.. it was crazy but worked.

    I really think, this series is good and I love this show.. but I would think they have to do better if the would like to keep going. I am fine with the excitement, the things.. but.. I have loved Jericho from the start..
  • What I love about Jericho is the realism in a situation that may seem quite unrealistic to us. And this episode was a fine example.

    Jennings and Rall was very interesting. While I wasn't exactly shocked by the Hudson Virus coming, I did not expect Goetz to take away the vaccines OR for Trish to stick up for them! I'm very happy that she's there.

    I also loved the part in the warehouse along with Kenchy. I have missed his hilarious antics. I don't know why he seems hilaroius, but he does to me.

    I just have a sinking feeling that if Bonnie goes, we won't see her again because I read somewhere that one of the characters leaves and does not come back - which means it's either going to be Bonnie or Gray.
  • Good, but not as good as the previous episodes.

    Compared to the first 2 episodes of season 2, this one feels alot slower and has a "setup " feeling to it.

    The return of Ravenwood is explored, and it's great. It's funny how the writers planned this all along... even though I'm sure their original plan would've been different with them.

    The powerplay between Jake and Ravenwood was excellent, but the whole virus fiasco was... "off". It's not really intriguing, and it feels unneccessery to bring a new storyline in.

    The show's new 24esque conspiracy storyline and the life of Jericho is more than enough considering this season is only 7 episodes and we probably won't get any more than that. Once again, the cheap cinematography and the lack of sets shows, especially when Jake is running the warehouse. That was really weak.

    After all the negativity, I've to say Mr. Hawkins is awesome. As always. He's the only character who is as efficient in this "new" Jericho as in the old one. His character fits right in to the conspiracy storyline with all the fast paced revelations.

    Then, there's the killer ending, cliffhanger, which just makes you wonder what's gonna happen next? Overall, good episode, far from "bad", but pretty average. The "Eh" stuff is evened out by the "Wow" stuff.