Season 2 Episode 3

Jennings & Rall

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Feb 26, 2008 on CBS



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    • Hawkins: I hate to start off on the wrong foot, but you're killing my investigation.

    • Beck: Mr. Goetz has already informed me of your previous run-ins.
      Jake: Yeah, did he tell you about the massacre he and his men carried out in Rogue River? Did he give you a head count on how many people he murdered in New Bern?

    • Goetz (to Jake): This is a brand new building, and this is my office. In that office is a desk, and on that desk is a folder; the Jennings and Rall corporate dossier for Jake Green. Let me try to put it in perspective for you, Jake. You got a very interesting period of employment with JR. Especially Safa, Iraq. Remember Safa? You heard stories about me, you think you know who I am… I wonder what the people of Safa must think about you?

    • Jake (about Jennings and Rall): The only reason I tell you this is because there were no repercussions. None. The army had no authority over us, the police didn't. Most of the guys, they just went back to their jobs. The company, the company wanted it quiet, so it was. Do you understand? Do you understand who we're dealing with? These guys, they don't answer to anybody.
      Eric: Jake, this isn't Iraq.
      Jake: Maybe. Maybe, but the rules are the same.

    • Jake: You seem awfully calm about it.
      Hawkins: I'm not sure I got an alternative, Jake. I can't run, so the only way out of this thing is through it.

    • Heather: Three doctors on this radio frequency said the risk of the generic stuff being dangerous is almost nil. But somehow there's only one legally approved source.
      Jake: J and R.

    • Heather: How many people have you lost since then.
      Woman on Radio: Hard to say… about (static)…twenty.
      Heather: I'm sorry, you're breaking up. It sounds like you've lost twenty people in the last week?
      Woman on Radio: Sorry, two hundred and twenty. Around two-twenty.

    • Jake (to Hawkins): Should I take it as a good thing you're not in jail yet?

    • Kenchy (to Goetz): You may be wearing civilian clothes but you're anything but civilized.

    • Beck: My wife was in Santa Fe when the attacks came. After that, uh…
      Heather: I'm sorry.
      Beck: I have to hope that she's okay. Until then I do my job. And I, uh, I trust that wherever she is, some army major is looking after her the way I try to look after the people under my charge.

    • Goetz: We gotta stop meeting like this, Jake.

  • Notes

    • International Airdates:
      Denmark: April 9, 2008 on SBS Net
      The Netherlands: August 11, 2008 on Veronica
      Czech Republic: November 3, 2008 on AXN

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