Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Pete reports to Jonah Prowse, at Jonah's place outside the town of Jericho, that Mitchell Cafferty was arrested for taking horses from Johnston Green. Jonah is not upset that he was caught but he is upset that they stole from Johnston and that Johnston's wife was hurt. Jonah burns Pete on the side of the face.

In the holding cell Mitchell is singing and annoying Jimmy. Mitchell tells Jimmy that Jonah's coming for him and that he'll want to speak to Jake.

Eric and Jake are reminiscing about past Halloween's. Emily Sullivan and Heather Lisinski are having a conversation about Emily's past Halloween experience with Jake. Heather apologizes for asking questions about Jake. It is obvious to Emily that Heather has a thing for Jake and Heather admits it.
Emily's father drives up in Jake's car; Emily doesn't acknowledge him as his father but has a reaction to him walking out of the car.

Jonah, Emily's father wants to post bail for Mitchell. Jake walks in and reintroduces himself to Jonah. Jake: "Hello, Jonah" Jonah: "Jake; been a long time."

Jake tries to negotiate an agreement with Jonah on how he can get Mitchell out of jail. Jake wants Jonah and his people to stay away from Jericho and the food back.

Mimi Clark has a bowl of corn flakes with no milk in a bowl. She's been staying at Stanley's house and not helping with any of the farm chores. Stanley walks in and Mimi makes a joke about him being born in a barn. Stanley Richmond offers her some milk, but not just any milk, some warm milk that he just milked from a cow. Mimi is grossed out and will not eat the cereal. Mimi rearranged items in Stanley's kitchen and Stanley makes fun of her for doing it.

Gracie Leigh has moved on from just selling to trading items as well. Skylar Stevens is in Gracie's store looking for diet soda. She made an agreement with Gracie to trade her mother's jewelry box for a case of diet soda.

Gail Green walks in with a carved pumpkin and catches her husband, Johnston Green trying to cool the thermometer so that they will think he's getting better. She gets upset with him but he insists that he doesn't want them to waste medicine on him.

Jonah tells Jake that he could use him to scavenge around the area. Jake ignores the offer and insists that Jonah and his people should stay away from Jericho. Jake sees that Jonah took his car from the side of the road. Jonah "found" it and fixed it, Jonah drives away in the car.
Emily comes up to Jake after her father Jonah drives away. She wants to know why Jake is talking to him. Emily tells Jake that after he left her father was around all the time trying to talk to her. Jonah wanted forgiveness for what happened to Chris (Jonah's son and Emily's brother).

Gray Anderson is back into town and there are people buzzing around him at City Hall. Eric and Jake walk into City Hall and see Gray sitting in a chair looking beat up.

Gray begins to tell everyone about his experience; he's handed a glass of water. He informs them that FEMA is still active and had a supply truck with water. Gray says there was fallout from an attack on Lawrence. Topeka is a mess and the governor is no where to be found. New York was spared because NYPD caught a few guys with a rented van and a 20-kiloton bomb in a steel drum. **Robert Hawkins had a curious reaction to the news about New York** Washington D.C. is gone.

Dale Turner walks up to Skylar and tells her that Mr. Anderson is back and that New York was spared. Skylar's parents could be ok, after hearing the news Skylar begins to cry and hugs Dale.

Stanley makes it home and has to tell Mimi the news about Washington D.C. Mimi is her normal sarcastic self but Stanley is quiet this time. Stanley slowly tells her that Washington D.C. is gone.

Allison Hawkins is sad about the news about Washington D.C. She starts to ask Robert, her father about people that she knew in Washington D.C. Allison tells Robert about Doug; Doug is a man that Darcy, Robert's wife, has been dating. Robert didn't know that Darcy had a boyfriend.

Jake tells Gray, Jimmy, Billy and Eric about the deal he made with Jonah. Gray doesn't like the deal because he believes that deals can not be made with a guy like Jonah. Gray is adamant about it after his bad experiences outside of Jericho. Eric agrees with Gray so they do not have a deal with Jonah in place anymore.

Skylar goes to Gracie's Market to get the jewelry box back. She wants it after hearing about New York and the possibility that her parents could still be alive. Gracie doesn't want to give her the jewelry box back and tells her that she already swapped it for something. Gracie tells Dale to place a vase into the back for her.

Jonah meets Jake for the trade. Jonah arrives with a truck filled with food and Jake arrives without Mitchell. Jake explains that the town didn't agree with his proposal. Jake wants to know if he can fix it on his own. Jonah doesn't say a word and he gets in his car and drives away.

Dale is in the back of Gracie's Market putting the vase away when he sees the jewelry box that Skylar wants back. Gracie lied and said she traded it away but it's in the back.

The town of Jericho is still celebrating Halloween. They are trick or treating dressed in costumes and walking around City Hall. A couple of Jonah's men walk up on Bill with a gun and go to the holding cell to get Mitchell out. They get him out of the cell and place Bill in. Bill yells for Gray after they leave and Gray grabs a gun and goes after them. Jonah's men are walking through the crowd of people celebrating Halloween and Gray is chasing them and yelling at them. Jake sees Gray chasing some men with a gun and runs after him. Gray cocks the gun and is about to aim and fire when Jake runs into him and stops him from shooting.

Gray is upset that Jake stopped him from shooting at Jonah's men but Jake tells Gray that he shouldn't start a firefight in public. Gray is obviously still on edge from his experiences. Jake tells Gray that he's going to handle the situation his way.

Heather is getting a beat up old truck ready for Jake to go meet Jonah again. Heather tells Jake that she spoke with Emily about Jonah. Jake drives off.

Robert comes home and tells Darcy Hawkins that he knows about Doug, her boyfriend. Darcy asks Robert why he came for her, too. Robert already had the kids but he waited two hours to pick her up as well. Darcy starts to tell Robert about the details of her relationship with Doug. She just started the relationship with him and that they were dating for about three months. She was going to introduce him to the kids but never did. Robert walks out the door.

Jake arrives at Jonah's place and immediately has a group of guys in his face. Jake takes a swing and hits the first person that walks towards him and then he's grabbed by a couple of people when Jonah stops them and breaks up the fight. Jake tells Jonah that people in the town are upset and might come after Jonah and take the food by force and Mitchell. Jake has another deal for Jonah. Jonah will only accept the new offer if Emily will speak to him. Jake says that she doesn't want to talk to him. Jonah threatens to tell Emily the "truth" about what happened to Chris but Jake tells him that she already knows what he did and that she hasn't forgiven him.

Eric Green walks into City Hall and Gray hands him a list of people that are new to Jericho. Gray wants to investigate them and Eric is feeling a little uncomfortable about what Gray is bringing up. Robert Hawkins name is on the list.

Dale is at work at Gracie's market when Gracie walks up to him and questions him about the jewelry box. Dale took it from her and Gracie is surprised that he would take something from her. Dale is upset that Gracie lied to Skylar. Gracie is upset because she wants Dale to be on her side but Dale quits his job and hands her the keys to the store and walks out.

Jake is having a drink at Bailey's bar when Eric walks in. They are talking about the day they are having and how they are avoiding seeing their father.
Robert sees Darcy at the bar and says that he wants to talk to her at home. Darcy will not leave so Robert sits down. Darcy continues to drink as Robert explains that he came back for her because she is his wife.

Mimi is outside of the house when Stanley walks up to her. She is going over her pending audits when the wind blows her papers all over the front of the house. Mimi is having a hard time dealing with Washington D.C. being gone and all the people that she knew being gone. Stanley is trying to comfort her but he can't.

Jake and Eric walk into the house to talk to their father when they see Emily. Emily tells the boys that their father went into shock and they all run into the room where Johnston is on the floor and he's not breathing. Gail Green and April Green are performing CPR on him and they are trying to get Mayor Johnston to breathe. He finally does take a breath.
April tells them they need heavy duty meds or Johnston won't last longer then 12 hours or a day. Jake and Eric come to the conclusion that they can get the meds from Rouge River and that they need to leave immediately. Eric and Jake are walking out the door when Gail sees them and tells them to leave now.

Emily is going to see Jonah to see if she can get the medical supplies she needs for Johnston. Jonah does not have the meds but says he can still help her and wants to talk to her because she is his daughter. Jonah starts to ask Emily questions about her fiancé, and he tells her that he just wants to make sure that someone is looking out for her.

Skylar finds Dale out on the street and tells him that she's been looking for him. Dale hands Skylar her jewelry box back and then she invites Dale to sleep on the couch at her house.

Jake is loading up the beat up truck that Heather let him use before. This time they are going to Rouge River somewhere far and the truck can only go about 30 or 40 miles an hour. Heather advises Jake that he will have trouble outrunning something, she goes into a rant of advice about the truck including which side the gas tank is on just in case someone starts shooting at him. Jake interrupts Heather while she's speaking and then she kisses him passionately before he leaves. Heather feels awkward about the kiss when Jake doesn't leave immediately but he's waiting for his brother Eric to go with him.

Eric is packing up to leave and Gray sees him packing. Eric tells Gray he is going to Rouge River with Jake. Gray tells Eric not to stop for anything and to be careful. Eric asks Gray to keep an eye on everything while he's gone.

Eric meets up with Jake and sees the beat up old truck and is not impressed. Jake's old car rolls up but Emily is inside the car and not Jonah. Emily hands the car keys to Jake and says they can use the car instead of the truck to go into town. Jake apologizes for getting Emily involved but Emily says there is no need for an apology because Jonah is her dad.

Mimi and Stanley are sitting at a table in the kitchen quietly and he shares some food with her.
Gail is sitting next to Johnston as he rests quietly on the bed.
Eric and Jake are on the way to Rouge River as they drive by a street sign.
Mile Markers: Rogue River 93 Salina 236 Topeka 347

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