Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • And the beat go's on

    I was looking forward to this episode because of the return of Gray with news from the outside world. What we got was the news that D.C. was no more (No shock there), New York survived and that Topeka was in Chaos thanks to fallout from Lawrence.

    The episode focused on character development which is not a bad thing (for most of us anyway) but the writers should not lose sight of the nuclear war part of the story.

    The writers need to find balance between character development and moving the story along, otherwise viewers get stuck with episodes where nothing much happens or we get characters no one cares about.
  • One step forward, six steps back

    It's almost irritating how Jericho is teasing us. How much longer can we dance around the issue of why Jake left, what he was doing while gone and just what brought Hawkins to town? I swear the scenes where these little tidbits are brought are so frustrating because it's so obvious they're trying to go for some exposition. There is nothing subtle about it and it makes the complete lack of answers nor any interest in giving us any all that more apparent.

    And that takes me out of the episodes in a huge way.

    Not that there was really a lot to draw me in here.

    The town continues the "me first" attitude that was prevelant in the last episode. I guess coming together to harvest the corn was a one-time thing since now everyone is looking out for their own interests. It's interesting to see how everyone in town justifies their selfishness and self-preservation attitude. I will find it interesting to see what Skeet and Eric find the outside world like as they go for the antibiotics for their father. Will it be the type of situation described by Jonah or is that an attempt by him to grab for power while Mayor Hawkins is incapacitated?

    Meanwhile, Skeet is negotiating with the head of the head of the gang from last week....his biggest wish--to see his daughter. Who happens to be Emily who was the brother of Charlie! Wow, the coincidences just fly left and right on this show. Seems Daddy is missing the quality father/daughter time and that is his demand for giving back the food. At first, Emily refuses but then gives in when Skeet might need medicine for his father. Daddy doesn't have it but gives back the food and gives Skeet back his older, faster car. And yet as we find out one tidbit, we are left frustrated because we still have no clue what this horrible thing Jake did is. Did he kill Charlie? Or did he enter him in the book of the month club without his permission? We just don't know yet and as each week goes by I fear that no matter what the revelation turns out to be it will be disappointing.

    And then we've got Hawkins who saved his estranged wife because....yeah, so if you've got that one figured out, let me know. I don't see why you'd want to spend the apocolypse with your estranged wife who pretty much hold you in utter disdain, but that's just me. Maybe I'm just not a romantic.

    Now, the plotline I have liked is Mimi's. Her having to come to grips with the fact D.C. is gone and she's essentially having to start over in Jericho is working. Her scenes in this episode as she realizes how the words on her documents are just words now and hold little or no meaning were nicely done. But other than that, not a whole lot to recommend. And there wasn't even a huge cliffhanger even to sustain my interest until next week. That has been Jericho's saving grace until now and it may be the fatal flaw for the show in terms of keeping me as a long-term viewer.
  • yawn yawn yawn - spoiler alert

    Where is a full season of this show going to go? tons of character development, loads of crap acting, and few people that you really can\'t give two shakes about...except the farmer and his DC love interest....they\'re cute together...but get it on already!

    The Mayor is in danger - someone has to go out into what\'s left of the world and get the drugs to save who do you turn to for help? The local thug that is running his own business of hording supplies - daddy\'s little girls show up to ask for his help...of course he\'s going to...he wants his little girl back - but why, and to what end?

    the show needs to realy kick it up a notch and stop with all the character developement and stick to a story of survival

    we know that the woman who runs the grocery store is a witch - why anyone would still go to her for food is beyond me - knock the old bag out and take what you need....for her to stoop to the level of extorting personal items to make a profit shows the low level of her humanity in the face of danger....maybe she needs to be written out since her store isn\'t needed once the food runs low again and she has nothing to barter with but ill gotten gains

    hawkins is top of the list suspect for the police department - thank to a townie who came back and told of the horrors that await outside the town

    pretty girl makes up - sort of - lead character gets his car back - town gets food - bully gets what he wants....

    too bad we can\'t mix up LOST and JERICHO - because at this point, the writers both need a break and then need to bang out some shows worth watching more than once!
  • Nothing to do with the big plot but a great episode!

    So far we have had a few episodes about the lives in Jerichio like last episode and the rest of the episodes have been about the bombings. This was actually the first episode I loved of the town relationships. I used to hate alot of the characters but now I only hate a few of them. Skylar is now adorable because her "real" self is on show but Dale is not going with it. He could have her as his girlfriend but he is not doing much. I hope the share their first kiss some episode soon! I can't wait until next episode!
  • Not a lot of plot development, but some great character work.

    I won't say that this is my favorite ep so far, but it certainly helps to develop the story, IMO. The story isn't about the town rebuilding everything, it's about how the people deal with the situation. Some people are trying to make things work, and some are just trying to make it through each day. We get a bit more information about the secrets that are running through the town, and start to realize just how much those secrets are affecting the decisions and choices of some of the town members.

    We are also reintroduced to Gray, one of the men who headed out to look for information. It looks as though he is going to be the voice of paranoia for the town. In many ways, this is a good thing, because there are a number of things that the town should be doing that they haven't contemplated yet. But he also appears to be shaping up as a militant survivalist, and it's going to be rather interesting to see if the voices of sanity will be able to rein his more drastic and uncivilized impulses in.
  • If last weeks episode was a so called filler... This weeks was a diflater!!!

    God this show goes from unrealistic to moronic without skipping a beat! I have a feeling that next weeks episodes big pressing issue will be, How will the town celebrate Thanksgiving now that they have no more valueables to trade the general stores evil witch in exchange for some stuffing mix and cranberry sauce...LOL.. Speaking of cooking...!! This show is DONE stick a fork in it!! I would rathered cbs had overpaid for Smith (A more entertaining and worth while show!) Than underpaid for such a horrid poorly casted, imbesilicly( <--- Is that a word lol) written turd of a show like Jericho. I think I was overly generous in rating this episode a ONE!
  • Once again we deal with another episode that establishes character development and adds minor cliff hangers to keep the questions going.

    I have decided that many of the issues the show deals with will be small town based and will not address the overall picture of the country and what is going on outside of small town USA. This episode could have really touched on the national issues which will have life changing effects for the citizens Jericho. I am starting to get a bit tired of the evry episode dealing with a major problem. It is time for the show to start dealing with the basics. Not many people are going to continue life as normal in a post nuclear world. Now to focus on some of the good points. I think the characters are developing well. I like the interaction between heather and skeet but I hope that this does go south into a big love story. A little here and a little there is fine by me. I think Gray is going to become a major player in the town law and order. Good and bad of course. I think he will turn out to be a good thing if they ever address the federal response.
  • was only ok very predictable

    typical jericho, jake has to get the town to support his dad but his dad passes away due to illness, big vigil and very teary eyed. meanwhile the group from richmondville lans an attack on jericho to get their supplies back. images from the satellite comethu and jericho realizes that the us is being invaded by the chinese. counter missles were released by the us and were shot down by the chinese. troops are airdropping all over the country in major markets. jake finds tank tracks a few miles from jericho but they look to be going to dallas area.
    Hawkins if discovered to be a spy for the russians who had knowledge of the chinese plan and are recouping info for a possible russian invasion.
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