Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • was only ok very predictable

    typical jericho, jake has to get the town to support his dad but his dad passes away due to illness, big vigil and very teary eyed. meanwhile the group from richmondville lans an attack on jericho to get their supplies back. images from the satellite comethu and jericho realizes that the us is being invaded by the chinese. counter missles were released by the us and were shot down by the chinese. troops are airdropping all over the country in major markets. jake finds tank tracks a few miles from jericho but they look to be going to dallas area.
    Hawkins if discovered to be a spy for the russians who had knowledge of the chinese plan and are recouping info for a possible russian invasion.
  • Once again we deal with another episode that establishes character development and adds minor cliff hangers to keep the questions going.

    I have decided that many of the issues the show deals with will be small town based and will not address the overall picture of the country and what is going on outside of small town USA. This episode could have really touched on the national issues which will have life changing effects for the citizens Jericho. I am starting to get a bit tired of the evry episode dealing with a major problem. It is time for the show to start dealing with the basics. Not many people are going to continue life as normal in a post nuclear world. Now to focus on some of the good points. I think the characters are developing well. I like the interaction between heather and skeet but I hope that this does go south into a big love story. A little here and a little there is fine by me. I think Gray is going to become a major player in the town law and order. Good and bad of course. I think he will turn out to be a good thing if they ever address the federal response.
  • If last weeks episode was a so called filler... This weeks was a diflater!!!

    God this show goes from unrealistic to moronic without skipping a beat! I have a feeling that next weeks episodes big pressing issue will be, How will the town celebrate Thanksgiving now that they have no more valueables to trade the general stores evil witch in exchange for some stuffing mix and cranberry sauce...LOL.. Speaking of cooking...!! This show is DONE stick a fork in it!! I would rathered cbs had overpaid for Smith (A more entertaining and worth while show!) Than underpaid for such a horrid poorly casted, imbesilicly( <--- Is that a word lol) written turd of a show like Jericho. I think I was overly generous in rating this episode a ONE!
  • Not a lot of plot development, but some great character work.

    I won't say that this is my favorite ep so far, but it certainly helps to develop the story, IMO. The story isn't about the town rebuilding everything, it's about how the people deal with the situation. Some people are trying to make things work, and some are just trying to make it through each day. We get a bit more information about the secrets that are running through the town, and start to realize just how much those secrets are affecting the decisions and choices of some of the town members.

    We are also reintroduced to Gray, one of the men who headed out to look for information. It looks as though he is going to be the voice of paranoia for the town. In many ways, this is a good thing, because there are a number of things that the town should be doing that they haven't contemplated yet. But he also appears to be shaping up as a militant survivalist, and it's going to be rather interesting to see if the voices of sanity will be able to rein his more drastic and uncivilized impulses in.
  • Nothing to do with the big plot but a great episode!

    So far we have had a few episodes about the lives in Jerichio like last episode and the rest of the episodes have been about the bombings. This was actually the first episode I loved of the town relationships. I used to hate alot of the characters but now I only hate a few of them. Skylar is now adorable because her "real" self is on show but Dale is not going with it. He could have her as his girlfriend but he is not doing much. I hope the share their first kiss some episode soon! I can't wait until next episode!
  • yawn yawn yawn - spoiler alert

    Where is a full season of this show going to go? tons of character development, loads of crap acting, and few people that you really can\'t give two shakes about...except the farmer and his DC love interest....they\'re cute together...but get it on already!

    The Mayor is in danger - someone has to go out into what\'s left of the world and get the drugs to save who do you turn to for help? The local thug that is running his own business of hording supplies - daddy\'s little girls show up to ask for his help...of course he\'s going to...he wants his little girl back - but why, and to what end?

    the show needs to realy kick it up a notch and stop with all the character developement and stick to a story of survival

    we know that the woman who runs the grocery store is a witch - why anyone would still go to her for food is beyond me - knock the old bag out and take what you need....for her to stoop to the level of extorting personal items to make a profit shows the low level of her humanity in the face of danger....maybe she needs to be written out since her store isn\'t needed once the food runs low again and she has nothing to barter with but ill gotten gains

    hawkins is top of the list suspect for the police department - thank to a townie who came back and told of the horrors that await outside the town

    pretty girl makes up - sort of - lead character gets his car back - town gets food - bully gets what he wants....

    too bad we can\'t mix up LOST and JERICHO - because at this point, the writers both need a break and then need to bang out some shows worth watching more than once!
  • One step forward, six steps back

    It's almost irritating how Jericho is teasing us. How much longer can we dance around the issue of why Jake left, what he was doing while gone and just what brought Hawkins to town? I swear the scenes where these little tidbits are brought are so frustrating because it's so obvious they're trying to go for some exposition. There is nothing subtle about it and it makes the complete lack of answers nor any interest in giving us any all that more apparent.

    And that takes me out of the episodes in a huge way.

    Not that there was really a lot to draw me in here.

    The town continues the "me first" attitude that was prevelant in the last episode. I guess coming together to harvest the corn was a one-time thing since now everyone is looking out for their own interests. It's interesting to see how everyone in town justifies their selfishness and self-preservation attitude. I will find it interesting to see what Skeet and Eric find the outside world like as they go for the antibiotics for their father. Will it be the type of situation described by Jonah or is that an attempt by him to grab for power while Mayor Hawkins is incapacitated?

    Meanwhile, Skeet is negotiating with the head of the head of the gang from last week....his biggest wish--to see his daughter. Who happens to be Emily who was the brother of Charlie! Wow, the coincidences just fly left and right on this show. Seems Daddy is missing the quality father/daughter time and that is his demand for giving back the food. At first, Emily refuses but then gives in when Skeet might need medicine for his father. Daddy doesn't have it but gives back the food and gives Skeet back his older, faster car. And yet as we find out one tidbit, we are left frustrated because we still have no clue what this horrible thing Jake did is. Did he kill Charlie? Or did he enter him in the book of the month club without his permission? We just don't know yet and as each week goes by I fear that no matter what the revelation turns out to be it will be disappointing.

    And then we've got Hawkins who saved his estranged wife because....yeah, so if you've got that one figured out, let me know. I don't see why you'd want to spend the apocolypse with your estranged wife who pretty much hold you in utter disdain, but that's just me. Maybe I'm just not a romantic.

    Now, the plotline I have liked is Mimi's. Her having to come to grips with the fact D.C. is gone and she's essentially having to start over in Jericho is working. Her scenes in this episode as she realizes how the words on her documents are just words now and hold little or no meaning were nicely done. But other than that, not a whole lot to recommend. And there wasn't even a huge cliffhanger even to sustain my interest until next week. That has been Jericho's saving grace until now and it may be the fatal flaw for the show in terms of keeping me as a long-term viewer.
  • And the beat go's on

    I was looking forward to this episode because of the return of Gray with news from the outside world. What we got was the news that D.C. was no more (No shock there), New York survived and that Topeka was in Chaos thanks to fallout from Lawrence.

    The episode focused on character development which is not a bad thing (for most of us anyway) but the writers should not lose sight of the nuclear war part of the story.

    The writers need to find balance between character development and moving the story along, otherwise viewers get stuck with episodes where nothing much happens or we get characters no one cares about.
  • This episode is similar to the lull in the roller coaster ride after a fast downhill ride while coasting to the next ramp up.

    I was somewhat let down by this episode in the fact that it did not seem as intense as the first 6. It did have some good points, such as: 1. Dale standing up to gracie.
    2. Heather kissing Jake.
    3. Robert's response to NYC not being hit.
    3. Robert's relationship with his wife and the indications of knowing of the "attacks" long before they occurred.

    I was somewhat suprised again that Jake's past was specifically mentioned, but any specific info about was averted. I would assume this will be the trend for quite a few episodes to come.

    I can live with the lack of intensity of this episode for what appears to be an action packed episode 8.

    I will say that overall, this show has far exceeded my expectation of a weekly program that has kept me glued to the t.v. every Wednesday night, which has probably set my expectations pretty high.
  • A speculative recap.

    ***Some Episode Spoilers Below***

    Well I have to give props to this show. While I am wholely looking forward to finding out what's going on with the bombs we launched, i'm loving the suspense.

    In this episode we found out that not only has New York been saved from the nuclear holocaust but that Hawkin's was suprised that it had been. Whats going on with that guy anyway? I'm thinking he is CIA or NSA but is he apart of a splinter group faction that is behind the attacks or is he still on our side? The fact he and his family left D.C. just two days before the attack seems to suggest he is apart of the group behind it. I would like to say he is one of the good guys and that the government had some working knowledge of the attacks and he is apart of a contingency group. If that were the case though why was both the president and vice president in D.C. that day. Oh well speculation, speculation.

    We also were introduced to Jonah, Jake's former employer AKA: Emily's dad. Jonah is put forwar as a criminal and ringleader to a group of ruthless thieve's but came across as not only a man of his word, but a father concerned with his daughters welfare. It still is left to be seen weather this new man of mystery will be an asset to out fair town or if he will be the new reoccuring antagonist. It's looking like it could go either way.

    Our fearless leader Mayor Johnston, not only did is flu worsen but he died...for about three minutes but was saved with "one last breath". Although he is alive for now he was given about 12 hours to live unless he recieved some heavy antibiotic's, which of course they don't have. This sent Jake and Eric on a scavenger hunt for medicine to the next town. I hope he pulls through, I would hate to think of Gray as being in charge of the town. Did anyone else see the look in his eye when Eric put him in charge for the duration of his mission? Gray Anderson is the wrecklessly selfish kind of dangerous that really showed through when he refused the deal that Jake had made with Jonah trading the prisoner for food and keeping the band of thieves out of town. Which was a stupid deal to turn down. Those guys seemed like they would be the kind of guys you would want in this situation. The kind of guys you can get to do your dirty work while keeping your concious clean. I am fairly certain that Gray will turn out to be the major downfall of the town.

    This show has definatly got me hooked, so you know what channel my tv is going to be tuned to on Wednesday nights!!

  • Jericho is currently treading water. Which is not necessarily a bad thing considering that you do not know if you are going to get picked up for an entire season at the start of the show.

    Clearly, they were unprepared to get picked up for an entire season given the uneveness of the material so far. I hope and demand that the material becomes a lot better. I am not interested in watching a Peyton Place type of show where the interelationships amongst the characters become more important than what they must deal with externally.

    Radiation, food and medical shortages, refugees, lawlessness, disease and death should be what this show is about. I really do not care that a young store clerk has 'stolen' back an important heirloom to give back to a young hottie. I'll keep watching, but at the moment there is precious little to distinguish one episode from the other. The mayor has got to step up to the plate, impose law and order, deputize people and plan for the defense of the town.

    Again, not bad, but not an improvement upon earlier episodes. Characters do not really stand out form one another and their actions appear formulaic. Gray Anderson is a slight departure from this show's norm. He seems willing to do what has to be done in order to survive.

  • It\'s two weeks later and things haven\'t changed much in town except for Gray returning and the mayor becoming very ill.

    Jake tries to bargain with the gang leader (and Emily\'s father) for food in exchange for Mitchell\'s release, but Gray and Eric don\'t go with it and they are left to break Mitchell out of prison. (still don\'t know what they are doing for food four weeks after the bombs go off)

    Gray returns to town with some horror stories to tell and also more information about which cities were hit. We find that NY C was spared as they police captured the terrorists before the bomb was detonated, but DC was destroyed.

    We also find that Hawkins\' family lived in the DC area and his wife had a new boyfriend that Hawkins did not know about. He supposedly returned to town and got them out of there quickly and headed towards Jericho (don\'t know what he told them).

    Emily finally kisses Jake before he leaves in search of medicine for his dad while Jake\'s mom shows us that \"you better not mess with me look\". I think she should step up and run things.

    Nothing more and Eric and Mary or Eric and April (thank goodness), but Stanley and Mimi are slowly moving towards a more intimate relationship it appears as are Dale and Skyler. Hopefully they\'ll write Gracie out of the show pretty soon.
  • Long Live the Mayor. Thats all you\'ll be saying after you see this awesome installment to the Jericho series.

    The Jericho episodes are definitly getting better and better. First a nuclear bomb explosion goes off sending the whole town into chaos. Next, the town struggles for safety and a place to do something, not getting together conflict will start to rage. And now we\'re at the conflict, its just like any good story it has lots and lots and lots of conflict. Jake\'s backstory is starting to be explained without any flashback sequences (as of yet) but, as Jakes past is being explored, the real story is still happening and with lots of questions ranging from Jakes involvement with Jonah to the nuclear explosions, there is nowhere to go for this show.......except up.
  • By now we should all know that this series is about the people of Jericho and not just the nuclear attack.

    Gray Anderson returns with news about Lawrence, Kansas(gone); Washington D.C.(gone) and New York City (spared). I love the reaction Robert Hawkins gives after Gray says that New York was spared and that the people who were responsible for blowing New York was caught. *The mystery of Robert Hawkins continues* I still think he's a good guy because he's done too much good. We get a break with some information about Jake and Emily. Emily has a chip on her shoulder because Jake is alive and her brother is dead. I like the Jonah character (Emily's father). If Mayor Johnston does die Jonah would be a great character to elevate on the show. The Mayor is still sick and they actually lost him for a little while but he was revived with CPR. Dale still has a big crush on Skylar and he's loyal to her. Gracie is still getting drunk with "power" with her store. Jake is playing the Hero role and received a big kiss from Heather. :-) That was a great moment.
  • This was a very special episode for me because a few of my favourite couples/ couples-to-be were developed!

    I totally loved this episode.....mainly because it focused mainly on developing some of my favourite couples on the show.

    1) Stanley & Mimi --- these two are officially my favourite couple, or should i say, my favourite couple to be, definitely. This episode definitely led me to believe that in the future, something will develop between them. Maybe its just me, but i thought something was between them when Stanley told her that D.C was gone.
    Oh well, only time will tell.

    2) Jake & Heather --- oh that kiss was great. I have waited since the first episode of this show for the two of them to kiss.....and when it finally happened, it was great. granted that Heather initiated the kiss and Jake only kissed her back....i really hope something will become of their relationship.
    However, i have this fear that Jake will want to hook up with Emily.
    Guess i'll have to wait and see.

    All in all, this episode was a very special one for me, because it gives me hope, that in a bad situation love still triumps over all!
  • Heather finally smackes one on Jake, People start to get realler and the annoying guy who wants to be mayor is back. Overall a fine eposide!

    Wow .... what can I say about this eposide sure it still had it's usual Cliqches like usual but it did do better then you usually would see of a eposide of Jericho.

    We find the citizens of Jericho celebrating Halloween trying to establish some normalcy for the kids to find Heather asking Emily about Jake.

    And then later on have Emily plant a kiss on Jake and play that part out perfectly!

    Finally the writers show us a bit more emotion to the citizens of Jericho well done!

    The Hawkins thing intreged me even more what specifically was he ?

    And I think our Dale will have a more important role to play later on as the writers are slowly but surely showing a different side to him.

    Let's hope the creator's can keep this good eposide shrur going.
  • Good character development and background

    Gray Anderson returned to reveal Washington DC was bombed and New York City was saved. The bombs in NYC was 20 kilotons which is about the size of the 1945 Japan bombs. This isnt big enough to flatten a large city like DC but it definitely caused serious damage wiping out 25% of it. The bombs were planted in trucks so it was terrorism - but who did it, and who supplied the bomb material?

    Gray also revealed Lawrence KS (a nice tribute to THE DAY AFTER) was hit. Perhaps it was meant for Kansas City (40 miles away) but maybe the police stopped the truck so the terrorist blew it up there. Gray also revealed that society is breaking down and things are turning ugly as supplies run out. The countryside is turning into something resembling the ROAD WARRIOR. Gray is wondering about newcomers like Hawkins which should make next week very interesting. After what hes seen he going to be demanding answers from Hawkins. Hes pretty much in charge of the town since the mayor is out of commission for now.

    After watching COUNTDOWN from the CBS site, its pretty clear that Hawkins knew the attacks were coming. Im speculating he may have been on the team that disarmed the New York City bomb, and knowing this he went to DC to get his family out, figuring the government wouldnt be able to find and disarm the other bombs in time. Fortunately the Halloween celebration was not overly long and was just there to keep a sense of normalcy for the children, and provided cover for Mitchell being sprung from jail.

    Jonah, Mitchells boss, is also the father of Emily. Hes not as bad as I thought he would be. Though he is not nice guy, he is a businessman and seems interested in helping Jericho as long as he gets his cut and he looks like he would rather make deals than harm Jericho. Being a businessman, albeit an slimy one, he knows he needs customers for the items he procures. Money has become worthless and a barter system is emerging.

    Next week looks even better based on the previews since we get to see whats outside Jericho for the 1st time.
  • One of the best episodes of the season, and just in time!

    Any sort of stagnation that might have been perceived in the previous few episodes of Jericho was wiped away with "Long Live the Mayor."

    The episode does an impressive job of balancing action with romantic subplots. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be about love and romance. But, a number of relationships make significant moves, in one direction or another; i.e. Jake and Heather, Dale and Skylar, Robert and Darcy. However, these plotlines don't overwhelm the episode with emotional elements. On the contrary, "Long Live the Mayor" tends to foreground action and drama.

    I actually liked the character Jonah, despite his portrayal as the antagonist. In the post-apocalyptic world of Jericho, it's sometimes necessary to accept that the line between bad and good is a little blurry.
  • lets go on with it

    i was kinda hoping the old man would die ... it was a good option. We can see that is a ENTIRE story behind jake's leaving town 5 years ago, well, its nice that we knowing a little bit of it, but we want more action. I Hope this doesnt go and create the usual couples when the songs are playing and we see each couple bla bla bla ...
  • Finally!!

    I\'ve been waiting for it (and others probably too ;P) from the moment they met!! Heather and Jake finally got together. YES!!! I was waiting the whole episode for this, and the lead up, the actual thing, it was all perfect!! As for the rest of the ep, we find out about Emily and her past, and she has to get with her dad (whom she hates) to save Jakes dad. I just hope heather doesn\'t get hurt because Jake will do the dirty on her. I mean, he doesn\'t seem to be that type of guy, but still, I wouldn\'t put it past the writers. As for the rest of the ep, Dale gave Gracie what she deserves, he got Skylars box back, and she found out that her parents might still be alive. AWWW!! And she offered to let him stay at her house ... on the couch of course ... even though they live in a mansion ;P
  • I can't wait for next week's episode

    All in all, this episode went very well. I really enjoyed it and I rate it a 9.8 out of 10. I thought the episode was well written and the actors were great in it. The ending made next wekk's episode look like it is going to be good- Can't Wait!!
  • about hawkins and the dude that came back

    So i think its obvious now that Hawkins was either of the following:
    1. One of the terrorists or group that did the bombings

    2. Is a traiter from the group or terrorists that did the bombing.

    3. is a spy that infultrated the group or terrorists that did the bombing.

    4. is just a well prepared ex spy.

    I think he is most likely either the traiter from the group or infultrated the group. He implied that he had a bomb in his steel drum and thats what they attempted to use in nyc.

    And the guy that came back is obviously lying and not telling them everything he knows.
  • More back story , and character building in this episode

    This show is starting to be like an onion. More and more layers just keep getting peeled away, and we can see more depth in the characters.

    This episode gives us more insight into the relationship btween jake and several other characters. Jake and Emily, Jake and Mitchell.

    Then the surprise for me was Emily's father was Jonah, the gang leader.

    The whole show is beginning to take on a very credible storyline. I especially like the fact that someone has started asking questions about the new arrivals in town, and especially about Robert Hawkins. This show just keeps on impressing me, and I find that I really can't wait for the next episode
  • excting all the way

    they make a deal with the gang leader to swap the food for mitch but it ends up going wrong ann then mitch ends up ghetting broken out of jail by a few other members then jake goes out there to make another deal for the food. and it ends up being that jonah wanted to see his daughter and then jake and his brother try to get medicine for there dad but end up having to go out to another town to get some medicine for him, and you are left with a big cliff hanger of the brothers leaving Jericho
  • boring, nothing happened. They could make dozen of episodes like this, but it doesn,t contribute anything to what the show is really about.

    Well that was a waste of my time, what happened? Nothing! to be precise. A vague story about Jake's past and his ex-girlfriends father who is the town bully. All sounds a bit like The A-team should come over and fix it. In the end the boys set out to find a medicine in the outside world of Jericho for their sick daddy. And that is what this story should be about, exploring what is going on outside of Jericho. And not showing stories about horse and food stealing bullies. It should be about the main characters then. Show something about their lives. Hopefully next episode will bring some excitement.
  • Jake's character is getting really irritating.

    We (at lest I was) were disappointed by the last episode that featured only a tedious mocking-about a story concerning a "gang" outside Jericho making a huge soap opera drama. It was only natural that we expected this one to be similar! And so it was!

    The police of Jericho captured Mittchel, that gang guy who almost killed Jake and his mother. Of course he wasn't even the gang main leader as we suspected during the last episode. Someone else was behind it. Who turned out to be Emily's dad.

    Now, the show tried to make a bit of cliffhangers, making plots that we have no idea about. It was meant to be somewhat fun and exciting apparently. Well it wasn't! This is getting too much of an opera. Completely eliminating the purpose of this show. This is not a friggin soap sitcom.

    Jake scheduled a deal with that gang guy. Mittchel in exchange for the food that Dale found in the crashed train. Now of course, everyone was against. Not that I give a rat's ass, but still, you have to be more strategic considering they're a smugglers gang. Of course later they got Mittchel out of the prison and eventually, the folks of Jericho lost.

    It was all merely pointless and to be honest, not that interesting. Now, on the bright side, we learned that Washington, DC also suffered an attack. Though NYC is completely safe, which seems weird too, since it was a nuclear attack. That information caused tears and joy for some. Sky's mom is NOT dead. But Mimi's and The Hawkins' former lives are jeopardized. Sad.

    The Mayor fell down in some sort of shock, making a sticky situation. He was near death and they needed medication that the town wasn't able to supply. So again it was up to Jake to save the day. Getting tired of it, don't you? Anyway, he took his car and went to Rogue River hospital. Not that they'll find anything I think. We'll see.

    Speaking of Jake, his bad-boy past is getting really annoying.
  • Nothing happened. Still, it's a better Nothing than last episode's Nothing.

    The mayor is seriously ill, and the brothers decide to go to Rouge River to get medicine.

    That's it. That's all happened in this episode. The rest? Not even worth mentioning. Seriously. The writers needs to do something. It's unbearable. I want every minute of this show to be enjoyable not only 5. I can't even SAY how much Emily bores me with her 'daddy issues'. Jonah the bad guy, uh oh, everyone, fear him.

    At least next episode looks good. Let's hope the writers didn't forget about the nuclear bombs...! Because.. if I want to watch family dramas, I'll watch Everwood or Seventh Heaven. Not Jericho.
  • Shifting values, a shifting sense of what is valuable.

    In this episode, we add vintage vehicles to the list of things that used to have limited value but now are quite valuable. In #6, horses and field corn were noted as now being more than recreational beasts and a cash crop to be shipped to market. There is also a gradual understanding developing about the propriety of dealing with those who might earlier have been called black marketeers; but who in the new reality are the only full-service supplier in town. Jake realizes that giving up Mitchell in exchange for the truckload of supplies is a good deal, especially when it turns out that the town ends up with nothing when Mitchell is freed. Jake rightly prevents Anderson from shooting Mitchell. Even under old law, it would have been undue force. Now it would spark a vendetta, and there is no State Police to call in for backup. We learn from Anderson's venture abroad that there is a FEMA camp operating -- is that good news or bad? Also, there is news that DC is gone, the suitcase-bomb attack on NY was thwarted, and that it was Lawrence, KS, not KC that was hit. Understandably, Hawkins' family and Mimi are shaken over losing loved ones; but Skylar is optimistic that her parents may have been spared. This episode had a bit more in the way of relationships being dealt with than I cared for. Added to the earlier drama of Eric-April-Mary, we now have Robert-Darcy, Dale-Skylar, Jake-Heather-Emily, and Stanley-Mimi (Who didn't see that one coming?). OK, I'm willing to put up woth a certain amount of soap for the sake of developing plotlines. But here's hoping that we don't get bogged down in it.
  • amazing

    i love this show ..the last thing i need is another show to get addicted to but this one i cant its truly amazing .. i loved this particular episode because a lot happened .. Mimi got her reality check .. i love the sarcastic streak for her character really amusing ..and the hawking's family ever existing air of mystery, seriously this is the one show i keep watching every bit of it ..and when I'm done ..I'm gonna watch every episode all over again.. i really wish Eric would stop seeing mary she;s bad news..let him just stick to April
  • nice episode

    A gangleader named Jonah Mitchell comes to Jericho to bail out one of his goons. This episode opens up some details of Jake's history with the town. We also get to learn about the bad seeds that endangers the people of Jericho. After a nuclear strike on america, the social dynamic of the town starts to take a life of his own. everyone's collective will of survival is slowly turning to a chaotic scenario when people with guns try to impose their will on others, a security vacuum starts
    to emerge in Jericho. Jake and Emily do their share in making sure that Jericho stays safe for everyone.
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