Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • A speculative recap.

    ***Some Episode Spoilers Below***

    Well I have to give props to this show. While I am wholely looking forward to finding out what's going on with the bombs we launched, i'm loving the suspense.

    In this episode we found out that not only has New York been saved from the nuclear holocaust but that Hawkin's was suprised that it had been. Whats going on with that guy anyway? I'm thinking he is CIA or NSA but is he apart of a splinter group faction that is behind the attacks or is he still on our side? The fact he and his family left D.C. just two days before the attack seems to suggest he is apart of the group behind it. I would like to say he is one of the good guys and that the government had some working knowledge of the attacks and he is apart of a contingency group. If that were the case though why was both the president and vice president in D.C. that day. Oh well speculation, speculation.

    We also were introduced to Jonah, Jake's former employer AKA: Emily's dad. Jonah is put forwar as a criminal and ringleader to a group of ruthless thieve's but came across as not only a man of his word, but a father concerned with his daughters welfare. It still is left to be seen weather this new man of mystery will be an asset to out fair town or if he will be the new reoccuring antagonist. It's looking like it could go either way.

    Our fearless leader Mayor Johnston, not only did is flu worsen but he died...for about three minutes but was saved with "one last breath". Although he is alive for now he was given about 12 hours to live unless he recieved some heavy antibiotic's, which of course they don't have. This sent Jake and Eric on a scavenger hunt for medicine to the next town. I hope he pulls through, I would hate to think of Gray as being in charge of the town. Did anyone else see the look in his eye when Eric put him in charge for the duration of his mission? Gray Anderson is the wrecklessly selfish kind of dangerous that really showed through when he refused the deal that Jake had made with Jonah trading the prisoner for food and keeping the band of thieves out of town. Which was a stupid deal to turn down. Those guys seemed like they would be the kind of guys you would want in this situation. The kind of guys you can get to do your dirty work while keeping your concious clean. I am fairly certain that Gray will turn out to be the major downfall of the town.

    This show has definatly got me hooked, so you know what channel my tv is going to be tuned to on Wednesday nights!!