Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • It\'s two weeks later and things haven\'t changed much in town except for Gray returning and the mayor becoming very ill.

    Jake tries to bargain with the gang leader (and Emily\'s father) for food in exchange for Mitchell\'s release, but Gray and Eric don\'t go with it and they are left to break Mitchell out of prison. (still don\'t know what they are doing for food four weeks after the bombs go off)

    Gray returns to town with some horror stories to tell and also more information about which cities were hit. We find that NY C was spared as they police captured the terrorists before the bomb was detonated, but DC was destroyed.

    We also find that Hawkins\' family lived in the DC area and his wife had a new boyfriend that Hawkins did not know about. He supposedly returned to town and got them out of there quickly and headed towards Jericho (don\'t know what he told them).

    Emily finally kisses Jake before he leaves in search of medicine for his dad while Jake\'s mom shows us that \"you better not mess with me look\". I think she should step up and run things.

    Nothing more and Eric and Mary or Eric and April (thank goodness), but Stanley and Mimi are slowly moving towards a more intimate relationship it appears as are Dale and Skyler. Hopefully they\'ll write Gracie out of the show pretty soon.