Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jake's character is getting really irritating.

    We (at lest I was) were disappointed by the last episode that featured only a tedious mocking-about a story concerning a "gang" outside Jericho making a huge soap opera drama. It was only natural that we expected this one to be similar! And so it was!

    The police of Jericho captured Mittchel, that gang guy who almost killed Jake and his mother. Of course he wasn't even the gang main leader as we suspected during the last episode. Someone else was behind it. Who turned out to be Emily's dad.

    Now, the show tried to make a bit of cliffhangers, making plots that we have no idea about. It was meant to be somewhat fun and exciting apparently. Well it wasn't! This is getting too much of an opera. Completely eliminating the purpose of this show. This is not a friggin soap sitcom.

    Jake scheduled a deal with that gang guy. Mittchel in exchange for the food that Dale found in the crashed train. Now of course, everyone was against. Not that I give a rat's ass, but still, you have to be more strategic considering they're a smugglers gang. Of course later they got Mittchel out of the prison and eventually, the folks of Jericho lost.

    It was all merely pointless and to be honest, not that interesting. Now, on the bright side, we learned that Washington, DC also suffered an attack. Though NYC is completely safe, which seems weird too, since it was a nuclear attack. That information caused tears and joy for some. Sky's mom is NOT dead. But Mimi's and The Hawkins' former lives are jeopardized. Sad.

    The Mayor fell down in some sort of shock, making a sticky situation. He was near death and they needed medication that the town wasn't able to supply. So again it was up to Jake to save the day. Getting tired of it, don't you? Anyway, he took his car and went to Rogue River hospital. Not that they'll find anything I think. We'll see.

    Speaking of Jake, his bad-boy past is getting really annoying.