Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Shifting values, a shifting sense of what is valuable.

    In this episode, we add vintage vehicles to the list of things that used to have limited value but now are quite valuable. In #6, horses and field corn were noted as now being more than recreational beasts and a cash crop to be shipped to market. There is also a gradual understanding developing about the propriety of dealing with those who might earlier have been called black marketeers; but who in the new reality are the only full-service supplier in town. Jake realizes that giving up Mitchell in exchange for the truckload of supplies is a good deal, especially when it turns out that the town ends up with nothing when Mitchell is freed. Jake rightly prevents Anderson from shooting Mitchell. Even under old law, it would have been undue force. Now it would spark a vendetta, and there is no State Police to call in for backup. We learn from Anderson's venture abroad that there is a FEMA camp operating -- is that good news or bad? Also, there is news that DC is gone, the suitcase-bomb attack on NY was thwarted, and that it was Lawrence, KS, not KC that was hit. Understandably, Hawkins' family and Mimi are shaken over losing loved ones; but Skylar is optimistic that her parents may have been spared. This episode had a bit more in the way of relationships being dealt with than I cared for. Added to the earlier drama of Eric-April-Mary, we now have Robert-Darcy, Dale-Skylar, Jake-Heather-Emily, and Stanley-Mimi (Who didn't see that one coming?). OK, I'm willing to put up woth a certain amount of soap for the sake of developing plotlines. But here's hoping that we don't get bogged down in it.