Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Jake tries to make a deal with a past enemy.

    The town needs supplies and Jonah, a former friend of Jake, runs a dirty business that could provide supplies. Jonah also has his men liberate Mitch from jail when a deal goes sour. Jonah also happens to be Emily's father and the father of Chris, the guy who died 5 years ago which was the reason Jake left town.

    It turns out Jonah want to talk to Emily in return for helping Jake and Jericho. When Johnston has some kind of attack and they need stronger medication than is still available in Jericho, Emily goes to talk to her dad. Jake and Eric are going out of town to get the medication. Emily return just before they leave with Jake's car. Jonah found it along the road, patched it and now gives it back, even though Jake tells Emily, there are no free gifts from Jonah.
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