Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • Mitchell's friends come to get him and Johnston's flu takes a turn for the worse.

    It could only be a matter of time before Jake's history came back to haunt him and it does: in the form of Mitchell's boss, Jonah who also happens to be Emily's dad! Not only that, he arrives in Jake's car which he has restored. When the sheriff's office refuses to release Mitchell, Jonah's men take him by force. Jake sees an opportunity with Jonah – he's a thief, he can get things they'll need – food, medicine, gas. The deal falls through and Jake tries to make things right with Jonah.

    Mimi, trying to find some normalcy, starts doing paperwork but falls apart when Stanley tries to comfort her. Johnston collapses and desperately needs a type of medicine the town is out of. Jake and Eric immediately intend to go find it and the matriarch of the family says just one word: "Go." Her boys instantly obey. Heather, who's been nursing a crush on Jake, passionately kisses him. He's gonna break her heart. He won't mean to, but he's still in love with Emily and Heather's just not his type. Eric reluctantly asks Gray to be acting mayor until he returns. (That's a recipe for disaster!)

    Surprisingly, Emily is the one who fixes things with Jonah, since his one condition was he wanted to see her. After a very tense first meeting, she returns with Jake's car and the food that Jonah stole.

    Last thoughts:
    - Gray returns and reports FEMA is active and that New York survived but Washington didn't. The KS explosion was in Lawrence, which happens to be the home town for the boys in my other favourite series, Supernatural.
    - Gracie's shop has become a trading post, since money is now worthless, they've switched to barter.
    - Hawkins learned that Darcy was involved with another man in the four years he was gone. Darcy asks him why he didn't just take the kids, but took her too? What a twisted little family. This new world could give them a second chance.
    - This show's got some great one-liners: Stanley to Mimi: "I see you're awake, it must be noon."

    Major new character, new personal crisis and some much needed info on the outside world.