Season 1 Episode 7

Long Live the Mayor

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 01, 2006 on CBS

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  • In this episode we meet Jonah, Emily's father. The Mayor is sick, Gracie is capitalizing on being the only supplier left in town and Hawkins past is explored a little more. Also, in this episode Gray Anderson returns from Topeka.

    This episode was pretty good. Early on we meet Jonah, the local organized crime kingpin. He's done well, albeit in a way that is not terribly unique. His character does seem to be more real than the traditional gangster, and I appreciate the fact that he is more of an opportunist than megalomaniac. His introduction into the storyline sets in motion what promises to be a solution to the supply problem that Jericho will soon be having. It also functions as a good way to illuminate what happened in Jake and Emily's pasts.

    When Gray Anderson returns, he tells the town about his exploits. Apparently he hitched a ride back to town on a FEMA truck carrying bottled water that got hijacked. Gray has more to him than I originally thought, as his character displays a subtlety that I can appreciate. At least in this episode he isn't an extreme character, which makes him more genuine.

    Mimi has her breakdown in Stanley's front yard when she learns the extent of the devastation. I think that the scene could have had more of an impact, but I suppose that abject despair that comes with knowing that everyone and everything you know has been incinerated isn't easy to emote. I don't mind Mimi so much, but I think her role is a little stilted and aimless. At times she seems to be a drinker and an experienced gal, and at other times she seems obsessed with her button down IRS work. Dale (Oh, I have to talk about him) makes yet another gesture to try and win over Skylar. She trades in a jewelry box for diet soda, and when she learns (through Gray) that her parents may still be alive, she wants to get the box back. Gracie says no, and Dale decides that he has to now steal the box and quit his job. I want to shoot Dale and Skylar.

    It's not just that I'm a bitter old man. It's because the writers have nothing that shows why these two people even like each other let alone really like each other. It is another flaw in modern writing where simple proximity equals love. If you are a male lead character and there is a cute female lead character, then it's almost assured that no matter how compatible you and she are, you'll end up in love. Personally, I rarely see the writers putting any effort into WHY these people fall in love, and so whenever I see one of these vapid love dramas I revolt. They are hardly even people. I mean, after watching this episode, tell me what all they have in common... nothing. Overall, this was a worthy episode, but it was far from perfect.