Season 1 Episode 21

One If by Land

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 25, 2007 on CBS
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The hostility mounts between the citizens of Jericho and New Bern. A handful of residents of New Bern are shot and injured after getting caught trying to steal from the Jericho salt mine.

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  • Jericho and New Bern on the edge...of war

    Things between Jericho and New Bern are getting more dire by the minute. Some men from New Bern are caught trying to steal salt out of Jericho's salt mine. Those 8 men pay the ultimate price for their crime. Hawkins, with all his CIA training manages to blow up the mortar factory shocking the residents of New Bern. Johnston helps bust out Eric and Jake from the jail. In all the mayhem I was hoping they might find Heather but they did not. Now it's up to Hawkins, Eric, Jake, and Johnston to pull the town of Jericho together for the inevitable retaliation of New Bern.moreless
  • Jake is reunited with Maggie.

    After Jake was captured in New Bern, Hawkins is on his own. That is until Johnston shows up in New Bern who heard about Jake and Eric back in Jericho. Hawkins drives a truck into the ammunition factory and in the resulting chaos and with the aid of JOhnston manages to free Eric and Jake and Maggie.

    Maggie clearly cannot be trusted, but Jake doesn't know that, yet. I'm sure he will find out sooner or later.

    I thought Emily speaking to Gail about Mary was very kind and I loved the barfight analogy. Gail telling Mary that she would be kept informed was a step in the right direction, I hope these two, Gail especially, can work out their issues.moreless
  • Review

    The only thing really missing from this episode was the powerful, cliffhanger type of ending that would have made it the best episode in the seires. Either way - the episode was fantastic with no filler scenes and a lot of intense conversations between the two towns involved in the episode - Jericho and New Haven.

    The scenes with Jake and Eric in jail were really good - I liked the meteor speech and almost expected the writers to put a metoer falling in the final seconds of the episode, but was surprised when I didnt see one coming down. Hawkins stole the show in this episode, drawing out everything he could think of to infiltrate a town by himself and plant multiple bombing devices. Without a doubt on the the better action adventure scenes that this show has ever produced. Some of the scenes back at Jericho were a tad bit filler, but still really good. Skylars parents storyline with the angry town woman was the only real downside to the episode, which is why I canoot give it a perfect rating. Still - top 5 episodes of the season no matter what.moreless
  • one of my favourite episodes

    me and my friend dave watched this episode and loved it, but not because it was well written (which the episode is) not because of the fantastic actors and characters (which they are) but because it was the inclusion of three small things that made us chuckle when the action got too tense.

    first; harry gets shot in the leg!!! you know harry he pops up every 4 episodes with one line... we laughed because everyone in the episode keeps refering to him as a regular but really he's an extra (but since this episode and we found out about the cancellation we keep joking that he and his bullet ridden leg should get a spin-off series)

    and finally the leaping green brothers- we were not expecting both eric and Jake to perform some stunts like this but the, out of character unexpectedness and close up angles of them made us laugh.

    seriously though this episode has it all drama, suspense, questioning of characters motivation... bring back jericho... long live the nuts revolutionmoreless
  • Theres gonna be a jailbreak

    I thought that this episode was really good it had me on the edge of my seat for most of the episode. I was really mad when I seen Maggie from the fake Marines in the jail with them but on the other hand i was happy to see her in there. I was happy that Hawkins found a way to blow up the ammo factory I liked seeing the fireball and New Berns reaction to it. I was happy to see Johnston go back into New Bern to help Jake and Eric escape. It was really great to watch the four of them fighting New Bern.moreless
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David Meunier


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Dustin Seavey


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Dan Sachoff

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Candace Bailey

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Timothy Omundson

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    • Bill: We shouldn't be patching those guys up, we should be arresting them. They opened fire on us!
      Gray: We don't know who shot first! I'll get to an investigation. Right now we need to make sure people don't die.

    • Jake (about the fake Marines ploy): I hardly recognized you without the wardrobe. What happen, you guys get caught?
      Maggie: Kinda hard to pull that off without the tank.

    • Maggie: I'm just trying to help.
      Jake: Huh. Last time you tried to help you nearly wiped out my town's supplies.
      Maggie: I was trying to survive.
      Jake: So were we.

    • Constantino: Jericho's continuous acts of aggression against this town are unjustified.
      Johnston: What 'continuous acts of aggression'? We're neighbors, for God's sake.
      Constantino: I didn't hear much talk of neighbors when you sent Ravenwood to our front door.
      Johnston: We blew everything to hell and gone trying to defend ourselves against those mercenaries. We had no idea where they were heading next.
      Constantino: You didn't try and warn us? You couldn't help us while they were raiding what little we had left? Shooting whoever got in their way? My deputies, my friends?

    • Eric (about his torture): It's not about Hawkins. They wanna know about Jericho. What our defenses are like, do we have any troops, where are they posted, do we have a stock pile of weapons, that sort of thing.
      Jake: We have to get back, we have to warn them.
      Eric: We will. We're not gonna die in here.

    • Dale: They don't hate him, they're just scared of him.
      Skylar: My dad was a good man. He gave them the money for the clock on Main Street. He did a lot of good things.
      Dale: Maybe he did. But that's not why they were nice to him. They were nice to him because he had a lot of power. That's how it works.

    • Ted: Five months ago, you know what I was doing? Customizing my truck.
      Maggie: I was getting ready to defend my dissertation. Russian lit. How 'bout you, what were you doing last time things were normal?
      Hawkins: Can't remember back that far.

    • Gail: So there's no one in town who wants to have a drink tonight?
      Mary: You'd think the big draw would be the atmosphere and the gracious hospitality but it turns out it's the booze. They'll be back when I make more vodka.

    • Emily: For what it's worth, you and Mary have a lot in common.
      Gail: What -- we both love Eric?
      Emily: No, I was actually going to say you're both pretty tough broads. You're both a little hard-headed. In a bar fight -- even money.

    • Maggie: I'm Maggie. Jake sent me. Where are the cops?
      Hawkins: They've been dealt with.
      Ted: You don't want to go in there.

    • Maggie: So, what's the plan?
      Hawkins: Plan? There's gonna be an explosion in town. Hopefully it'll cause enough chaos that we can somehow get Jake and Eric out of there.
      Maggie: I think I can help you with that. I have an in with Constantino.

    • Constantino: Then I find both of your sons -- both of them -- in my factory trying to destroy the last form of capital this town's got.
      Johnston Green: Slowww down.
      Constantino: Jake was apprehended yesterday attempting to sabotage my factory.
      Johnston Green: That makes no sense. The factory's producing wind turbines.
      Constantino: Your sons are pretty bent on the idea. I caught Eric the day before trying to do the same thing. We're holding both of them.

    • Maggie: His name is Robert Hawkins. He said he's probably in a hunting cabin owned by a guy named Ted Lewis -- he works at the factory.
      Deputy: Find out where it is. Get over there.
      Maggie: You're supposed to take me with you.
      Deputy: What?
      Maggie: That's, that's the deal I made with Constantino. I go with you and as soon as you see the guy's there you drop me off at the checkpoint. Just talk to Constantino. This is -- he was supposed to be here!
      Deputy: Take her with you. If he's not there, kill her.

    • Johnston Green: C'mon. If we leave now, we can get there before dawn.
      Gray: No, no, no, I'm not authorizing-
      Johnston Green: Did you hear him? Constantino wants a bigger fight. And he's not going to have my sons as human shields!

    • Eric: How many people have to die before you don't care anymore?
      Jake: April's death was not your fault. We can't even be sure Heather's dead with the lies they're spreading.
      Eric: I've seen, Jake. I don't think I can go back.
      Jake: Well, staying here and getting yourself killed is not gonna make you feel any better, trust me.

    • Constantino: I want you to tell me who your friend is and where I can find him. Things are gonna get very bad for you and your brother if you don't help us, Jake.
      Jake: Why would I want to help you?
      Constantino: This is what I know is that you, your friend, and your brother were caught attempting to sabotage this town's sole means of manufacturing.
      Jake: You were manufacturing weapons. You were-
      Constantino: So I'm gonna repeat the question -- Where is your friend?
      Jake: Why don't you tell me what happened to Heather Lisinski?
      Constantino: Take him back.
      Guard: Let's go, boy.
      Jake: Word's going to get back. It's going to get back to Jericho about what you're doing and there is nothing you can do to stop it!

  • NOTES (1)


    • The title is part of a famous quote by Paul Revere from April 18th, 1775; one if by land, two if by sea. This quote meant that one lantern would be lit if the British came by land and two if they came by sea.

    • When Johnston Green made the comment about Constantino of New Bern using his sons as "human shields" he was alluding to the tactic used by Saddam Hussein in Iraq to protect critical locations in the 1990 Gulf War; also used in other recent Middle Eastern conflicts.