Season 1 Episode 18

One Man's Terrorist

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

A young boy and girl are are chasing a rabbit through the woods, trying to hunt some supper. The rabbit runs through a hole into a barn, the girl crawls through in pursuit. It turns out to be Stanley's barn, and she is standing in front of the tank, recently acquired from the bogus Marines. ( see Semper Fidelis). As word gets out that the Marines were frauds, a crowd gathers at the mayor's office. Inside; Emily and Roger are arguing with Gray. Roger is complaining that the refugees have been told they will get half rations until the marines return, and since they never are returning he wants more. Jake tries to defend Gray for lying, to keep hope alive. Bill says we need to stop giving food to strangers. In his basement, Hawkins is going over intel acquired on the buyers, who then use Sarah's text messenger to contact him; thinking he is her. He arranges to meet them in Nebraska.

Gray meets in private with Harry and Bill, they discuss rationing. Harry points out that besides food, the refugees are burning through medicine as well. Gray concludes that the only thing he can do is evict them, and goes out to tell them this. One of those to be evicted; Kyle, starts vocally challenging the cops, saying, "What are you gonna do puts us in jail? Great". Bill says this isn't a debate. Kyle and others jump the cops and declare, "we're staying".

(JERICHO title)

Back at the Green farm, Jake tries in vain to get a signal on the ham radio that the Marines left behind. He says he'll bring it to Bailey's now that the secret's out, and they can all be annoyed together. Emily comes in to tell them the refugees have barricaded themselves inside the church.

On Main St., Roger is outside yelling at Gray as the Greens show up. Jake tries to calm Roger and sends him in to ease the tension. The refugees are arming themselves and boarding up the windows. Despite Johnston's protests Gray tosses tear gas into the church. A mad rush ensues and a woman is trampled, and dies.

At Jimmy's place; Hawkins covertly watches as his family tosses a football.

Elsewhere, Dale and Skylar spy on Mr. Simmons barn; he owes him gas and is holding out on him. His nephew; Hank, stands guard with a gun. Dale is stumped on what to do, but Skylar has a plan. She runs to Hank saying they have to hide; Ravenwood is coming. When the nephew goes up to the loft to get a better look, Skylar removes the ladder; stranding him. She takes the gas cans, ropes them together, slings them over a horse, and gallops out; picking up Dale on the way, just not too smoothly.

In Nebraska, Hawkins sits outside a warehouse. He messages to the buyer: " You come to me. A girl can't be too careful." and changes the meeting place to the warehouse. He grabs a bag and heads inside.

Back in town, Roger tries to convince Gray to let his friends stay. They get into an argument and Gray pulls out a gun. They struggle and Gray ends up shot.

At the Green farm, Gail is surprised by one of the refugees and tries to run. Things calm down and they talk. She offers him the super glue he's been searching for to repair his shoes; the last thing of his he has left.

High up inside the warehouse, Hawkins watches as the buyer shows up. He spots three snipers. He sends the buyer to the other side and sneaks under the truck to attach a tracking device. He texts the buyer that he got spooked and to meet at the original location. They drive off without seeing him.

Emily tends to Gray, while Roger explains that while most of his people made it, nineteen didn't and it weighs heavily on him. He demands Jessica be brought in, to take care of Gray, instead of Kenchy. She shows up, and he tries to bargain, She'll be allowed in to help, if Gray let's the refugees stay.

Bill climbs to a sniper's vantage point across the street and tells Jake he's taking the shot if he gets it. Jake bursts in and tells Roger to get away from the windows. Emily responds first, which almost gives Bill the shot, which he takes. Glass shatters and we wonder if any one was hit.

With only glass as a casualty, Jake reasons with Roger, offering transportation, food, and fuel. Arguing that if Gray dies, they'll get kicked out with nothing, at best. Roger demands things be taken care of first, then he'll let him go. Jake exits to make the deal.

Hawkins shows up at Jimmy's again. This time, he sees Ally. He gets her attention and pulls her outside the fence. He asks how everyone is and talks to her about killing Sarah. She says she's fine, and that if he can't stay with them, she'll take care of Sam and Mom. He hugs her tight, and says, " You are not me"

Gray thanks Jessica for helping him. Apologizing for kicking them out, saying it was his job, he didn't want to do it. As Jake returns to tell Roger the deal's done, Gail is on the street pleading with the crowd, not to let the refugees leave. She says, "My family can feed two people", and asks "who else here is willing to share their rations?"

Having convinced Roger to take him out as a hostage instead of Gray; Jake is brought out at gunpoint. By the time they get down the steps. Gail has found all the refugees a place to stay. Realizing this Roger drops the gun and is apprehended.

At the jail, Emily comes in and tells Roger that Jessica saved the mayor and all the refugees can stay. Roger guesses that that doesn't include him. Emily says she's coming with him, but he says, "I did this so the people I love can be safe here. I'm not taking the person I love the most out on those roads."

At Gracie Leigh's Dale and Skylar look around at their wares and are proud of their new trading post. Mr Simmons and Hank show up demanding their horse and gas. Dale says, " The horse is tied up in the alley, but the gas is mine." Simmons says he isn't playing games and sends Hank back to get the gas. Two guys with guns come out from the back and block his path, as Dale introduces his new employees.

Gail brings Kyle and his wife to a house owned by people who were visiting their grandchildren outside of Philadelphia (one of the cities we know to be nuked).

Hawkins labels his photo of the buyer. He uses the tracking device to aim a spy satellite, to see who the buyer is reporting to. They text him with: "No more games, Sarah. Will double the price." He takes a frame grab, prints it, and labels it: Boss, with a question mark as to identity. "Mad World" by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules plays

Jessica and Jake see off Roger, she gives him a pack with food and water. He gives him a coat with gun hidden in it. He tells him to head to New Bern; Eric, Stanley, and Heather are there and will help him.

Hawkins re-aims the satellite to look in on his family.

At Bailey's a newscast comes over the newly relocated ham radio. The announcer says, "In New York, the terrorists who were apprehended were all carrying nearly-perfect fake FBI badges. Their identities have not been released. Authorities have increased security at all critical sites. Counter-terrorist forces are working to capture those responsible. In the meantime, all citizens are encouraged to be vigilant." Jimmy's face drops, as he walks toward the radio. Jake asks him what's wrong, but he doesn't reply.

While Hawkins sits, still watching his family via satellite, the FBI badge he showed Jimmy in the weeks following the bombs, displayed clearly on his desk.