Season 1 Episode 18

One Man's Terrorist

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • A nice little episode and different from the rest.

    Gray decides to kick out the refugees from Jericho because they don’t have the food to keep them and Roger go’s mad, starts a hostage situ and is later banished from the town, Hawkins is on the trail of the people who set him up and want his bomb back

    Jericho is a funny series and not in the comical sense, each week we learn something new about someone or something but always left with a perplexed sensation, What if! Who was he/she! What is she/he doing! And this episode was no different, yes we are learning more things about Hawkins and Jake but to be honest Jericho seems to revolve more around them and other players are being left by the way side.

    It‘s a great series but I hope we don’t get a Lost type TV show where 3 or 4 seasons down the line we are no wiser as to why and what.