Season 1 Episode 18

One Man's Terrorist

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • Bit of a tearjerker this week as the town is split between keeping the refugees or making them leave Jericho.

    Food supplies are drastically running out and Mayor Gray needs to do something about it. The decision is made to send the refugees on there way but some of the town members and of course the refugees themselves are not happy about it.

    Roger confronts Gray and they get into a fight, Gray gets shot and an irate Roger holds him hostage until some arrangement is made. Mrs Greene comes to the recuse and asks all the towns people if they can take any of the refugees in. There is a very touching moment where the townspeople are putting up there hands accepting that the refugees can stay at their houses. They even give up the empty houses in Jericho to the refugees and share their food rations with them.

    Gray has his gun wound treated and Roger is banished from Jericho, Emily does not go with him despite wanting to. Jake tells him to go and find Eric, Stanley and Heather.

    Hawkins plays the Badies who want the Package. He ends up placing a tracker on their vehicle so he knows where they are.

    At the end the townsfolk get a radio message saying there are terrorists in New York carrying fake FBI badges. One of the Cops remembers that Hawkins had an FBI badge.

    Has Hawkins been rumbled?