Season 1 Episode 18

One Man's Terrorist

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on CBS

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  • Excellent mix of action and character development.

    The focus of this episode was on the attempt by Gray Anderson to force the refugees Roger brought to Jericho to leave town as supplies of food and medicine dwindled. Roger felt a deep sense of responsibility for the refugees as some of them died on the way there and he promised them Jericho was the sort of town that wouldnt turn its back on them. The tear gas use to end the refugee standoff alluded to the botched FBI raid at Waco. Gray Andersons character, after Roger accidentally shot him, added some depth as he appeared deeply conflicted about his decision to eject the refugees, yet willing to risk bleeding to death rather than reconsider his decision. After the deputy/sniper failed to shoot Roger as Jake stormed in, Anderson finally agreed to allow them to stay after people of Jericho, at the urging of Mrs. Green, volunteered to take the refugees in an share their supplies as well as empty houses of people caught outside of Jericho when the bombs went off. But Roger had to agree to go into exile, as Jonah Prowse had done before him in Vox Populi. What would you do in a similar situation if you were Roger? Mayor Anderson? Meanwhile, Dale (with Skylars help) once again took matters into his own hands to collect for products bought from his store but not paid for - instead of consulting with law enforcement. Dales reckless actions will end up getting him into serious trouble. ..... ... .... .... ..... The Hawkins subplot was rather revealing as he went to the meeting place in Nebraska, pretending to be Sarah, to see who the people were who wanted to buy his bomb from Sarah. He took the photos he gathered and began assembling a "Board-O-Clues"; to figure who is ultimately behind the bomb plot. He labeled a bald guy with a walking stick as "Boss?". It appears even Hawkins doesnt know the whole story behind the bombings. Jake and Johnston brought out the radio the fake Marines left behind and began listening to a Kansas radio broadcast that revealed the bombers gained confidence of local authorities, gained access to military bases and research facilities - and had nearly perfect fake FBI credentials (camera cut to a picture of Hawkins with his FBI badge next to him). The announcer said authorities in New York had not released identities of the captured bombers; so NYC is still intact. The announcer, whom someone recognized as a familiar voice, said "Take care of each other, Kansas". Reminded me of the creepy radio message at the end of "The Day After".

    The haunting "Mad World" song playing in the background added atmosphere to the final moments of the episode; it gave me the feeling ominous and interesting events will occur in the last 5 episodes of Season 1. Overall, it was a very stong engaging episode and excellent setup for next weeks Hawkins centric episode, which I am really looking forward to.