Season 1 Episode 18

One Man's Terrorist

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The coordinates given to Hawkins at the start of the show (40 49 57.28 / 96 41 47.8) actually point to State Fair Park in Lincoln, Nebraska rather than McCook which it located at coordinates: (40 12 22.13 / -100 37 15.71). In addition, technically the latitude should have been (-96 41 47.8) negative to denote a western direction as 96 41 47.8 gives coordinates for northern China.

    • The Morse code message heard over the title is:

    • The place where Hawkins went to find out who was buying his nuke in a barrel from Sarah Mason before she was killed was near Sterling Nebraska, 35 miles SE of Lincoln Nebraska at 40 49'57.2" North by 96 41'47.8" West, as indicated on the handheld computer he took from Sarah.

    • The episode title, "One Man's Terrorist", is taken from the first part of the traditional phrase, " man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". It reminds us that even violent or otherwise shocking actions can be viewed in very different ways by different people.

  • Quotes

    • Gail: My son's shoes might fit you.
      Kyle: I'd rather fix these.
      Gail: Why?
      Kyle: They're all I have left that are mine.

    • Kyle: Ma'am, there are empty houses all over Jericho and we sleep in a shelter.
      Gail: Those are our neighbors' homes. They were gone when the bombs went off. They're coming back!
      Kyle: Well, wherever your neighbors are, I hope nobody's kicking them out of town in the middle of winter.

    • Emily: Roger, this isn't you.
      Roger: I survived out there for three months. You have no idea what I can do if I have to.

    • Roger: It doesn't matter what we want, does it? It matters what we do. I tried to get us all back here. I promised them, if we all just stuck together.
      Emily: And you did.
      Roger: Yeah, Emily. Most of us made it back. Nineteen of us didn't. And I remember every one of their faces.

    • Gail (to townsfolk about evicting the refugees): You can't let them go out there. A woman died on Main Street today. I didn't even know her name. Did you? Think of our neighbors who didn't make it back yet. That's who they are! Now my family can feed two people. Who else here is willing to share their rations?

    • Roger: I did this so the people I love could be safe here. I'm not taking the person I love the most out on those roads.
      Emily: I can handle it.
      Roger: I can't.

    • Roger: 100 counts of murder, Gray. That's what they should charge you with if you send these people away.

    • Reverend: You can't do this Gray, I have given these people sanctuary.
      Gray: This is a police matter now.
      Reverend: You have no right to assualt these people, they have committed no crime. They will be my responsiblity.
      Gray: What, are you going to feed them? Have you got a little hospital down there Reverend? No, I didn't think so!

    • Gray: We have taken in almost 100 people since the bombs. Roger you brought over 50 of yourselves, we've done our part. It's time for somebody else to share the burden. Now these FEMA camps...
      Roger: Those FEMA camps are jungles and to put anyone out on the street is a death sentence. Now you've been out there, you know that.

    • Hawkins: So...I just wanted to know how you were doing. Settling in okay at Jimmy's place.
      Allison: Yeah, he just never stops talking.
      Hawkins: No, (chuckles) he doesn't. How's Sam?
      Allison: You know, he gets scared.
      Hawkins: And you?
      Allison: I'm fine.
      Hawkins: Look, that thing you had to do to Sarah... I know how that can change people.
      Allison: Dad, don't worry about me. I'm not Sam, and I'm not Mom. So... you're not going to live with us anymore, are you?
      Hawkins: I don't think it's a good idea right now.
      Allison: Then don't worry. I'll take care of them.
      Hawkins: Hey, hey, hey. Come here. (He grabs and hugs her) You are not me.

    • Gray: Out of my way Johnston! I know what I'm doing.
      Johnston: You know why we never used those? A little thing called Waco happened. The F.B.I. used tear gas, and they swear it didn't start that fire, but it could have. You ready to live with that?

    • Man on radio: In New York, the terrorists who were apprehended were all carrying nearly-perfect fake FBI badges. Their identities have not been released. Authorities have increased security at all critical sites. Counter-terrorist forces are working to capture those responsible. In the meantime, all citizens are encouraged to be vigilant. As we receive more information, we'll bring it to you. Until then, all news is local. Take care of each other, Kansas.

    • Gray: Folks, folks, listen up. I am sorry to say that the town no longer has the resources to support you. So if you could gather up your belongings you will be escorted to a FEMA camp out near I-70.

    • Gray: I don't need to look at 'em. I see them in my sleep!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Before Mayor Anderson agreed to use tear gas grenades on the refugees holed up in the Church shelter, Johnston Green alluded to the Waco incident where tear gas grenades used by the FBI/BATF ignited a fire that killed almost everyone inside the compound of the Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh. Johnston believed the same thing might happen in this incident if the tear gas grenades were used.

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