Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on CBS
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Hawkins receives a call on from someone who knows who he is, where he is and lets Hawkins know exactly when he'll be caught. Meanwhile, tragedy strikes.

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  • One of the best Jericho episodes to date!

    Oversight was an amazing addition what is becoming an awesome 2nd season of Jericho! if we do not see a 3rd season after this 7 episode season there is definatly something terribly wrong with CBS!, Season 2 already in my opinion after 5 episodes is better than the whole os season 1 in my opinion! the amount of story, plot twists, character development and action they have squeezed into 5 episodes in amazing in itself!

    I was very sad to see Bonnie die! Stanley will no doubt get his revenge sometime in the next few episodes of the season! as Goetz deserves to die! wether it will be Jake, Stanley or someone else who will kill him i dont know, but my bets are on Stanley as he killed his ster and shot Mimi!

    Hawkins is getting more interesting by the episode! he seems to share alot of stuff with Jake, but at the same time keep a hell of a lot to himself! looking forward to the next episode! should be awesome as usual! fingers crossed for a seaosn 3 also!moreless
  • Maybe one of the best episodes of this serie..

    This was... amazing.. and even if I recorded it on the time it was aired, I watched it today.. weeks later and I feel like stupid - it was so great episode. Shocker in all the way - all the excitement - the things going on with Hawkins and his little burning down the house and leaving the hard drive. And all those moments when it looked - it's over - Dale's arrest, Hawkins in the sheriff's office, Heather there... oh, the count can go on.

    So many things just happened there and the ending - oh.. I cried.. so badly. It was so cruel. But they proved their point - clearly.moreless
  • great episode

    Hawkins receives a call from someone who claims he knows who he is and that he is in some trouble. He needs to do what he tells him to do for the time being to prevent himself from getting caught by an air force plane searching for the nuclear bomb that he is keeping at his house. Mimi voices her concerns about an apparent embezzlement taking place inside jennings and rall. This puts her life in danger when Goetz try to get his hands on those records. This is a really exciting episode, the writers surely came up with a cool episode. i can't wait for the next one.moreless
  • A genuine shocker in more ways than one, and easily one of the best episodes of the series.

    I've been impressed with this series since the beginning and any concerns I may have had before watching season 2 have vanished (like how to keep the plot going without losing the main themes, especially with the introduction of the new government). Though there has been downsizing (like Gail leaving; characters making erratic appearances, sometimes missing for entire episodes), the writers are making a concerted effort to maintain quality and are doing so in weekly shocks and unexpected plot twists. Now if the ratings would just increase...

    We have confirmation that Dale is not sticking to the letter of the law which just got sticky since Goetz/J&R's new rule about registering and inspections. Stanley, appeased by getting his farm back (which frankly was more Mimi than J&R) is unwilling to help – which isn't like him. Usually he's beside Jake every step of the way. Problem is, things are getting close to 'normal' and people are naturally settling back into their routines, unwilling to make waves. But there are those who don't accept the new order (which is nothing less than a dictatorship disguised as democracy) and if they're going to do something about Cheyenne, they have to do it soon – they're becoming too powerful.

    The new government has done the obvious thing – issued a new currency so we're back to paper money. Personally I think it's way too soon for that, the country's still in chaos and people (especially in outlying areas) have far more use for a barter system than a paper money system, you can't eat or farm with paper.

    Hawkins' new 'friend' is already feeding information and has highlighted the next threat: a scan of the area which will reveal the bomb. How Valente justified it, no-one knows but he's obviously using every resource at his disposal to find the bomb. I thought the military presence was supposed to be temporary?! Why is Beck settling into *Jake's* office and installing fingerprint scanners?! "You now hold the distinction of being the first Jericho sheriff in history who doesn't have a key to the sheriff's office." And why is Heather on the list?! Seems she's his new assistant and is taking her job as liaison very seriously. She's doing a good job. Sounds like New Bern's residents are chafing at their strict master's collar. But then again, so is Jericho.

    Since Heather is the only way into Beck's office, it becomes necessary to tell her about the conspiracy – the last person who heard this was dead an hour later but they deliberately leave out the bomb (she's smart, what else would a radiation survey be looking for?!). Sarah is the obvious bait for Hawkins to use, Beck is in enough trouble with his bosses that he'd have to follow up the lead, but Hawkins risks burning Beck as an ally. As for Heather, could she *act* more guilty? Beck is so trusting, I feel bad that they're lying to him. Is the burnt cabin the same one where Hawkins and Sarah found the dead guy? Very clever – everything Hawkins did and said after Sarah died is being attributed to her! Right down to the satellite images. It's brilliant! A way of exposing the conspiracy (and Valente) to Beck without endangering himself! Problem is – Beck's too smart, it's all too perfect, all the evidence he could want wrapped up in a big bow.

    Fred – who was actually at the meeting! – turns Dale into Goetz and there was something distinctly unpleasant about Goetz's expression. He sends Dale to jail! Now this could be a demonstration of Ravenwood or even J&R's power – bypassing the local police and using the military police for their dirty work. J&R really is above the law. This is the first time Jake's used the sheriff's car and his badge – very cool. Beck countermanded Goetz's orders – there'll be hell to pay, both from Goetz personally and J&R. "This government, or should I say, this company…" - never a truer word spoken! We finally find out what the mysterious Operation Boxcar is – a plan to destroy evidence about the true source of the September attacks. Far worse than that – a disaster contingency plan designed by J&R which was the basis for the September attacks!! And our mysterious source: designed the plan for J&R! The main question left is: why? There's not a clear motive.

    Another person who's taking her job seriously is Mimi and already she's found a problem: $10,000 of the new money is missing. Did someone think it wouldn't be noticed from the first shipment? First impressions: Goetz was way too calm and my instinct tells me he was faking surprise – it's gotta be him. Stealing it is stupid and strikes me as an impulse, 'right place, right time' kind of thing. He just practically threatened Mimi and she knows it. She then accidentally gets Bonnie involved. Notice how carefully Goetz speaks, as if making absolutely sure Bonnie understands him? Oh man, that was stupid! Why did Bonnie run?! It's admitting Mimi's in the house, admitting she lied to Goetz! For a smart girl, the stupidity continues – she gets the shotgun and opens fire on Ravenwood! We know how they operate and it's obvious how this is going to end. Stanley comes home to his worst nightmare – Bonnie dead, Mimi dying. The muted sound was inspired, telling the scene from Bonnie's point of view. For the character and her history, it implies that Bonnie isn't totally deaf. Well written, nerve-wrackingly acted and filmed. The writers are getting into a habit of killing off some of my favourite characters.

    My only real concern is that I'm getting the impression the writers are trying so hard to ensure the series survival by driving the storyline that they're sacrificing the delicate character work they did so well in season 1 – look at the lack of interaction in important relationships: Jake and Emily, Jake and Eric, Jake and Stanley, they're barely speaking! All those sweet little moments between the characters have mostly disappeared. The relationship I'm most concerned about is Jake and Eric – the writers had developed a strong bond between the two that the writers are no longer acknowledging. Without those personal touches, it makes it hard to care for the characters. It worries me but I hope this is temporary and the writers will realise and fix the problem.

    A powerful, tragic episode which raises the stakes for everyone involved. Heartbreaking.moreless
  • I never saw this one coming!

    Jericho this season has been starting out slow and ending with a wallop of power and this episode is no exception. The first three quarters of the show was building up more of the general story arc, Hawkins, Heather, Jake etc. The last few minutes was something else entirely. Goetz is something else! I was losing it at my TV while watching the final moments.

    Stanley and Mimi's story arc took on a life of it's own as Bonnie was shot and killed, defiantly fighting of Ravenwood and that devilish Goetz pulling the final shot. This show should have no problems being renewed!moreless
Candace Bailey

Candace Bailey

Skylar Stevens

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Geno Monterio

Geno Monterio

Aide De Camp

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Patrick Rowe

Patrick Rowe

Fred Drummond

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Shoshannah Stern

Shoshannah Stern

Bonnie Richmond

Recurring Role

Erik Knudsen

Erik Knudsen

Dale Turner

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Sprague Grayden

Sprague Grayden

Heather Lisinski

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • This is the list of people with access to the Sheriff's office:

      Mjr. Edward Beck

      Capt. Karin Dunns

      Col. Derrick Jefferson

      Lt. Ryan Posly

      Cpl. David A. Rainey

      Heather Lisinski

      Lt. Drake Sorey

      Lt. Lonnie Goodman

    • Goof: When Stanley and Bonnie saw Dale been taken in handcuffs into J&R building, Bonnie asked Stanley where Dale is being taken, Stanley then answered her orally even before she turned to read his lips. How did she understand what he said to her?

    • The Morse Code message heard of the title is:

    • Goof: At the very end of the episode, when Jake is walking towards Eric, you can see that the left side door on the back of the ambulance is open. When Jake walks past Eric, you can see a person opening the same, already-open door.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Hawkins: Let's agree on this. You don't make the terms. I do. And if you have information to share, then you just share it. But if you lie to me then know that I will find out, and the next time we speak, it will not be on the phone. Those are the terms.
      Voice on Phone: Agreed. Now can we move on to more urgent business?
      Hawkins: I'm listening.
      Voice on Phone: Good. 'Cause you're a day away from being caught.

    • Stanley: We're talking about booze and cows, here.
      Emily: The Stamp Act, the sugar act…
      Stanley: What are you talking about?
      Emily: The Boston Tea Party. Was it just about tea? Every revolution that's ever been fought, they started in rooms like this.

    • Hawkins: This is not some secret club where we just invite people in when it is convenient.
      Jake: Why don't you tell me what to do? Huh, just tell me! Eight people have access to that room, and seven of them are military. If you wanna get in there in the next twenty-four hours, you show me. Show me how.

    • Hawkins: I'm gonna ask for your help today, and that requires that you be told some very dangerous information. You should know that there's only five people outside of the Cheyenne government who know what it is that I'm about to tell you. And that there are those that will kill to prevent it from coming to light.
      Heather: Why would I agree to that?

    • Heather: The government, the army, the news… they're all lying about who's responsible for the attacks.
      Hawkins: Yes.
      Heather: You're telling the truth.
      Hawkins: Yeah.
      Heather: Who are you?

    • Beck: (on radio) Your brother tells me you want me to identify a sixteen year old kid with no discernable value as a confidential terror informant.
      Jake: If he's part of your investigation then Goetz loses all authority over him.
      Beck: Are you out of your…?
      Jake: He's a kid! He's a sixteen year old kid and Goetz is sending him to prison with no judge, no trial, nothing. It's a mistake, and you have the ability to do something about it, so I'm asking you to help.

    • Voice on Phone (about the file): Jennings and Rall put it all in one place. It was supposed to protect us, but someone got a hold of it. It took our worst nightmare and made it come true.
      Hawkins: Okay, how do you know about this?
      Voice on Phone: Because I helped write it.

    • Deputy Sheriff Kohler: It's Fort Knox back there.
      Jake: What is that?
      Deputy Sheriff Kohler: Thumb-print scanner. Getting that room ready to house classified information, pretty short list of people that will have access.
      Jake: Let me guess, I'm not on it?
      Deputy Sheriff Kohler: (makes clicking noise) But, if it's any consolation, you now hold the distinction of being the first Jericho sheriff, in history, who doesn't have a key to the sheriff's office.

    • Jake: Stanley asked me to return this to you. (hands over bottle of alcohol) Find another way into town, quit using his property.
      Dale: It's the safest way in.
      Jake: It's not a suggestion, Dale.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Emily: The Boston Tea Party. Was it just about tea?
      The Boston Tea Party is an infamous event in American history. On December 16, 1773, in protest against the taxes and customs being applied to the colonies by the British government, a group of American rebels, disguised as Indians, boarded three cargo ships in Boston Harbor and dumped overboard 45 tons of tea, for an estimated loss of £10,000. This incident is one of those considered to have sparked the American Revolution.