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Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2008 on CBS

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  • This is the best episode of the series. SPOILERS BELOW!

    This is the best episode so far. It's the halfway mark of season 2 and everything is beginning to be set in place. Characters are ready for their final conflicts, and questions we have are finally getting answered. I can't wait to see the next three episodes. I can't wait to see how Jake and the gang are going to react to the death of one of their own.
    If they can keep making better episodes then this will be one of the best seasons of any show ever. Spread the word fast that Jericho is the best thing on TV so we can get a season 3.
  • What happens in this episode is huge! Storytelling and suspense have been churning on this show like mad and now comes the biggest turning point. Next week is gonna be big! SPOILER WARNING! SPOILER WARNING! SPOILER WARNING!

    There is so much brilliance to this episode, I dunno where to be begin. Suspense has never been packed this tight in an episode of a show ever! The acting is brilliant. The best I've seen. You can really see Heather's guilt in regards to lying to Major Beck and you can bet that we havent seen the last of that situation. The music only makes the suspense even killer.

    But the big ender to this wow... It is gonna be so hard to come to terms with the fact that Bonnie died fighting off Ravenwood single handedly. This is one of the cruelest deaths of a TV character ever! Perhaps the worst part is that she died over a folder that Ravenwood went a little to haywire to acquire!!! And now next week begins the biggest showdown between Jericho and Ravenwood ever!!! I was screaming "Oh my God" when I thought it was Mimi who was gonna bite the bullet. I am rooting for her to pull through because she is now all that Stanley has left. Man is he ever gonna get vicious with Ravenwood now!!!

    CBS give this show another season! The fans are gonna be even louder now. This episode tops storytelling at its finest! Btw I hope all of those interruptions by CBS regarding the presidental primaries isnt CBS's idea of a cruel joke.
  • That was intense! One of the most dramatic episodes I've seen.

    I still can't believe Bonnie is dead. I found myself weeping and sobbing so hard after that episode. Literally my jaw dropped when those ravenwood men started shooting and how Bonnie started defending herself and Mimi. I thought it was a great touch the way it was played, with the sound almost in mute as in the way Bonnie would've 'listened' and the uncertanty of not hearing and not knowing where and when those people were going to come out. And the end... OMG! tearjerker!! The song was a perfect fit too, I love that song and though it is a very sad and touching melody and lyrics anyways, the way it was played with those images of Jake coming to the house and discovering Stanley lying on the floor with Bonnie... uufda!!!
  • If I could give this episode an 11, I would. Very powerful and the acting was exceptional.

    **warning – spoilers ahead**

    This episode started off much like all the others, but about 15 or 20 minutes in, it began to hum. By the time it finished it sizzled.

    There were a few nerve-wracking moments; when Heather was caught out in Beck's office; when Beck challenged Hawkins on his convenient intel; and of course the biggest 'moment'- the last 5 minutes of the ep.

    Of course I think we all knew something was going to happen when Goetz asked Mimi for her ledger. But never in my wildest dreams did I expect we'd lose a character. Only time will tell if Bonnie's death can be used to leverage Goetz out of Jericho.

    It's hard to believe CBS are hedging about ordering more episodes. This has been an exceptional series ever since it started, and season 2 so far hasn't disappointed. Maybe the producers could find a better home for the show if CBS wimp out.
  • One of the best Jericho episodes to date!

    Oversight was an amazing addition what is becoming an awesome 2nd season of Jericho! if we do not see a 3rd season after this 7 episode season there is definatly something terribly wrong with CBS!, Season 2 already in my opinion after 5 episodes is better than the whole os season 1 in my opinion! the amount of story, plot twists, character development and action they have squeezed into 5 episodes in amazing in itself!

    I was very sad to see Bonnie die! Stanley will no doubt get his revenge sometime in the next few episodes of the season! as Goetz deserves to die! wether it will be Jake, Stanley or someone else who will kill him i dont know, but my bets are on Stanley as he killed his ster and shot Mimi!

    Hawkins is getting more interesting by the episode! he seems to share alot of stuff with Jake, but at the same time keep a hell of a lot to himself! looking forward to the next episode! should be awesome as usual! fingers crossed for a seaosn 3 also!
  • great episode

    Hawkins receives a call from someone who claims he knows who he is and that he is in some trouble. He needs to do what he tells him to do for the time being to prevent himself from getting caught by an air force plane searching for the nuclear bomb that he is keeping at his house. Mimi voices her concerns about an apparent embezzlement taking place inside jennings and rall. This puts her life in danger when Goetz try to get his hands on those records. This is a really exciting episode, the writers surely came up with a cool episode. i can't wait for the next one.
  • The best show this season

    This episode was by far the best of the season. I couldn't believe how much tension there was in the situation. It was unbelievable. I also could not believe the shootout at the end. Incredible. Dale's role was awesome, he really is a go getter. I love the way Jake 'n' co refuse to let anything happen to their people. Bonnie is a HUGE loss to the show, she's an amazing actress and was a wonderful character. It's really surprising at this point that we only have 3 more episodes left. I have to say ... this really needs to get renewed. This episode left me stunned and shell-shocked. It was truly a breakthrough.
  • I can't really put it any better than "Exactly why I watch this series." Best episode so far of BOTH seasons! SPOILER

    This episode is exactly what the series needed. I was worried we were headed for a sophomore slump, but "Oversight" had everything I love about Jericho or any tv show. Maybe it was the perfect music or the lack of sleep, but I got teary-eyed when I saw Bonnie in Stanley's arms (I'm not a crier). I loved Bonnie's character, but I don't feel as upset or annoyed as I usually do when a major character is killed off in one of my shows. I feel like her murder was a well-chosen, well-thought-out, well-executed plot development.

    Speaking of well-executed, the acting in this episode was incredible. It's definitely improved since the pilot.
  • A real nailbiter with an unexpected twist. I totally was not expecting this to happen. SPOILER ALERT...... SPOILER ALERT

    This is why I love the series so much. There was so much drama, twists. and turns, I was riveted to the screen. When poor Bonnie, without the benefit of hearing, defended her home and Mimi, and lost her life, tears rolled down my face. I was so relieved to see Mimi, at least, was still alive. The pain on Stanley's face and shock in Jake's eyes were so real, I could feel it. Jericho continues to band together and protect each other from all who would threaten them. I hope CBS is through debating Jericho's fate. A series this excellent should live on for a very long time. I, too, wish we had the full compliment of episodes to expand on the characters we have grown to love. I give this episode a proud 10! I wish I could score it higher, for it truly deserves higher praise.
  • *SPOILERS* Wow. Can hardly count the developments in this episode on one hand...

    Bonnie dead? Hawkins makes contact with the bombing stragegy's mastermind? Heather brought into the counter-conspiracy? Dale's bootlegging operation broken up? Jennings and Ralls's role in all this?

    It's episodes like this that show how truly amazing this show is, but at the same time makes me sad that this is not a full season. The story arc is moving so fast, but for those of us who appreciate shows that take the time to let stories gradually develop (best example is Babylon 5), Jericho Season 2 is not that. So many characters are brought on board or make large decisions without the benefit long-term character development that a full season would give. Oh well, I'm liking Jericho Season 2 on crack, but hopefully if there is a Season 3 the show runners have the opportunity to take the time they deserve to take to make Jericho the best show possible with the best plot/character development tools they can use.
  • Maybe one of the best episodes of this serie..

    This was... amazing.. and even if I recorded it on the time it was aired, I watched it today.. weeks later and I feel like stupid - it was so great episode. Shocker in all the way - all the excitement - the things going on with Hawkins and his little burning down the house and leaving the hard drive. And all those moments when it looked - it's over - Dale's arrest, Hawkins in the sheriff's office, Heather there... oh, the count can go on.

    So many things just happened there and the ending - oh.. I cried.. so badly. It was so cruel. But they proved their point - clearly.
  • A genuine shocker in more ways than one, and easily one of the best episodes of the series.

    I've been impressed with this series since the beginning and any concerns I may have had before watching season 2 have vanished (like how to keep the plot going without losing the main themes, especially with the introduction of the new government). Though there has been downsizing (like Gail leaving; characters making erratic appearances, sometimes missing for entire episodes), the writers are making a concerted effort to maintain quality and are doing so in weekly shocks and unexpected plot twists. Now if the ratings would just increase...

    We have confirmation that Dale is not sticking to the letter of the law which just got sticky since Goetz/J&R's new rule about registering and inspections. Stanley, appeased by getting his farm back (which frankly was more Mimi than J&R) is unwilling to help – which isn't like him. Usually he's beside Jake every step of the way. Problem is, things are getting close to 'normal' and people are naturally settling back into their routines, unwilling to make waves. But there are those who don't accept the new order (which is nothing less than a dictatorship disguised as democracy) and if they're going to do something about Cheyenne, they have to do it soon – they're becoming too powerful.

    The new government has done the obvious thing – issued a new currency so we're back to paper money. Personally I think it's way too soon for that, the country's still in chaos and people (especially in outlying areas) have far more use for a barter system than a paper money system, you can't eat or farm with paper.

    Hawkins' new 'friend' is already feeding information and has highlighted the next threat: a scan of the area which will reveal the bomb. How Valente justified it, no-one knows but he's obviously using every resource at his disposal to find the bomb. I thought the military presence was supposed to be temporary?! Why is Beck settling into *Jake's* office and installing fingerprint scanners?! "You now hold the distinction of being the first Jericho sheriff in history who doesn't have a key to the sheriff's office." And why is Heather on the list?! Seems she's his new assistant and is taking her job as liaison very seriously. She's doing a good job. Sounds like New Bern's residents are chafing at their strict master's collar. But then again, so is Jericho.

    Since Heather is the only way into Beck's office, it becomes necessary to tell her about the conspiracy – the last person who heard this was dead an hour later but they deliberately leave out the bomb (she's smart, what else would a radiation survey be looking for?!). Sarah is the obvious bait for Hawkins to use, Beck is in enough trouble with his bosses that he'd have to follow up the lead, but Hawkins risks burning Beck as an ally. As for Heather, could she *act* more guilty? Beck is so trusting, I feel bad that they're lying to him. Is the burnt cabin the same one where Hawkins and Sarah found the dead guy? Very clever – everything Hawkins did and said after Sarah died is being attributed to her! Right down to the satellite images. It's brilliant! A way of exposing the conspiracy (and Valente) to Beck without endangering himself! Problem is – Beck's too smart, it's all too perfect, all the evidence he could want wrapped up in a big bow.

    Fred – who was actually at the meeting! – turns Dale into Goetz and there was something distinctly unpleasant about Goetz's expression. He sends Dale to jail! Now this could be a demonstration of Ravenwood or even J&R's power – bypassing the local police and using the military police for their dirty work. J&R really is above the law. This is the first time Jake's used the sheriff's car and his badge – very cool. Beck countermanded Goetz's orders – there'll be hell to pay, both from Goetz personally and J&R. "This government, or should I say, this company…" - never a truer word spoken! We finally find out what the mysterious Operation Boxcar is – a plan to destroy evidence about the true source of the September attacks. Far worse than that – a disaster contingency plan designed by J&R which was the basis for the September attacks!! And our mysterious source: designed the plan for J&R! The main question left is: why? There's not a clear motive.

    Another person who's taking her job seriously is Mimi and already she's found a problem: $10,000 of the new money is missing. Did someone think it wouldn't be noticed from the first shipment? First impressions: Goetz was way too calm and my instinct tells me he was faking surprise – it's gotta be him. Stealing it is stupid and strikes me as an impulse, 'right place, right time' kind of thing. He just practically threatened Mimi and she knows it. She then accidentally gets Bonnie involved. Notice how carefully Goetz speaks, as if making absolutely sure Bonnie understands him? Oh man, that was stupid! Why did Bonnie run?! It's admitting Mimi's in the house, admitting she lied to Goetz! For a smart girl, the stupidity continues – she gets the shotgun and opens fire on Ravenwood! We know how they operate and it's obvious how this is going to end. Stanley comes home to his worst nightmare – Bonnie dead, Mimi dying. The muted sound was inspired, telling the scene from Bonnie's point of view. For the character and her history, it implies that Bonnie isn't totally deaf. Well written, nerve-wrackingly acted and filmed. The writers are getting into a habit of killing off some of my favourite characters.

    My only real concern is that I'm getting the impression the writers are trying so hard to ensure the series survival by driving the storyline that they're sacrificing the delicate character work they did so well in season 1 – look at the lack of interaction in important relationships: Jake and Emily, Jake and Eric, Jake and Stanley, they're barely speaking! All those sweet little moments between the characters have mostly disappeared. The relationship I'm most concerned about is Jake and Eric – the writers had developed a strong bond between the two that the writers are no longer acknowledging. Without those personal touches, it makes it hard to care for the characters. It worries me but I hope this is temporary and the writers will realise and fix the problem.

    A powerful, tragic episode which raises the stakes for everyone involved. Heartbreaking.
  • Excellent episode! one of my favorites beyond any doubt!

    What a great episode don't you think?
    At the beginning it was like a regular Jericho episode, great but not as thrilling as Jericho used to be on Season 1!

    But just at the middle of the episode something changed! it was like you knew something was going to end badly.
    Jennings & Rall just getting more power but at the end we learn that was their objective since the attacks an even before (1993 if i recall right)

    Ravenwood bad as usual i almost cried at the end! great direction of those scenes and the music at the end wow! that was the trigger for my tears!

    A great episode beyond any doubt! one of the finest this series has shown!

    Hope they keep up the great work and hope to se more of Jericho than 7 episodes!

    Support jericho!

    Thanks for reading!
  • Bonnie is the real hero

    If I was to break down this episode into two parts, I'd say the first part is the first 35 minutes, and the second one is the last 5. The first part was a decent episode of Jericho. Somewhat slow(I mean we're kind of at the end of the show's lifespan, I expect better pacing) but still it was suspensful. I liked how Jake and Hawkins got Heather involved in the whole conspiracy plot. Dale's storyline on the other hand was a bit uninteresting, as I really dislike Dale. I think he's a spoiled brat to be completetly honest.

    As for the last 5 minutes - perfection. After Mimi finds that Ravenwood is stealing money from J&R, they come to get and possibly kill her. Only to cross paths with Bonnie. I didn't find it over the top nor laughable how a deaf girl defeated several Ravenwood members, only to get shot in the very last moment by that sob Goetz. A really dramatic, well written, acted and directed scene that is probably the best scene of the show yet. You have to see it to believe it. Overall, I'"d leave it at that. Great, but really it's the last 5 minutes that makes this episode what it is.
  • This season keeps getting better and better.


    There is a lot to be said for last night's episode of Jericho, and in a nutshell (pun intended), I was very impressed. This episode brought back a couple of last season's characters, who until now, have largely been ignored - Skylar Stevens is one such example. (Up until now, I thought Skylar had been written out of the show completely). Mary Bailey is another example. Even though we have seen the main characters interacting at her bar in prior episodes this season (e.g., Jake talking to the reporter for the Modesto Bee), Mary hasn't been more than a peripherary character if at all. Here, we see our heroes (Jake, et al.) sitting at Bailey's and expressing their dissatisfaction with modern day tyrant, Jennings & Rall, and planning a modern day Boston Tea Party.

    Understandably, Stanley did not want to get involved since his debt has been forgotten, and he can move on with his farm and his life. Why bite the hand that feeds you?

    Also, I thought it was fun when Stanley referred to the 1980's movie, Red Dawn. Goetz arrests Dale for smuggling contraband and says that there is no room in Jericho for thieves. Dale is arrested and is being transported to prison without a trial when he is saved at the last minute by Jake and a quick call to Beck.

    Later, we learn that Goetz himself is a thief. He has embezzled currency from the government and attempts to steal the ledger from Mimi, who caught the discrepancy in Jennings and Rawl's books. Nice little twist.

    Hawkins learns that an aerial photo may reveal the location of the bomb, so he and Jake enlist Heather's help to steal a page from a classified report. Hawkins leads Beck away from town where he has planted info that will lead Beck to realize that the Cheyenne government is up to no good.

    Back to Mimi and the ledger. When Goetz and his men storm the Richmond farm to get the book, disaster ensues and somebody dies. If you read the other reviews, you'll know who it is.

    Good episode.
  • I never saw this one coming!

    Jericho this season has been starting out slow and ending with a wallop of power and this episode is no exception. The first three quarters of the show was building up more of the general story arc, Hawkins, Heather, Jake etc. The last few minutes was something else entirely. Goetz is something else! I was losing it at my TV while watching the final moments.

    Stanley and Mimi's story arc took on a life of it's own as Bonnie was shot and killed, defiantly fighting of Ravenwood and that devilish Goetz pulling the final shot. This show should have no problems being renewed!
  • god that was sad

    i am so so so sad for bonnie. i cried so had. I'm so happy to know that she was super hardcore though. going out with a rifle half your size against 5ish men with heavy artillary is extremely risky but she was so brave. she was doing it for mimi who she really didn't like in the beginning and that is so so cool. I watched the episode again with the commentary and they were saying how great shoshannah was and how she was greatful to get to act like she did in that episode. like she was greatful for the oppurtunity. i'm upset that she died (she was my favorite) but it was a great episode. i hope mimi will be ok
  • Brings out the essence of the show.

    The episode reveals so much about what "Jericho" is all about. The townspeople fighting with their own feelins, struggling to find a way to both help themselves and the town at large. I am not surprised of the farmer that went to J&R to tell on Dale, that would surely happend in a real life situtation too when people are torn between saving their community or themselves. Mimi has grown on me, from being a character that was constantly whining and wanting to go back to D.C to a full blown member of the Jericho community and fighting along side with the town. I can't wait to see the wedding! (In season 3) hint,hint.. :)

    The final shootout between Bonnie and Goetz had me at the edge of my seat and the death of Bonnie, however sad, will bring the story further and give the town even more fire to fight the new government. I will really miss Shoshanna, she is a wonderful actress, but her sacrifice will not be forgotten. In summary I will say that this was by far one of the best episodes yet, including season 1, apart from "Why we fight"
  • BEST EPISODE EVER! I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time!

    This is the best and saddest episode of all time on Jericho, it took until now that they actually could pull it off.

    The Robert & Jake story was great and nerve-wracking with Heather.

    As does everyone, I hate that guy who runs Jennings & Rall, i wish i could just stab him. He is the most evil Human Being. Thank G-d dale was saved but i would have chosen Dale to be off the show anyday over Bonny & possible Mimmi. (OMG)

    Im sure that the reason that Bonny left the show was financial or because she had other projects but they didn't have to kill her. On second thoughts, it gives Stanley the reason to be angry and dedicate his life to taking down Jennings & Rall. HOPEFULLY Mimmi lives. That was the saddest ending ever.

    It was also great the extent of information given to us in this episode. We find out who Jennins and Rall are.
  • Life in Jericho is taking another turn, and it's not going to be pretty. Fantastic episode! spoil below

    Great episode. But when Bonnie grab the gun, I was sad cause I knew what was coming. Recap of everyone. Dale was arrested for smuggling saved by the Jericho gang. Jake is still trying his best to help everyone, Robert is nearly caught, but is another step closers to getting Beck to the truth. Gail is still missing in the episodes, The major has left the town for a convention to spread the truth of the new government. Stanley is sad, Mimi was shot, Heather knows the truth about the government and is helping Jake and Robert. Hope I didn't forget any one.
  • just 10 minutes!!!

    mennn i didnt believe the last 10 minutes... it made the whole episode!!!
    I mean... it all was like... jericho... but the last 10 minutes everything just whent nuts.

    I love when the happy-endings are not that surreal but as in the real world... you are never completly happy, there's always something that makes you sad... there's always something tragic happening in the world.

    thats why this episode was soooo great!!!

    anyway, hope it keeps coming like that, the show really showed that is coming to an umpleasand end... i dont know

    congrats to jericho crew and writers as well, u are the machine makin' this keep standing on the road!!!
  • No one is safe in the Jericho world, whether it be the dumb, DEAF, or blind. *Spoilerific Review*

    None of you would be out of line if you thought that killing off Bonnie was a sort of "Jump The Shark" kind of thing. But the way it plays out is well done, in a blaze of glory, that may very well be the beginning to the revolution. On the other hand we got Mimi's life hanging in the balance, Stanley is pissed, Jake's even angrier, Hawkins is scared, and yet, Gray Anderson is no-where to be found! One thing is for sure...Goetz needs a bullet in the head like white on rice. I first questioned Goetz dedication to the government if he really knew what they were...but in the honest truth...he's just hell-bent on power and domination just like the new government. Let's hope the government gets it as well as Goetz.
  • Unbeliavable... start wasn't as good as the end... although start was still among top Jericho episodes. Acting of Hawkins and Jake actors isn't top notch, but that Heather girl does have potential. All in all, definitely best Jericho episode. *SPOILERS*

    UUnbeliavable... start wasn't as good as the end... although start was still among top Jericho episodes. Acting of Hawkins and Jake actors isn't top notch, but that Heather girl does have potential. All in all, definitely best Jericho episode. As someone said... Bonnie's death is the most cruel, but sadly one of the most intense, real, action pumping deaths... although the outcome of the battle was VERY predictable, I still kept cheering on "Come on! Shoot the bastard! Please shoot the bastard!!".. absolutely the best fight scene (directing, music and camera) since the day of western movies, probably beats most of them as well... Congratz to all who were invested in any way for making this episode and I truly hope you guys will have a job further on as I hope the show will have a 3rd season (although it might be boring compared to Season 2, cause what would S3 be about? Restoring the peace and making Jake new president and Hawkins minister of defence? Might not be that boring though, just predictable ;) ). Congratz again to everyone on Jericho team for this great episode.

    P.S. Don't get me wrong, it ain't without a flaw, acting is still average (except for Heather who is really good and Dale who is at least good), but it is still an enjoyable series.
  • Review

    Didn't see that coming. Ravenwood continues to get under the skin of Jericho and all of us viewers, but we get a little payback in this epsiode. I don't think this episode is the 9.7 powerhouse that this site is giving it, but I did think it was the best of this season so far. I did feel that the first twenty minutes just started off a little slow for my taste. Another person in Jericho is being brought into the big picture as Heather is forced to steal a page from the book in order to help keep the conspiracy under Hawkins knowledge. I felt the Hawkins / Beck relationship was weak in this episode and even Jake helping out the kid seemed a little forced. Didnt feel like much ground was made. I think this episode helped to set up next epsiode as Ravenwood is clearly going to have a huge target on their back. The last 8 minutes of this epsiode were amazing - but I dont think they warrent the 9.7 rating. Sorry. I know you guys all love the show, but I do too and Im not seeing anything that amazing in this episode.
  • A very solid episode from Jericho. I really enjoyed how it was. There were two main plots, one featuring Hawkins and the other Ravenwood.

    A very solid episode from Jericho. I really enjoyed how it was. There were two main plots, one featuring Hawkins and the other Ravenwood.

    Hawkins: He has an informer that is giving him information very helpful. Finally he tells him that Jennings& Rall are involved in all this and he shows him a secret file, a file that he helped to write. This is getting more and more interesting.

    Ravenwood: First they arrest Dale, then when Mimi finds a discrepancy of $10,000 I knew that she was in trouble. They went after her and killed Bonny and put Mimi in danger of losing her life. It will be interesting to see how Jake and especially Stanley take this ... Jake had problems with Ravenwood in the past and for Stanley now this is personal.
  • Hawkins is inches away from getting caught ,ravenwood throw thier wieght around and jennings and rall tighten thier grip on the town

    "Mr smith" tells hawkins about new satelite sweeps that will reveal the location of his bomb.He enlists jake to get a page from major beck's report before he can read it,since his wife was fired from the office.Jennings and rall closes the noose around the town all companies requiring to register with them before being allowed to trade and submit to thier ravenwood headed inspections for non J&R products.Hawkins contrives to get beck out of the his office on a while goose chase for sarah while thier new agent lifts the files.Dale is arrested by ravenwood and sent to a local prison without trial and a 10,000 dollar descrepancy in J&R files leads to a deadly shoot out at stanleys farm.
    Wow sad ,funny desperate and fabulous all at the same time i cant wait for the next one.Remind me why they cancelled this again
  • Shows like Jericho are as rare as they are entertaining. This episode is a fine example of the quality, depth and risk-taking this show is known for.

    Jericho first returned from an unexpected demise, a demise not unlike the plot line of the series itself. No one saw it coming and it really pulled people together. I admit that the first episode of Jericho (Returns) left me worried about the direction the series was headed, and some current online reviews echo that sentiment. It is said around the internet that Jericho is now pointing toward a series finale as opposed to a season ender after the next three episodes culminate. Well, if this episode is any indication, I think Jericho will be fine, despite the low Nielsen numbers. *MILD SPOILERS*

    March 4th's show returned to the nail-biting, eye-covering intrigue the first season had become known for. Every emotion was brought to the surface: anger, excitement, curiosity, fear, compassion, sadness, and the human need for revenge to name a few. The fact that we lost another neighbor whom we had grown to know and care about was not unexpected in this series and shows why the program has such a loyal following. The producers take risks and are confident that we'll return. But how can you not? Every week ends with a cliffhanger that leaves you to just as soon lop off a leg as to miss the next one. Just as this most recent offering: everyone knew Ravenwood would be back; everyone knew Goetz had an axe to grind; everyone knew they were evil like no other breathing body. And now everyone knows that a score has to be settled with them.

    Here's hoping that Jericho can pull a better following: I hope CBS is tracking the online success, their partnership with Sprint PCS and all the other formats as well. This would be a sadly missed program.